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Ben 10 Alien Force [Hindi]

Ben Tennyson is now 15 and becoming a leader wearing his powerful Omnitrix again. Grandpa Max is missing and Ben needs the help of Gwen and Kevin to find him. Ben has 10 new aliens -- including Swampfire, Goop and Jetray -- to fight against Highbreed and stop him from making humans extinct and destroying Earth.

                                                                    Season 1

Episode 01- Ben 10 Return’s,Pt 1
Having enjoyed a normal life for several years, Ben dons the Omnitrix once again when Grandpa Max suddenly goes missing.
Episode 02- Ben 10 Return’s,Pt 2
As Ben adjusts to the new Omnitrix, the team searches for clues to the alien plot on Earth hoping to find Grandpa Max.
Episode 03- Everybody Talks About the Weather
A signal from Kevin’s Plumber badge leads Ben’s team to a cornfield where local police pursue a Pyronite-human hybrid they blame for crop circles and recent area fires.
Episode 04- Kevin’s Big Score
While making repairs to the Rustbucket, Kevin steals it. He plans to use it as collateral for some other technology, but it gets stolen from him. Ben and Gwen go after Kevin.
Episode 05- All That Glitters
In seeking the offspring of Plumbers, Ben’s team comes upon a suave bio-energy vampire who feeds on high school girls.
Episode 06- Max Out
Ken, Gwen’s brother, stops in a small town for engine repairs and disappears. Grandpa Max arrives first to find him, Ben and the others soon after. They learn more about the alien conspiracy, and a heavy price will be paid to stop it.
Episode 07- Pier Pressure
Ben goes out on a date. All does not go as well as he’d like when objects start attacking him and he’s forced to go hero to protect himself, all the while trying to keep his secret from his date.
Episode 08- What are Little Girls Made of?
While visiting Grandpa Max’s favorite fishing hole along with Kevin, Ben and Gwen encounter a sorceress – their paternal grandmother.
Episode 09- The Gauntlet
School bully Cash acquires some alien tech that Kevin kept as a souvenir in his car, which transforms Cash into a bully with whom only Ben can reckon.
Episode 10- Paradox
An abandoned military base leads to an encounter with a self-proclaimed hero and a mysterious creature that ages people and objects. The team must stop the creature and help the hero who claims they’ve met before and will meet again.
Episode 11- Be-Knighted
A dragon escapes from the Forever Knights, and they ask Ben for help tracking down/killing the beast. The team learns why the Knights were formed. The hunt for the dragon reveals other surprises.
Episode 12- Plumbers’ Helpers
Two Plumber offspring are taking down all aliens. Now they have their sites set on Ben’s team, forcing the team to fight two of Ben’s old alien forms – Four Arms and XLR8.
Episode 13- X = Ben + 2
When an alien emperor deems to destroy Earth due to the disappearance of his daughter, Ben must use Alien X to restore order, but not everything goes according to plan.

Complete Season 02

Episode 14 – Darkstar Rising
Ben and co. must uncover the truth of a mysterious new villain, Darkstar.
Episode 15- Alone Together
During battle, Ben and a HighBreed commander are teleported to a distant world. They must put their differences aside if they’re going to have any chance of finding a way to return to Earth.
Episode 16- Good Copy, Bad Copy
Following up on reports of Ben having nightly activities, Kevin and Gwen discover what might be described as Ben’s evil twin.
Episode 17 – Save the Last Dance
Ben grows worried as he slowly starts to lose control of the Omnitrix.
Episode 18- Undercover
When the team turns to Cooper to get Kevin’s transporter device working properly, they find their young friend has been abducted. Finding him leads to a well-hidden DNAlien base.
Episode 19- Pet Project
The Forever Knights develop a ship they will use to travel to the dragon’s home world to destroy all dragons. To make it fully functional, they capture Ship, the alien Upgrade pet Ben and Julie met.
Episode 20 – Grounded
What would happen if Ben’s parents found out about his anti-DNAlien exploits and Omnitrix adventures? He’s about to find out.
Episode 21 – Voided
Helen of the Plumbers’ Helpers calls Gwen, pleading for help, so Ben goes into the Null Void alone to assist her, finding an old enemy with new powers – and other surprises.
Episode 22 – Inside Man
Tyler, a man fighting against DNAlien programming, struggles to regain lost memories and convince local authorities of a hostile alien presence.
Episode 23 – Birds of a Feather
Ben decides to help an arachnachimp on his lunar quest for a crystal.
Episode 24 – Unearthed
The team hears of a creature on nightly rampages in the desert and investigates. They find the creature, and some DNAliens.
Episode 25 – War of the Worlds, Pt. 1
Paradox and Azmuth arrive with grave news: The DNAliens are ready to make their move. While Gwen and Kevin gather help, Azmuth reveals some secrets of the Omnitrix and its true purpose.
Episode 26 – War of the Worlds, Pt. 2
Paradox and Azmuth arrive with grave news: The DNAliens are ready to make their move. While Gwen and Kevin gather help, Azmuth reveals some secrets of the Omnitrix and its true purpose.

Season 03

Episode 27 – The Vengeance of Vilgax, Pt. 1
Vilgax has beaten the heroes of 10 planets and taken their powers as his own.
Episode 28 – The Vengeance of Vilgax, Pt. 2
After their attempt to hack into the Omnitrix fails, the team must track down some of his transformations that escaped, and Ben must face Vilgax in a one-on-one battle for the fate of the Earth.
Episode 29 – Inferno
Grandpa Max asks the team to investigate some strange desert activity, leading them to encounter Vulkanus and his incendiary plans for Earth’s future.
Episode 30- Fools Gold
Alien Spring Break at a town’s Popcorn Festival occurs every 17 years. When one alien goes missing, Max sends the team to find the wayward alien.
Episode 31- Simple
An alien girl asks for Ben’s help to end a war that’s lasted for years.
Episode 32- Don’t Fear the Repo
Ship’s owner decides he wants him back and hires some Repo men to retrieve Ship. Ben and Kevin go to court to take care of things legally, leaving Gwen and Julie to face the Repo men.
Episode 33- Singlehanded
A retriever who specializes in obtaining rare goods comes after the Omnitrix. He manages to get the Omnitrix and part of Ben. Ben is sent elsewhere fighting to survive, while his friends try to figure a way to bring Ben back.
A sleeper Highbreed awakens, unaware of the war’s resolution, he begins his failsafe mission to destroy the Earth.

Episode 35 – In Charm’s Way
Kevin is beginning to lose all hope that he might one day return to being normal when he is charmed by a beautiful girl that seems to understand. Kevin finds himself under her spell (literally) as Charmcaster has returned and is forcing Kevin to do her biding. Kevin has no choice but to obey his master and to destroy Ben and Gwen.

Episode 36 – Ghost Town NEW
Vilgax visits the prison that holds Ghostfreak prisoner. He gets more than he bargained for, though, when Ghostfreak begins possessing the citizens of Vilgaxia and amassing an army. Vilgax must but his pride aside and work with Ben to keep Ghostfreak from carrying out his ghastly plans.

Episode 37 – Trade Off NEW
Ben’s foe, Darkstar, convinces Kevin to join him in a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact called the Dominus Librium rumored to have the ability to help them both escape their current degenerate states. They succeed in obtaining it and use it to return themselves to their former states only to find it has stripped them both entirely of their powers. Kevin must now learn to cope without his powers and do so quickly as he finds Gwen and Ben in terrible peril.
Episode 38 – Busy Box NEW
Kevin, Ben, and Gwen find a curious alien box in an alley that has the ability to turn into a robot version of whatever it sees. This spells trouble for our heroes when the Vreedle brothers show up and try to take it by force. The robot becomes very dangerous and Ben must stop the Vreedle brothers from capturing the device while also trying to keep the device from blowing up downtown Bellwood!
Episode 39 – The Con of Rath NEW
Download-The Con of Rath [80 MB]
Zaw-Veenull, a Luodan ambassador, asks Ben to deliver their crown prince, Tiffin, to Jarrett in order to keep peace between the two species. Shortly after they begin their trek in space, the Omnitrix malfunctions and turns Ben into an Appoplexian named Rath who wants to fight anything that breaths. Rath keeps picking fights across the galaxy with anyone who crosses their path and things don’t look good as they approach the Pantophage home world on a mission of peace.
Episode 40 – Primus NEW
Download-Primus [80 MB]
In the middle of fighting another Techadon robot, Ben, Kevin, and Gwen are unexpectedly transported by the Omnitrix to an alien planet named Primus. They soon discover that they are not alone and that Vilgax is there to stop the Omnitrix from its source.

Episode 41-Time Heals  NEW
Download-Time Heals [80 MB]
Gwen goes back in time to stop the Omnitrix experiment from ever happening while causing disasters in the present time.

Episode 42-The Secret of Chromastone  NEW
Download-The Secret of Chromastone [80 MB]
A sick Ben is happy to see an old friend in Tetrax but finds out he has plans of his own.
Episode 43 – Above and Beyond
The Plumber’s helpers receive a distress call from Max. Then a threatening message from Ben to not interfere. The Helpers face off against Ben.
Episode 44 – Vendetta
Ragnorok, the villain who killed Kevin’s father, is out to complete the mission he started years ago. Kevin is determined to get revenge.
Episode 45 – The Final Battle: Pt 1 Full HD
Vilgax and Albedo return and team up to kidnap Kevin and Gwen so that they can take down their sole strongest enemy, Ben Tennyson.
Episode 46 – The Final Battle: Pt 2 Full HD (Season Finale,Last Episode Of Ben 10 AF)
Ben gives up the Omnitrix and overcomes seemingly impossible odds to defeat Vilgax who has betrayed Albedo.

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