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Avengers Assemble Ultron Revolution (Season 3) Hindi Episodes [720p]

After defeating world-shattering threats like Ultron and Thanos, the Avengers have less reason to come back together to fight smaller villains as a team. However, the unexpected return of Ultron reunites the Avengers and they must learn what it is to function as a unit again. New challenges include not only an unpredictable Ultimate Ultron, but also Baron Zemo, the Masters of Evil, the Inhumans, and the futuristic Kang the Conqueror. Through these events, the Avengers prove once again that they are more than a powerhouse team – they are also a family and their combined strength is what allows them to remain the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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Episode 01 - Adapting To Change
Download - Adapting To Change [150 MB]
Following a fight with the Masters of Evil members Beetle, Goliath, and Screaming Mimi, the Avengers learn what it is like to work as a team again as they battle new and improved Adaptoids that were developed by A.I.M.'s Scientist Supreme. The Adaptoids were developed through a combination of the Super-Adaptoid technology and some unknown space metal.

Episode 02 - The Ultimates
Download-The Ultimates [150 MB]
After absorbing the remnants of the space metal used for the Scientist Supreme's Adaptoids, Ultron is back and plans to replace humanity with robots starting with robot duplicates of the Avengers known as Ultimates. Now the Avengers must work in a way that they can defeat the Ultimates while fending off Ultron.

Episode 03 - Saving Captain Rogers 
Download-Saving Captain Rogers [150 MB]
Iron Man and Black Widow head out to find Captain America when he goes missing from Avengers Tower. In Europe, Captain America battles to rescue Bucky who has been captured by Baron Heinrich Zemo. What is really happening is that Captain America has been hypnotized by Baron Helmut Zemo into finding his father's laboratory so that he can find the two super-soldier serums that he perfected.

Episode 04 - Under Siege
Download-Under Siege [150 MB]
While the Avengers are investigating one of Baron Helmut Zemo's possible hideout somewhere in South America, Hawkeye is left to defend Avengers Tower from Baron Helmut Zemo who has taken the Masters of Evil members Beetle, Fixer, Goliath, Moonstone, and Screaming Mimi under his leadership.

Episode 05 - The Thunderbolts
Download-The Thunderbolts [150 MB]
The Avengers fight to stop Justin Hammer's new weapons factories, but are both helped and hindered by a mysterious new team of heroes known as the Thunderbolts ever since they helped to stop the stimuloid Growing Man.

Episode 06 - Thunderbolts Revealed
Download- Thunderbolts Revealed [150 MB]
Still suspicious about the Thunderbolts following a fight with Ulysses Klaue, Hawkeye spies on them and discovers that they are actually Baron Helmut Zemo and the Masters of Evil, using an Inversion Stabilizer they stole from Stark Industries to disguise themselves in a plot to outshine the Avengers.

Episode 07 - Into the Dark Dimension
Download-Into the Dark Dimension [150 MB]
On Halloween, Doctor Strange comes to Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor for help when Mindless Ones and winged demons from the Dark Dimension appear on Earth. When Dormammu briefly appears near Stark Industries' Arc Reactor, he manages to steal the Eye of Agamotto from Doctor Strange. 

Episode 08 - Dehulked
Download- Dehulked [150 MB]
Bruce Banner's old lab assistant Igor Drenkov leads his group called the SteelCorps in a fight against the Avengers at Stark Industries and uses a gamma energy-stealing weapon on Hulk. Now depowered, Bruce has to show the other Avengers he is still their teammate as Drenkov plans to use the stolen gamma energies to become the hero he wanted to be.

Episode 09 - Inhumans Among Us
Download-Inhumans Among Us [150 MB]
When the townspeople of Maple Falls are frightened by the sudden appearance of Alpha Primitives from a crashed ship, the Avengers attempt to help them but put themselves into conflict with the Inhumans Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, and Seeker. While Hulk and Lockjaw work to get the Terrigen Crystal for a device that will help dispose of the Terrigen Mist that drove the Alpha Primitives crazy, the Avengers and Inhumans must work together to deal with the recently-emerged Inhuman Inferno.

Episode 10 - The Inhuman Condition
Download-The Inhuman Condition [150 MB]
Lockjaw brings the Avengers to Attilan when most of the Inhuman Royal Family has been captured. The Avengers and Black Bolt discover that Ultron is behind the capture of the Inhumans. After phase-shifting Seeker, Ultron begins his next plot to eliminate humankind where he ends up using Black Bolt as a power source. Now the Avengers must free the Inhumans and stop Ultron before he uses his dangerous weapon onto the Earth.

Episode 11 - Kids Are Alright
Download- Kids Are Alright [150 MB]
Captain America and Iron Man join forces with Inferno and a new Inhuman named Ms. Marvel when they fight a stray Ultron robot. While giving Inferno and Ms. Marvel a tour of Avengers Tower, they end up dealing with Iron Man's old enemy Ghost whose awakened Inhuman abilities have enhanced his phasing abilities as he plans to steal Friday while disabling each of the Avengers one by one.

Episode 12 - The Conqueror
Download-The Conqueror [150 MB]
The Avengers try to stop A.I.M. from stealing high-tech weapons from the future ever since it was discovered that they upgraded the gear of Whiplash and Spymaster. Their fight with A.I.M. attracts the attention of the 30th-century warlord Kang the Conqueror since it was his technology that A.I.M. used as he takes control of the A.I.M. Agents present.

Episode 13 - Into the Future
Download-Into the Future [150 MB]
With the exception of Thor, the Avengers become trapped in the 30th century which Kang the Conqueror rules over. With the help of an elderly Thor, a future version of Black Widow named Layla, and the local rebels, the Avengers try to beat the future robots of Kang the Conqueror.

Episode 14 - Seeing Double
Download-Seeing Double [150 MB]
After Hulk and Black Widow defeat Abomination, Hulk is ambushed by HYDRA Agents and regressed to Bruce Banner enough to be captured. Upon alerting Captain America and Iron Man upon trailing the HYDRA Agents to Siberia, Black Widow discovers that Baron Strucker has reactivated the Red Room program where she meets his student Yelena Belova. Black Widow also discovers that Baron Strucker is using the Winter Soldier program to turn Hulk into the Winter Hulk.

Episode 15 - A Friend in Need
Download-A Friend in Need [150 MB]
Vision assists the Avengers in their fight against Cobalt Man. Afterwards, Vision takes friendship lessons from Thor who takes him to Asgard to show how his friends helped him in defeating Ulik, Harokin, Fenris Wolf, Fafnir, and Loki. After Ulik briefly breaks out, Vision ends up taken over by Ultron until Vision fights his control enough for Ultron to take control of the Destroyer Armor.

Episode 16 - Captain Marvel
Download-Captain Marvel [150 MB]
Captain America, Thor, and Falcon join Captain Marvel when it comes to a group of Kree soldiers led by Galen-Kor who are planning to give the recently-emerged Inhumans to the Kree Empire and even plan to give them Captain Marvel as a bonus.

Episode 17 - Panther’s Rage
Download- Panther’s Rage [150 MB]
As T'Challa speaks before an assembly, Captain America protects the assembly from Crossbones who has been hired to assassinate T'Challa. After helping Captain America take out Crossbones, T'Challa makes off with Captain America's shield claiming it was stolen property. In an attempt to get it back, Captain America leads Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye to Wakanda to confront Black Panther who claims that Howard Stark stole the Vibranium to make Captain America's shield.

Episode 19 - The House of Zemo 
Download-The House of Zemo [85 MB]
While trying to recall the images of his father for his painting, Captain America is tipped off about suspicious activities at the docks. Once there, Captain America discovers that Baron Helmut Zemo has returned and has used Kang the Conqueror's technology to bring his father Baron Heinrich Zemo from 1943 to the present in order to restore the honor of the House of Zemo. 

Episode 20 - U-Foes 

Download- U-Foes [80 MB]
The President has signed the New Powers Act in response to the Terrigen Fog creating new Inhumans and Truman Marsh is assigned to be the Avengers' liaison to the government. Meanwhile, scientists backed by HYDRA enter a gamma storm with a stolen spaceship and are transformed into the U-Foes where they plan to take over HYDRA when Baron Strucker hasn't returned.

Episode 21 - Building the Perfect Weapon 
Download-Building the Perfect Weapon [95 MB]
Following Truman Marsh replacing Hulk with Red Hulk, the Avengers fight off an invasion of Rock Trolls. Afterwards, the Avengers must stop Leader from building and unleashing his secret weapon with stolen A.I.M. technology even when he uses Ultimo on them. Meanwhile, Hulk had been placed in an obedience collar and wanders around while figuring out what to do next.

Episode 22-World War Hulk
Now that Leader has used his particle-accelerating gamma bomb to turn Red Hulk into "his ultimate weapon," the Avengers must stop Red Hulk from going on a rampage after Leader loses control of him. First, they have to find Hulk who ends up being advised on what to do by his Bruce Banner side.

Episode 23-Civil War, Part 1: The Fall of Attilan
Download-Civil War, Part 1: The Fall of Attilan [200 MB]
When Maximus attacks a whole city, Truman Marsh decides to have all Inhumans hunted down and registered. But, when Maximus gets Inferno angry, he loses control of his powers and Attilan burns to the ground. The Avengers then decide to help get all Inhumans registered.

Episode 24-Civil War, Part 2: The Mighty Avengers
Download-Civil War, Part 2: The Mighty Avengers [100 MB]
When the Avengers let an Inhuman escape from them without being registered. Truman Marsh gets angry and the Avengers quit. Truman Marsh then forms a new Avengers team called The Mighty Avengers, to go and hunt down the Inhumans. But when the Avengers get in the way, they are forced to battle. But Songbird joins the original Avengers when she realizes that this isn't what the right thing to do is. The Avengers then get arrested, but Black Widow escapes.

Episode 25-Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War
Download-Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War [100 MB]
The Avengers are broken out of Jail by Black Widow and they are joined by Black Bolt and Medusa. But everything goes wrong when the registration disks mind control the Inhumans. The Mighty Avengers then decide to join the original Avengers when one of their own is forced to be registered. The Mighty Avengers and the original Avengers get it all sorted out and they go to face Truman Marsh who turns out to be Ultron in disguise.

Episode 26-Civil War, Part 4: Avengers Revolution
Download-Civil War, Part 4: Avengers Revolution [100 MB]
Ultron attacks New York and the all the Avengers(New and Old) go to stop him. Ultron uses all the Inhumans to attack the humans of Earth so that only he and his robot army will be left. The Avengers go to regroup at Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctourm. Ant-Man and Iron Man have a way to disable the registration disks and some of the other Avengers go to fight Ultron and the others go with Iron Man and Ant-Man. Ant-Man and Iron Man are quickly working on a solution, but not before they are found by the Inhumans. They send the others to fight them while they work. Iron Man and Ant-Man find a solution and test it on Inferno, and it works. Everything seems to be going good until Ultron orders his sentries to destroy all life on Earth. Ultron than transfers his consciousnesses into a vibranium body in Wakanda. The Avengers attack Ultron and fail to stop him. Ultron then goes to destroy humans when the Avengers go to battle him. They then crash the Avenjet into Ultron. Vision then reverses the ray Ultron was going to use to destroy the humans and it hits Ultron. Ultron than moves over his consciousnesses to Iron Man's Armor and his mind. Just as the Avengers are about to destroy Ultron and Tony, Dr. Strange shows up and creates a dimension where Ultron won't be able to come back. Tony and the original Avengers go into the dimension and Dr. Strange saves Tony. But he has to stay in the dimension so Ultron can't leave. The Avengers go back to Earth and leave Tony, but Falcon links the communication system to be inter-dimensional so that they can communicate with Tony.
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