Iron Man Armored Adventures Episodes in Hindi

Season 1

As tensions mount between the Tong and rival criminal organization the Maggia, Gene enrolls in the Tomorrow Academy to be closer to Tony in hopes of learning more about the Makluan rings. When a team of Maggia thugs headed by Unicorn and Killer Shrike kidnap Gene, Tony, and Pepper, Rhodey remotely pilots the Iron Man armor to their rescue.

Season 2

Mr. Fix's mysterious new boss orders the abduction of 21-year-old multibillionaire Justin Hammer. But when Iron Man fights the new and improved Whiplash to prevent this, Tony's heart ends up critically damaged in the process.

With Stark International on the line, Tony (who is severely ill and injured) suits up in the all-new Mark 2 Iron Man armor to defeat Whiplash 3.0, Blizzard and Mr. Fix.

When Mr. Fix rematerializes the Living Laser on Justin Hammer's orders, unexpected complications split him into two separate halves. The evil and dark Half seeks out to destroy Iron Man and conquer the world while the good and light half tries to warn Tony and help him.
Obadiah Stane hires Ghost to steal the Iron Man armor, and Tony's identity is revealed to Ghost.

When Stane builds duplicates of the Iron Man armors called the Guardsmen (consisting of ForceShockwave and Firepower), Tony must reveal they are frauds. But this causes the civilians to start hating Iron Man, as they believe that he is simply jealous of the town's new heroes.

Episode 32 Line of Fire
Several attacks on Hammer Multinational lead Tony to discover that Stark International is involved in a civil war. Iron Man discovers that Black Panther is back and is targeting Justin Hammer.

Episode 33 Titanium vs. Iron
With Justin Hammer finally acquiring specs from the Iron Man armor, he presents potential weapons buyers including Nick Fury with his new creation: Titanium Man.

Episode 34 The Might of Doom
Obadiah Stane forms an unlikely partnership with Doctor Doom in a plot to claim the Iron Man armor. Unfortunately, Doctor Doom has plans of his own for Iron Man, and his seemingly magical powers seem to much for Iron Man to handle.

Episode 35 The Hawk and the Spider
Iron Man attempts to stop Hawkeye and Black Widow from stealing Stark Internationals' UI Chip. As a result, Justin Hammer uses the rebuilt Titanium Man armor to steal the UI Chip and the three must reluctantly team up to get it back.

Episode 36 Enter: Iron Monger
When Obadiah Stane completes the Iron Monger armor, Iron Man and War Machine must fight to the finish with all they have.

Episode 37 Fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Black Widow returns stealing from Nick Fury and the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and by circumstance and some cold calculation Iron Man ends up being hunted by S.H.I.E.L.D. for that deed.

Episode 38 All the Best People Are Mad
Schoolmate Rhona Irwin turns Tomorrow Academy into a lethal maze of traps for Tony and his schoolmates while her twin brother Andy turns out to be very unexpectedly lethal as well. Now Tony must survive Rhona's D.A.T.s (short for Deadly Aptitude Test), free Pepper, Rhodey, Happy, and Whitney, and get to his Iron Man armor to defeat Rhona and Andy.

Episode 39 Heavy Mettle
After the events involving the Iron Monger armor, Obadiah Stane begins to have it mass-produced. With footage discovered by Tony Stark and Roberta Rhodes which involved his deal with Ghost, Obadiah Stane is fired by the Chairman of the Board. Unfortunately, a comment from Tony accidentally reveals Iron Man's real identity to Obadiah.

Episode 40 Mandarin’s Quest
Mandarin is back and desperately needs Tony’s help to claim the eighth Makluan ring. Tony refuses his offer until Mandarin uses one of Makluan Rings to make Tony a slave for him. Now Tony has no choice but to join forces with Mandarin and get the eighth Makluan ring, which is guarded by the Grim Reaper.

Episode 41 Hostile Takeover
Justin Hammer manages to buy Stark International, much to the disappointment of Tony Stark. As Iron Man, Tony plans to expose Justin Hammer's true nature. This won't be easy since he'll have to go through Killer Shrike, Unicorn, Whiplash, and even Titanium Man to do so. In the end, even though Hammer owns Stark International, Tony Stark decides to create his own company called Stark Solutions.

Episode 42 Extremis
When S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Mallen is fired by General Nick Fury, Mallen takes the super-serum “Extremis” and mutates into a powerful maniac bent on revenge. When Iron Man tries to fight Mallen, he ends up defeated and in critical health ... and his only salvation would be a dose of the selfsame Extremis.

Episode 43 The X-Factor
Tony’s new friend Annie Claremont turns out to be a mutant on the run from Magneto (who wants to use her to assassinate anti-mutant politician Senator Robert Kelly). Iron Man tries to protect her, but how can he fight a mutant with a mastery over all things metal?

Episode 44 Iron Man 2099
ony gets an unexpected visitation from his future grandson Andros, who has come to eliminate Tony Stark, since he believes that by designing a super-virus named 'Vortex', Tony will be responsible for a catastrophe in the year 2099. Now Tony must take down his own futuristic grandson with the help of Hawkeye, Black Widow, and S.H.I.E.L.D. while avoiding the future disaster at the same time!

Episode 45 Control-Alt-Delete
Tony wakes up in the Mainframe, a virtual world created by the Controller in a plan to enslave the city – but to reach his goal, he needs Extremis

Episode 46 Doomsday
To keep reality itself from being torn apart, Iron Man must team up with The Mandarin to stop Doctor Doom after he captures the Ninth Makluan Ring ... and his father Howard Stark.

Episode 47 The Hammer Falls
In order to keep Stark International from being re-purchased by the Starks, an increasingly insane Justin Hammer unleashes Titanium Man on his former henchmen (whom he suspects to be blackmailing him to give up Hammer Multinational) and develops a sinister zombie gas as his latest weapons project!

Episode 48 Rage of the Hulk
Fugitive scientist Bruce Banner seeks out the Starks for help. But when the army soldiers led by General Thunderbolt Ross co-opts S.H.I.E.L.D. to make an attack, Iron Man must fight and subdue the Hulk in order to save him!

Episode 49 Iron Monger Lives
Obadiah Stane and Iron Monger apparently return to wreak revenge on Tony Stark, but things are not as they seem.

Episode 50 The Dragonseed
Just a few days before his eighteenth birthday, Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper in her brandnew battlesuit travel to China to search for the Mandarin. Gene finds the tenth ring and defeats the last guardian, but the rings - and Gene - harbor a deadly secret. In the meantime, Tony is confronted with the need to tell his father a very important truth ...

Episode 51 The Makluan Invasion Part 1: Annihilate!
Just on Tony's birthday, the Mandarin makes his move and demands domination over the world. But things take a surprising turn for the worse when the Makluan Overlord arrives on Earth in their spaceship to reclaim the Makluan rings and start a full-scale invasion. Now Tony, Rhodey and Pepper have to save the world and battle the Makluan aliens with Mandrin(without rings).

Episode 52 The Makluan Invasion Part 2: Unite!
Iron Man's friends and allies unite against ultimate odds to prevent the utter destruction of the Earth at the hands of the Makluan Overlord.
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