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BoBoiBoy Hindi Episodes HD [Hungama TV]

Boboiboy and his friends Gopal, Ying and Yaya battle aliens trying to steal chocolate-stall owner Adu Du's cocoa beans and hot chocolate recipe to be used as an energy source.

BoBoiBoy has just moved house and helped Tok Aba stores that vend at. There, he first became acquainted with his new comrades namely Gopal, Yaya, and Ying. Meanwhile, an alien named Adu Du got to know the Tok Aba's cocoa is the strongest power source. By then, Adu du's robot Probe have been led to stealing samples and have tried the cocoa brought by Probe. BoBoiBoy, who was tried to capture Probe, has followed into a space ship and has triumphed taking the cocoa's original powder. During BoBoiBoy fled the spaceship, without realised, there is something following him home.

Episode 02-Adu Du Attacks!
Download-Adu Du Attacks! [188 MB]
BoBoiBoy started training to control his new powers. BoBoiBoy tried to explain the powers to his friends when Adu Du attacked them. During the fight, BoBoiBoy was caught. Ochobot gave powers to Ying, Yaya and Gopal to defeat Adu Du and Probe. It was discovered that BoBoiBoy was able to separate into three. Later, Adu Du sent robots to infiltrate and steal cocoa from Tok Aba's shop. Tok Aba was shocked to see BoBoiBoy and his friends possessed super powers

Episode 03-The Multi-Monster
Download-The Multi-Monster [200 MB]
Gopal got help from BoBoiBoy to find out his power. Meanwhile, Adu Du sent Multi-Monster - a monster that could split x2 if defeated once - to eat BoBoiBoy. Adu Du's plan failed when Multi-Monster split into dozens of small creatures. Then, Adu Du decided to kidnap BoBoiBoy's friends. Probe captured Ying after he tricked her with sleeping gas.

Episode 04-Team BoBoiBoy

Download-Team BoBoiBoy [200 MB]
Yaya was caught right after Ying. When Gopal was captured next, he finally found out that he could turn any object into food. The four friends then raced for the exit, and was helped by tiny Adu Du's Multi-Monsters.

Episode 05-BoBoiBoy's Weakness

Download-BoBoiBoy's Weakness [200 MB]
When Tok Aba told BoBoiBoy to deliver the cans of cocoa to his customers, he separated into three to facilitate his work. He used his power too long and as a result, he suffered from a temporary memory lost. Meanwhile, Adu Du and Probe infiltrated the cocoa shop to steal Tok Aba's secret recipe book by disguising themselves but were recognised by Yaya and Ying. Probe upgraded in his super form and attacked them all. BoBoiBoy divided himself again even though Ochobot forbade him to do so. BoBoiBoy's memory then got worse. When Adu Du and Probe managed to escape from the trap made by BoBoiBoy Earth, he stole the book and kidnapped BoBoiBoy Lightning.

Episode 06-BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm

Download-BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm [200 MB]
To obtain the secret recipe, Adu Du, Probe and Computer tortured BoBoiBoy Lightning by exploding balloons until he upgraded to BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm. Adu Du and Probe took advantage of his memory problems. After that, Adu Du and BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm became friends. When BoBoiBoy returned to Tok Aba's house, everyone was irritated as he claims himself "Ada Da", a name given to him by Adu Du. Luckily, when Probe said BoBoiBoy's catchphrase "Awesome!", his memory began to return.

Episode 07-Game On!

Download-Game On! [200 MB]
BoBoiBoy and Gopal was watching Papa Zola Episode 12. When BoBoiBoy turn off the TV and play the new Papa Zola game, Adu Du decided to torture BoBoiBoy again by trapping him and Gopal into a Papa Zola video game (the new game that they're playing) starring Gopal's favourite superhero Papa Zola. Probe was in the game too to torture the heroes. Ochobot and Tok Aba had no choice but to play the game.
Yaya and Ying took their turns too. In the end, they won the game thus releasing BoBoiBoy, Gopal and even Papa Zola out of the TV.

Episode 08-The Dream World

Download-The Dream World [200 MB]
Papa Zola, who emerged from the game, appointed his biggest fan Gopal as his student. Later, Papa Zola fainted when Yaya offered him her biscuit. The Sleep Monster, Probe and Adu Du paid a visit to Tok Aba's house. The Sleep Monster made Tok Aba and Ochobot fell asleep. Then, both Ying and Yaya were trapped in the monster's dream bubbles. Papa Zola, Gopal and BoBoiBoy decided to enter the dream bubbles to save the others. Nevertheless, Papa Zola and the Sleep Monster played a game of checkers while the others were stuck as the pieces.

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  1. I have DIsney CHannel Asia here in Bangladesh and this is aired on Disney in English. But the Hungama one sounds so much better thanks for uploading it, please upload more as it continues to be aired. I have both Disney Asia and Hungama here.

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  3. Episodes 6 to 8 links are not working. Also pls upload more episodes.

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