Beyblade Season 3 G-Revolution [Hindi Dub] [Disney XD]

After Tyson became the 2-time world champion, MaxRay and Kai leave the team so that they have a chance to beat Tyson and become the world champion themselves (Kai leaves later after already winning a spot on the team). This leaves only Tyson and Kenny in the team, but a new character, Daichi Sumeragi, joins them.

Tyson has just returned from the World Championships with another victory and he's decided to teach a class of boys in the neighborhood the fine art of blading. Just as he begins his session, a cocky kid comes down from the hills and challenges Tyson to a battle. 

Tyson has his hands full when he is confronted by a tough little Blader named Daichi. Just as they are about to battle, another mysterious Blader named Jin shows up and wants to challenge Tyson as well. All three Bladers mix it up but Ray puts a stop to the fight when he realizes that Tyson can’t handle two Bladers at once. 

Daichi continues to annoy Tyson with his constant battle challenges, which Tyson refuses to give in to – even after an embarrassing confrontation at the public swimming pool proves that Daichi is an impressive and highly skilled Beyblader.

Tyson’s alone and picking up the pieces of what used to be The Bladebreakers. Daichi won’t leave him alone, and Kai is...well, least he has the championships to look forward to, right? Meanwhile, both Ray and Max are going through the growing pains of being part of a new team. 

At the preliminaries for the World Championships, Daichi wins his matches easily, establishing himself as a new powerhouse on the Beyblading scene. Kenny also competes, defeating his opponents with such skill that even Tyson is impressed. Nobody thinks anything when a fan named Kotaro asks for an autograph and takes advantage of the opportunity to examine Tyson, Kenny and Daichi’s Beyblades. But when he shows up as competitor and defeats Kenny with the Chameleon Fake, everyone is alarmed. Does Kotaro’s Chameleon Bey have the ability to copy attacks as well as colors and will this spell defeat for Tyson?

Episode 06-You're The Man, Kai!
Download-You're The Man, Kai! [84 MB]
There's only one round left in the tournament to decide who's going to partner up with Tyson in the World Beyblade Tag Team Championships and it's between Daichi and Kai. When Daichi finds out it's a tag team event and he's not going to go up against Tyson, he's totally enraged, but decides to beat Kai anyway. Meanwhile, the mysterious Jin is lurking around the dressing room listening in on our hero's conversations. When the finals in Block B begin, a radical jungle dish is revealed which gives Daichi the edge. 

Episode 07-Take Your Best Shot!
Take Your Best Shot! [88 MB]

The Block A and Block B finals of the Beyblade World Championships are underway. Max wins his match and finds himself partnered with a real bully of a blader named Rick. Tyson watches the event on TV anxious to get in the stadium and unleash his blade Dragoon. Meanwhile Kenny discovers the real physical aspects of Beyblading. Kai watches as his friends Max and Ray win the final matches of their respective blocks for other teams. This causes him to question his loyalty to Tyson. To make matters worse, a new team comes out of nowhere and poses a threat to Tyson and his dream of winning the championship title.

Episode 08-Roughing It
Roughing It [84 MB]
The BBA Revolution Team heads to a remote training camp to prepare for the upcoming tournament. When they first arrive, Hiro tells Tyson that Kai has quit the team. Tyson is ready to quit to, but Hiro convinces him to choose a new partner. Tyson picks Daichi, then whisks him off into the wilderness to teach him survival skills as they relate to Beyblading. The plan works well until Tyson strays from the main path, and gets himself and Daichi hopelessly lost. From there it is one disaster after another: They fall in the river, lose all their equipment, and eventually get trapped by a raging forest fire. Only by working together, and using their Beyblades in perfect unison, can they save themselves and the forest. Of course that is easier said than done when it comes to Tyson and Daichi. In the end, however, they get the job done – and Tyson realizes that Daichi does in fact have what it takes to be his partner in the championship tournament.

Episode 09-Swiped On The Streets
Download-Swiped On The Streets [74 MB]
The BBA Revolution team fly to New York City for the Beyblade World Championships. The normally feisty Daichi proves to be afraid of flying, and once in the city, he becomes overwhelmed by the size and scope of things in the Big Apple. While eating lunch in a sidewalk café, Tyson and Daichi have their beyblades stolen by a young pickpocket and together they scouring the streets for the culprit. Tyson meanwhile, exhibits his first real sympathy for his diminutive teammate, and vows to go easier on him. Just as the pair are about to give up the search, Tyson hears the unmistakable sounds of Dragoon coming from a nearby alley. There, they find the boy who robbed them using Dragoon to battle Rick of the PPB All Starz in a street match. Rick wins and prepares to leave with his stolen bounty.

Episode 10-It's a Battle Royale...!
Download-It's a Battle Royale...! [75 MB]
The teams have been selected and the finals are about to begin. Unfortunately Tyson finds himself facing all of his former friends, each part of a team that he will eventually have to ‘blade against. The biggest blow that Tyson receives, is seeing Kai as a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys! 

Episode 11-The Blame Game
Download-The Blame Game [77 MB]
Tyson blames his embarrassing loss to Ray on Daichi, telling the team he is better off competing alone. As Tyson runs away, the US Finals continue with Rick of the PPB All Starz against Claude of Barthez Battalion. Claude’s skill gives him the upper hand until Rick’s unleashes his full power, destroying the stadium to get to Rapid Eagle. Barthez orders Claude not to avoid the shrapnel and he is injured, turning the crowd against the PPB All Starz.

Episode 12-When in Rome... Let it Rip!
Download-When in Rome... Let it Rip! [79 MB]
The Beyblade World Tag Team Championships are about to start in Rome as Barthez busily prepares his team for the big event. He's even invited a television news crew to document his efforts as a coach. Unfortunately, Barthez's personality slips through on occasion revealing the truth about how much a tyrant he really is.

Episode 13-Kenny's Big Battle
Download-Kenny's Big Battle [84 MB]
Tyson fumes and leaves the team after he is dropped from the lineup against the Blitzkrieg Boys. This leaves Kenny and Daichi to pick up the slack against their opponents. Feeling rejected, Tyson wanders off and runs into a strange old man named Tao who takes him shopping.

Episode 14-Picking Up The Pieces
Download-Picking Up The Pieces [84 MB]
In the second of a best of three match, Tala thinks he’s broken Kenny down, but Kenny summons his inner strength and attacks with all of his combined power. Unfortunately, it’s not enough, and Tala shatters Kenny’s Hopper into pieces with his Novae Rog attack.

In Madrid for the Spanish leg of the World Championships, the hard-of-sleeping Lee has a nightmare that Ray kicks him off the team for his poor play. The day before their next match, White Tiger X encounters a pair of beyblading jugglers in Madrid's main square, who also happen to be trick bladers.

As Max prepares to face Kai in the next round, the members of BBA Revolution overhear a confrontation between Johnny and Robert of the Majestics and Barthez Battalion. It turns out Barthez Battalion won their qualifying tournament through trickery. 

The BBA Revolution are slated to face the sneaky Barthez Battalion, but while Hilary and Kenny want to report their dirty deeds to the authorities, Tyson believes the best way to teach them a lesson is to beat them fair and square…But that’s before he really sees how low the team will sink to win.

The Egyptian round of the World Championship is about to begin and a TV sports program announces the upcoming matches: Neo Borg vs. Barthez Battalion, PPB All Starz vs. Baihuzu and BBA Revolution vs. F Sangre (for some reason, this is not shown in the English dub and the versions based on it; the results table shown at the beginning of the episode is omitted). Hiromi is delighted with the country, but Daichi is again sick due to the flight and Hiromi gets scared with his sick face (for some reason, parts of this conversation were cut from the English dub and the versions based on it).

Rick and Max have an argument over Max's defeat to Kai. Rick thinks Max lost on purpose, but Max explains he was just trying to be fair. Rick pushes Max to the ground (this is not shown in the English dub and the versions based on it) and leaves. Meanwhile, the BBA Revolution team check on the results table to see who's out and who's got a chance to advance. 

Episode 20-Burdens of a Champion

Download-Burdens of a Champion [91 MB]
Inspired by the previous match, Takao has Daichi practice tag-team attacks with him, which they are not used to. F Sangre is renowned for their tag-team abilities, and Takao wants nothing more than to beat them at their own game. Meanwhile, F Sangre foregoes practicing in favor of another public show of their beyblading skills for a crowd of onlookers.

Episode 21-Under Pressure

Download-Under Pressure [79 MB]
The World Championship reaches its fifth and final round in Australia. The final matches will be F Sangre vs. Barthez Battalion; Neo Borg vs. Bahuzu and BBA Revolution vs. PPB All Starz. Takao is feeling the pressure of being World Champion but, despite Hiro's warning, a television crew follows him around for a day, taping his every move. 

Episode 22-Sibling Rivalry

Download-Sibling Rivalry [93 MB]
The final elimination round is underway, with F Sangre trying to earn the last play-off slot, while their opponents, the already mathematically eliminated Barthez Battalion, try to spoil their chances by heading to the stadium for the first time without their coach Barthez. Feeling like the weak link of the team, Raul surprises Julia during a meal by insisting he battles solo for F Sangre, in order to prove his worth. 

Episode 23-Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face Off!
Download-Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face Off! [100 MB]
Yuri easily defeats Lee and the Bahuzu member desolately leaves the dish. Rei comforts his teammate and the entire Bahuzu team rip off small parts of their clothes and tie them to Rei's left arm before he faces off against his former Bladebreaker colleague Kai. Takao and his teammates discuss the battle and Daichi says that whoever wins will lose to him. Hiromi is fed up and throw several objects at Daichi though, for some reason, this was cut from the English dub and the versions based on it. As the match begins in a stadium filled with aboriginal totems, they seem to be at par, but when they unleash their special attacks, Rei collapses.

Episode 24-Down Under Thunder
Download-Down Under Thunder
The tournament in Australia continues and this round pits the PPB All Starz against the BBA Revolution. Daichi is frustrated that Takao is still getting most of the attention. He leaves for the toilet and his teammates begin to reflect on his importance to the team. Yuri meets Daichi as he leaves the toilet and asks him to reach the final so they can have a rematch. The first battle sees Daichi playing against Rick. Daichi seems a little overconfident going into battle as his sights are set on the bigger prize, fighting in the finals with Takao. 

Episode 25-Max Attacks!
Download-Max Attacks! [103 MB]
Rick is frustrated on his loss and Max promises to keep the PPB All Starz on the championship. Takao and Max then face off against each other in the Ayers Rock stadium, which reminds them of their meeting in a previous episode (see episode 21). The two old friends use two totally different blading styles in the dish. Takao takes the offense while Max hangs back and chooses for a more defensive style.

Episode 26-Familiar Faces
Download-Familiar Faces [81 MB]
The Neo Borg, the BBA Revolution, and F Sangre arrive in Japan for the finals of the World Championship, though the BBA is yet to determine how they will compete for the title. With the PPB All Starz eliminated from the tournament, Max visits his father and then drops by the local community center where he meets Rei and recalls telling Takao at that very place that they were leaving the Bladebreakers. Takao goes home to visit Grandpa, and Daichi tags along, making himself a little too at home in the process. Grandpa is impressed by Takao's newfound seriousness when it comes to his martial arts training.

Episode 27-What a Blast!
Download-What a Blast! [100 MB]
The entire city is pumped for Tyson and Daichi’s rematch with F Dynasty in double-team play. At first, the awesome power of BBA Revolution has Raul and Julia on their heels. Raul manages to save Julia from a stadium out and his big sister lets him take command. Encouraged by the support of their circus family, the brother and sister use their experience and teamwork to push the BBA Revolution to the brink of defeat. 

Episode 28-Changing Gears
Download-Changing Gears [100 MB]
The finals have finally arrived and BBA Revolution gets ready to face the Blitzkrieg Boys in a heated battle. But before that can happen, a routine check-up of Tyson’s Beyblade turns up a faulty gear assembly, which needs to be repaired!

Episode 29-
And Then There Were Two

Download-And Then There Were Two [100 MB]
Daichi and Tala have both been thrown from the dish at the same time, resulting in a tie game. Because they are in no condition for a rematch, Mr. Dickenson rules that the next match will determine the new tournament Champion. It all comes down to Kai and Tyson. Kai shows up for the match battered and bruised from his training session with Spencer and Bryan, just so he can put himself at Tyson’s level of physical exhaustion, since Tyson had already battled earlier in the day. 

Episode 30-Let the Games Begin...Again!
Download-Let the Games Begin...Again! [100 MB]
It’s the finals of the World Beyblading Championships and the final battle pits Kai against the defending world Champion, Tyson. The fight is incredibly intense and what’s even more amazing, it looks like the two combatants are so evenly matched, there might not be a winner.

Episode 31-Runaway Daichi
Download-Runaway Daichi [100 MB]
Tyson and Daichi win the Beyblade Tag Team World Championship but Daichi is jealous that Tyson is getting all the attention. He decides the only way he can get the respect he deserves is to go on a training mission and come back and defeat Tyson on his own. He hitches a ride on a truck and falls asleep but wakes up far away from home, alone and hungry.

Episode 32-Beyblade Idol
Download-Beyblade Idol [100 MB]
A news bulletin announces that the BBA has been bought and transformed into a new, professional league, named the BEGA League and that Mr. Dickenson has resigned from his position as Chairman. The kids go off in search of their old friend and demand an explanation.

Episode 33-Out of Their League
Download-Out of Their League [100 MB]
Tyson, Max, Kenny and Daichi are invited by Boris to take a tour inside his new BEGA headquarters. Hilary isn’t allowed inside until the official public opening, and is sent away, much to her chagrin. The boys find that the BEGA building is unparalleled in the quality of its Beyblade training and facilities.

Episode 34-The Mysterious Mystel
Download-The Mysterious Mystel [100 MB]
A mysterious stranger wanders the woods of White Tiger Hills, the headquarters of the White Tiger X team, and although this strange young man performs incredible good deeds, Lee and the rest of the team are suspicious, and tell their leader Ray, all about him.

Episode 35-Pros and Ex-cons
Download-Pros and Ex-cons [100 MB]
Tyson can’t seem to make up his mind whether or not to trust Boris and go pro. When the team is visited by a rabid pack of sponsors who want to sign them to product contracts, Grandpa is forced to step in and recommend that Tyson have a talk with his more experienced brother, Hiro. 

Episode 36-Boris, The Blade Stops Here!
Download-Boris, The Blade Stops Here!  [73 MB]
Without warning, a match is announced in town featuring Blader’s from the new BEGA League run by Boris. Tyson and his crew are skeptical of this new band of Blader’s, so they decide to go scope out the event. Once there, they find Garland and Tala going head to head all under the supervision of Boris who observes from the wings.

Episode 37-The BEGA Challenge
Download-The BEGA Challenge [80 MB]
Boris announces the challenge suggested by Takao will be a five-beyblader team fight. Takao's team include Max, Rei and Daichi, but they are clueless as to who can be their fifth element, since Kai joined BEGA. The sponsors that once knocked at Takao's door to offer him lucrative deals appear again to announce they are withdrawing their proposals since Takao is now up against BEGA. 

Episode 38-BEGA on the Rise
Download-BEGA on the Rise [81 MB]
Hiro stuns the world by joining the BEGA League and coaching Brooklyn, their secret weapon. As the popularity of the new league rises, BBA Revolution find themselves unable to practice because Boris has cornered the market on new parts.

Episode 39-Rebel Alliance
Download-Rebel Alliance [80 MB]
Tyson and Daichi disguise themselves in an effort to get badly needed replacement parts for their damaged Beyblades. But without an official BEGA I.D. card signifying membership in the new league – something they steadfastly refuse to get - they’re shut out from getting parts at any store.

Episode 40-Back to Basics
Download-Back to Basics [77 MB]
The good news is, the Hard Metal Beyblades are ready to go…the bad news: no one knows how to control them! Tyson, Daichi, Ray and Max each spend the day trying to learn the delicate new intricacies of the Hard Metal Beyblade, but the new blades seem to get the better of our heroes over and over again…some even wind up headfirst in the lake…No real progress is being made…It isn’t until the gang remembers what it was like when they first started Beyblading, including all the roadblocks that they once came across, that they realize the secret of reining in their new spinners…

Episode 41-And Justice-Five For All
Download-And Justice-Five For All [78 MB]
Tyson, Max and Ray struggle to learn the "Hard Metal" system with the help of some of their friends from the World Championship tournament. They still need one more member for the team, and Rick, Lee and Michael have all volunteered to fill the remaining slot.

Episode 42-When You Wish Upon A Star
Download-When You Wish Upon A Star [74 MB]
The Bega Bladers have one more Blader to pick for the BEGA 5 Justice Tournament and it's between the up and coming Brooklyn and Kai. As their elimination battle begins, Kai tried his best but failed to put even a scratch on Brooklyn and his beyblade.

Episode 43-Sing Ming Ming Sing!
Download-Sing Ming Ming Sing! [84 MB]
It’s the start of "Justice 5" and Daichi is set to battle Ming Ming, the crowd favorite because of her cute demeanor and sensational singing voice. Daichi’s goal is to prove that Ming Ming doesn’t take Beyblading seriously and he vows to knock her out of the stadium early in the match.

Episode 44-Refuse to Lose
Download-Refuse to Lose [101 MB]
It’s the second match of the Justice Five Battle and Ray and Crusher are facing off against each other. With Ming Ming’s win against Daichi in the previous match, the BEGA League is already ahead by one so the pressure is on Ray to take the match. 

Episode 45-Max to the Max
Download-Max to the Max [83 MB]
The first two matches of the ‘Justice 5’ tournament are complete, and things aren’t looking good for Tyson’s squad, G Revolutions. BEGA’s team is up two games to nil in the best-of-five series. If they lose another match, BEGA will be victorious and have complete control over the sport of Beyblading. This puts a lot of pressure on Max to win game three against Mystel. 

Episode 46-The Return of Kai
Download-The Return of Kai [86 MB]
With three rounds already played, the G Revolutions team finds themselves with an unimpressive record… two matches lost, and one ending in a draw. Tyson and the rest of the team are practicing furiously to guarantee a check in the win column for tomorrow’s big match. 

Episode 47-Now You're Making Me Mad
Download-Now You're Making Me Mad [88 MB]
It's the continuation of the Justice 5 Tournament with the BEGA Blader’s leading the battle with two wins and a tie. If G Revolutions lose the next battle, they're out and BEGA (led by the evil Boris) takes over the Beyblading Empire.

Episode 48-The Beyblading Spirit
Download-The Beyblading Spirit [90 MB]
The battle of "Justice 5 Tournament" continues and Kai is clearly overwhelmed by the power of Brooklyn of the BEGA Bladers. Attack after attack sees Kai barely hanging on as he fights to stay in the match. Tyson and his team mates nervously watch, but vow to stay out of the battle because of a promise that Tyson made to Kai

Episode 49-Principles of Victory
Download-Principles of Victory  [80 MB]
All of G Revolutions hopes now rest on Tyson’s match with Garland. Tyson is determined to make sure Kai’s brave victory over Brooklyn isn’t wasted. Garland is confident he will win. His family have been sports champions for centuries thanks to a book containing the Tzebult Principles of Victory.

Episode 50-Welcome to my Nightmare!
Download-Welcome to my Nightmare! [71 MB]
Brooklyn has gone a little loopy after his loss against Kai. And the loss means either BEGA or the G Revolutions need one more victory to win the Justice 5 Tournament. To determine a winner, one battle is left and it will pit Tyson going up against one of the BEGA Blader’s. But who will it be? Garland offers his services, but Hiro turns him down cold saying they need Brooklyn to fight this battle. 

Episode 51-Brooklyn's Back
Download-Brooklyn's Back [92 MB]
The final match between the G Revolutions and the BEGA Bladers has arrived. Tyson prepares for the contest, unsure of whom he will ultimately face. It isn’t until he steps onto the stadium floor when he discovers that he will go face to face, against Brooklyn himself.

Episode 52-Beybattle for the Ages  Season Finale 
Download-Beybattle for the Ages [98 MB]
It’s mid-way through Tyson and Brooklyn’s final tie-breaking ‘Justice 5’ match which could give BEGA a stranglehold on the entire sport of Beyblading. Brooklyn’s thirst for revenge takes the form of an unearthly power. 

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