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Bob the Builder and his friends dig, haul and build together! With friends like Muck the dump truck and Dizzy the cement mixer, Bob and his business partner Wendy live in an imaginative world full of new experiences.

                                                                     Series 10

Episode 118-Bob's Fresh Start
Download-Bob's Fresh Start [40 MB]
Bob's crew are nervous as they start work on the Sunflower Valley project, but Muck claims not to be afraid. However, his confidence soon disappears when he and Spud get lost in the woods.

Episode 119-Lofty's Shelter
Download-Lofty's Shelter [40 MB]
Lofty finds it hard to tell Bob that he wants a place in the new machine shelter.

Episode 120-Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie
Download-Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie [40 MB]
Bob digs a well and Wendy brings the team radio headsets, which soon come in handy when Muck gets lost.

Episode 121-Scoop's Recruit
Download-Scoop's Recruit [40 MB]
Scoop looks for someone to take over Wendy's job at the yard and Bob's dad is the one to do it.

Episode 122-Where's Robert?
Download-Where's Robert? [40 MB]
Bob's dad slows him down, making Bob wonder how they are going to get everything done in time, but there is more to worry about when the older man disappears at the recycling plant.

Episode 123-Wendy's Welcome
Download-Wendy's Welcome [40 MB]
Bob searches for Robert, who is preparing a surprise for Wendy at her new home in Sunflower Valley.

Episode 124-Roley's New Friend
Download-Roley's New Friend [40 MB]
Roley makes friends with a bird and helps her find the right spot to build a nest.

Episode 125-Two Scoops
Download-Two Scoops [40 MB]
Scoop works very hard and makes himself so tired he falls asleep.

Episode 126-Benny's Back!
Download-Benny's Back! [40 MB]
Bob faces a race against time to get everything finished on the workshop and storerooms, as well as doing a job for Farmer Pickles, so Benny and Scrambler help to get the work done.

Episode 127-Spud's Straw Surprise
Download-Spud's Straw Surprise [40 MB]
Spud overhears Bob and Farmer Pickles planning to build something new out of straw, and thinks he is going to be replaced.

Episode 128-Off-Road Scrambler
Download-Off-Road Scrambler [40 MB]
Scrambler takes Scruffty for a walk to keep him out of Bob's hair — but finds the excitable dog has plenty of energy to burn.

Episode 129-Meet Marjorie
Download-Meet Marjorie [40 MB]
Dizzy tries to make amends when she gets into hot water with new factory manager Marjorie.

Episode 130-Muck's Mud Hut
Download-Muck's Mud Hut [40 MB]
The team build a home for Marjorie, but Muck's decision to create a mud hut ends in disaster.

Episode 131-Wendy's Party Plan
Download-Wendy's Party Plan [40 MB]
Wendy organises a surprise party for Bob, but she is left worrying about the preparations when he puts her in charge of building a new dome at the same time.
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