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Ultimate Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6 Hindi Episode [HD][720p]

 As Season 4 begins, Doctor Octopus allies himself with Arnim Zola and HYDRA and begins to form a new iteration of the Sinister Six starting with Kraven the Hunter. When Doctor Octopus attempts to turn Norman Osborn back into Green Goblin, he finds that Osborn injected himself with an anti-Goblin serum to prevent further transformations. Doctor Octopus then uses the Siege Perilous to summon the Green Goblin's demonic winged counterpart from Miles Morales's universe and after a brief battle recruits him instead.

                                                  Season 4 Hindi Episodes 720p

Episode 01 - Hydra Attacks, Pt. 1

After Spider-Man, Iron Spider, and Agent Venom defeat Doctor Octopus, they take him to be imprisoned at the Tri-Carrier where Doctor Octopus uses one of his miniature Octo-Bots to hack into Swarm's nanites where it starts rebuilding the Tri-Carrier as HYDRA Island.

Episode 02 - Hydra Attacks, Pt. 2
Spider-Man assembles a team to prevent Doc OckArnim Zola and Hydra from taking over New York; an apprehensive Scarlet Spider joins in.

Episode 03-Miles From Home
On orders from HYDRA, Doctor Octopus teams up with Baron Mordo to use the Siege Perilous to bring the Ultimate Green Goblin from Miles Morales' world to join the Sinister Six. Unfortunately, this Goblin is MUCH more insane than the one from their home dimension, as it steals the Siege Perilous and begins destroying reality; Mordo is destroyed in the Goblin's rampage. Miles is brought by Doctor Strange to help fight Green Goblin, which results in the destruction of the Siege Perilous; as a result, both Goblin and Miles are trapped in this dimension. Doc Ock manages to convince Green Goblin to ally with him and the Sinister Six, while Miles is welcomed to the Web Warriors by Peter.

Episode 04-Iron Vulture
Adjusting to Spider-Man's world, Miles Morales works on developing a new codename since Peter Parker is still using the Spider-Man name. The two of them stumble upon a plot by Doctor Octopus and an armored-up Vulture to raid Oscorp in order to access the computers so that Vulture can learn more about his past. Spider-Man and Miles help Norman Osborn in the Iron Patriot armor fight Doctor Octopus and Vulture. In order to help out his dad, Harry dons one of the other armors in Norman's possession and becomes "Patrioteer."

Episode 05-Lizards
Dr. Curt Connors has been turned into Lizard again. This time, he has a bite that turns anyone who is bitten into Lizards. The Triskelion goes under lockdown when Spider-Man's team and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy personnel get infected and attack Spider-Man. With help from an item in Nick Fury's office and with the help of Iron Spider, Leo Fitz, and Jemma Simmons, Spider-Man must work on an antidote in order to restore everyone to normal. Meanwhile, Agent Venom and Rhino guard Doctor Octopus' cell during the outbreak just in case he plans any escapes from his cell. Once everyone is cured, Spider-Man witnesses Doctor Octopus and Rhino making off with Agent Venom.

Episode 06-Double Agent Venom
After Doctor Octopus and Rhino have escaped the Triskelion with Agent Venom in their clutches, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider track them to the recently-returned HYDRA Island as Doctor Octopus and Arnim Zola work to separate the Venom symbiote from Flash Thompson. In order to get to Flash, Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have to fight their way past Kraven the Hunter and the HYDRA Agents. Ock Manages to succeed in separating the symbiote from Flash, giving to Kraven, who becomes a lion-like Venom. However, Flash is able to coerce the symbiote back to him as they understand each other. As a result of the re-fusion, Agent Venom gains a new look.

Episode 07-Beached
Spider-Man, Iron Spider, Agent Venom, Kid Arachnid, and Scarlet Spider have been looking for signs on where Doctor Octopus is hiding out. Upon Spider-Man and Iron Spider being ambushed by Vulture, they follow him to a nearby island where they are attacked by clones of Sandman. As Spider-Man fights the Sandman clones, Iron Spider stumbles upon a secret laboratory where Doctor Octopus has captured Sandman and cloned him so that he can find the "Ultimate Sandman" that will join the Sinister Six. After Sandman is rescued and Doctor Octopus escapes, Spider-Man allows Sandman to spread out around the Triskelion.

Episode 08-Anti-Venom
Spider-Man and Agent Venom have been busting villains like Beetle, Grizzly, Shocker, and Shriek where they suspect that they might be candidates for Doctor Octopus' Sinister Six. Arnim Zola recruits Michael Morbius to work on a new symbiote. When Spider-Man, Agent Venom, and Harry Osborn in the Patrioteer armor track them down, they are caught off-guard when they release the Anti-Venom symbiote which possesses Harry and does not have any of the symbiote weaknesses. The resulting battle leaves Agent Venom injured and Harry in a coma.

Episode 09-Force of Nature
During a drought, Spider-Man, Iron Spider, Kid Arachnid, and Scarlet Spider answer a distress signal that takes them to an abandoned mall in Queens. They find an empty air-tight room containing Hydro-Man who has a past with Nick Fury. While transporting him to the Triskelion, Iron Spider find that Hydro-Man is not a good guy where the fight with him causes an emergency landing near Aunt May's house. While Spider-Man, Iron Spider, and Kid Arachnid fight Hydro-Man, Scarlet Spider works to protect Aunt May who ends up naming him Ben. Once Hydro-Man is defeated where the resulting battle watered Aunt May's lawn, Spider-Man gets word that the Quinjet carrying Hydro-Man back to his cell was intercepted causing Spider-Man to speculate that Doctor Octopus has gotten Hydro-Man on his side.

Episode 10-The New Sinister 6: Part 1
Spider-Man faces the culmination of all Doc Ock's evil machinations when the new Sinister Six assaults the Web-Warriors and S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy at the Triskelion.

Episode 11-The New Sinister 6: Part 2
When Doc Ock learns that the key to a device that will retrieve Hydra Island is at Aunt May's house, Spider-Man must fight to protect his family.

Episode 12-Agent Web
As the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy students and Sandman are enjoying a game of volleyball, Spider-Man sees Nova crashing into the Triskelion. Before falling unconscious, Nova gives Spider-Man a box that is needed to help rescue Nick Fury. In the company of Triton, Spider-Man goes to the abandoned Inhuman city of Atarog. Upon encountering the precognitive Madame Web, Spider-Man and Triton discover that Nick Fury is the prisoner of Crossbones and the Hydra Agents with him. Spider-Man and Triton learn that Crossbones is using Nick Fury as a ransom in order to obtain Madame Web which is the reason why Nick Fury and Nova went on a secret mission. With help from Madame Web's skills, Spider-Man and Triton are able to rescue Nick Fury and escape from Crossbones. As Nick Fury and Nova leave with Madame Web to find a safe location for her, the Inhuman Royal Family (consisting of Black Bolt, Medusa, Lockjaw, Karnak and Crystal) arrives to give Spider-Man and Triton a "ride" back to the Triskelion just as Madame Web predicted.

Episode 13-The Symbiote Saga Part 1
Michael Morbius steals a sample of the Venom symbiote off of Agent Venom as Crossbones orders him and a restrained Doctor Octopus to experiment with it. As Spider-Man and Agent Venom work to reclaim the Venom sample, the experiment enables the revival of the Carnage symbiote. Doctor Octopus uses a serum with vampire bat DNA in it to transforms Morbius into a white humanoid vampire bat as Doctor Octopus is infected by Carnage. 

Episode 14-The Symbiote Saga Part 2
Spider-Man neutralizes to return his original form, but Carnage now still stands without needing a host. After exploding, Carnage starts to infect all of Manhattan. Spider-Man works with Captain America to fight a Carnage-possessed Hulk with help of Iron Fist, Agent Venom, Cloak and Dagger. Meanwhile, Mary Jane works to keep a comatose Harry Osborn safe, Harry's stasis container is breached as Anti-Venom is awakened. 

Episode 15-The Symbiote Saga Part 3
Even when Spider-Man and Captain America free Shriek and people from the Carnage symbiote, Anti-Venom then goes around destroying the Carnage symbiotes that have possessed the civilians and even sacrifices itself to destroy the larger Carnage symbiote that's on the building. Following the Anti-Venom symbiote's sacrifice, the Carnage symbiote has reformed into giant size and has enveloped Midtown High.

Episode 16-Return to the Spider-Verse Part 1
Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid travel to alternate dimensions to gather the shards from the broken Siege Perilous.

Episode 17-Return to the Spider-Verse Part 2
Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid track the missing pieces of the Siege Perilous to a tropical pirate dimension, where they encounter Web Beard, the Spider-Pirate.

Episode 18-Return to the Spider-Verse Part 3
Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid attempt to prevent Mr. Negative from using the Siege Perilous to drain all the life and color out of the Noir Universe.

Episode 19-Return to the Spider-Verse Part 4
Spider-Man returns to Miles Morales' universe after collecting all the shards of the Siege Perilous and finally confronts Wolf Spider.

Episode 20-Strange Little Halloween
On Halloween night, Spider-Man tries to go trick-or-treating when a strange magic engulfs Manhattan and has the trick-or-treaters becoming what they are dressed as. Spider-Man visits Doctor Strange, who claims that the responsible spell is on a quantum level. Spider-Man and Doctor Strange end up needing the help of Ant-Man in order to go to the Quantum Realm to find the source of the spell. Once there, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man find a reassembly Baron Mordo who attacks them with a construct that assumes the form of Dormammu, Ultron, and Doctor Octopus' nanite-enhanced form, which is only the beginning of its plot.

Episode 21-The Spider Slayers Part 1
Spider-Man must team with the former traitor, Scarlet Spider, to stop Doc Ock from reawakening a secret program designed to create evil duplicates of Spider-Man.

Episode 22-The Spider Slayers Part 2
Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider have to infiltrate the sunken Hydra Island so Scarlet can destroy the lab that created him.

Episode 23-The Spider Slayers Part 3
Spider-Man puts the Triskelion on lockdown when a mysterious villain begins to take out the heroes one at a time.

Episode 24-The Moon Knight Before Christmas
On a winter night, Spider-Man is guarding Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum when he hears Moon Knight chasing a girl from outside. For her safety, Spider-Man allows her to enter the Sanctorum only to discover that she is Francis Beck, the daughter of his presumed deceased enemy Mysterio. Blaming Spider-Man for his death, Francis uses Mysterio's enchanted helmet to attack Spider-Man. The helmet unleashes a mystical threat, which Spider-Man is able to contain with the assistance of Moon Knight.

Episode 25-Graduation Day Part 1
Doctor Octopus threatens to harm Aunt May if Spidey ever puts on his mask again; Spider-Man must track down Doc Ock before he has a chance to put his plan into action.

Episode 26-Graduation Day Part 2
Peter Parker must find a way to stop Doctor Octopus and the Superior Sinister Six from destroying all of the heroes in New York and taking over the world.
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