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Bunnicula Hindi Episodes [720p] [Pogo Dubbed]

Take a look at the supernatural adventures of Mina, Harold, Chester and their friend Bunnicula, a vampire rabbit who drinks vegetable juice.

Season 1

When Chester is tired of Bunnicula's ghoulish mischief, he decides to lock him back in the cellar, but this proves to be a mistake when a mummy monkey attacks the apartment.

Episode 02-Walking Fish
Download-Walking Fish [70 MB]
Bunnicula and Harold plays some tunes on a mysterious harmonica that accidentally brings back all dead fish and they converge on the apartments.

Episode 03-Spider Lamb
Download-Spider Lamb [70 MB]
After Harold comes home from having surgery when eating a soccer ball, Chester and Bunnicula commit to helping their friend get some rest and read him a bedtime story, but after a monstrous hybrid of a spider and a lamb emerges from the book, Bunnicula and Chester afraid their immobilized friend will be eaten, so they team up to save him.

Episode 04-Alligator Tears

Download-Alligator Tears [70 MB]
When a ghostly Southern alligator looking for her missing earring is haunting the sewers spreads a crying curse through the apartment, only Bunnicula can set things right before everyone drowns in their own waterworks.
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