Johnny Test Hindi Episodes [Cartoon Network India Dubbed]

Young Johnny is gung-ho and full of courage. Johnny's brainiac twin sisters, Susan and Mary, use Johnny as their guinea pig for their outrageous scientific experiments. If they can dream it up, Johnny will do it; as long as his genetically engineered super dog, Dukey, can come along.

Season 1


 Johnny must go to the center of Earth to retrieve a camera he lost;Susan and Mary give Gil a piece of gum, which transforms him.

                                                                     Season 3

Episode 28A-Johnny X and the Attack of the Snowmen (JX5)
Download-Johnny X and the Attack of the Snowmen (JX5)
Brain Freezer creates an army of snowmen, and only Johnny X can stop him.

Episode 28B-Johnny vs. Dukey
Download-Johnny vs. Dukey
After Johnny and Dukey send Bumper packing, they start to come against each other in a game of "Say Uncle".

Episode 34A-Johnny Fu
Download-Johnny Fu
When Bumper uses kung fu moves to take over the school, Johnny seeks Dukey's kung fu advice, but to no avail.

                                                               Season 5

Episode 75A-Fangs a Lot Johnny
Download-Fangs a Lot Johnny
Johnny accidentally turns his sisters into vampires, and has to save Gil from getting bitten by his lovestruck vampire sisters and change them back.

Episode 75B-Johnny Testosterone
Download-Johnny Testosterone
Johnny eats all of the peach yogurt, not knowing that each container is filled with growth serum, and becomes a Hulk-like monster, causing destruction.

                                       Season 6

Episode 94A-How to Train Your Johnny
How to Train Your Johnny

Susan and Mary accidentally erase all of Johnny's memories when they were trying to help him forget the dreaded Cleaning Song. Now they have to restore Johnny's memory in time for Dad's Cleaning Day feast.

Episode 96A-Johnny and the Beanstalk
Download-Johnny and the Beanstalk
A giant cereal stalk takes Johnny, Dukey and the girls on a magical adventure.

Episode 96B-Johnny and Bling Bling Bond Bond
Download-Johnny and Bling Bling Bond Bond
Johnny tries to teach the grounded Bling-Bling how to be a regular kid after Bling-Bling's mom wanted him to learn about "the value of a dollar" by taking away all of his money for a week because of an accident that involved a giant robot and a disgruntled badger. Johnny later gets himself grounded by ruining Hugh's meatloaf by "mastering the art of clog dancing on meat".

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