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The Powerpuff Girls (2016) Hindi Episodes

The adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup who with the help of their special powers protect the world from mad scientists, bank robbers and aliens.


Buttercup tries to shoot her garbage in the trash basketball style, but keeps failing.

                                                                 Season 1

Episode 01-Escape from Monster Island
Download-Escape from Monster Island [75 MB]
The Mayor needs rescuing from Monster Island; meanwhile, Blossom and Buttercup fight over who gets to attend a concert with Bubbles.

Episode 02-Princess Buttercup

Download-Princess Buttercup [75 MB]
When Buttercup starts hanging with the Derbytantes, Princess Morbucks wishes to join the Powerpuff Girls. Unfortunately, Princess betrays the girls by giving them a chest that lets out an indestructible "necronium" diamond heart that traps them inside, and it's up to Buttercup and the Derbytantes to save them and stop Princess.

Episode 03-The Stayover

Download-The Stayover [75 MB]
Recovering from a candy hangover that happened the night before, Blossom and Buttercup must locate Bubbles, who is missing.

Episode 04-Painbow

Download-Painbow [75 MB]
A mystical rainbow causes Townsville to become unnaturally happy, so the girls set off to find out where it's coming from.

Episode 05-Horn, Sweet Horn

Download-Horn, Sweet Horn [75 MB]
Donny the pony threatens Townsville after the Professor uses his transmogrifying ray, that accidentally transforms him into a monster instead of a unicorn.

Episode 06-Man Up
Download-Man Up [75 MB]
Buttercup adopts a New Age attitude after letting Man-Boy the villain escape in her anger. In order to defeat Man-Boy when he returns to take revenge, Buttercup aims to strike an order of balance between peace and struggle.

Episode 07-Bye Bye, Bellum

Download-Bye Bye, Bellum [75 MB]
The Mayor of Townsville needs a new assistant after secretary Ms. Bellum gives notice. But after he hires Bianca Bikini, who just broke out of prison, she breaks her ape sister-in-arms, Barbarus, out of prison as well, then they kidnap the girls. Now it's up to the Mayor to save them.

Episode 08-Little Octi Lost
Download-Little Octi Lost [75 MB]
A lesson for Bubbles by Buttercup backfires when Pack Rat steals Octi. She later admits that she hid him to teach Bubbles a lesson of letting go.

Episode 09-Strong Armed

Download-Strong Armed [75 MB]
Bubbles fights the villainous Pack Rat (from "Little Octi Lost") using her cybernetic cast covering a broken arm, which she calls Armsy. When she learns that Armsy has unique properties of its own, she becomes obsessed with it and begins to rely on it frequently.

Episode 10-Power Up Puff

Download-Power Up Puff [75 MB]
Buttercup and Bubbles "level up" during a fight and develop the ability to create solid energy constructs (bright blue for Bubbles, and bright green for Buttercup) in any shape or form they wish. As she loses patience in a battle, Blossom fully taps into her own abilities and develops the power to create bright pink energy constructs that unusually take on the shape of regular household items.

Episode 11-Tiara Trouble
Download-Tiara Trouble [75 MB]
The Mayor hosts a beauty pageant, and Mojo Jojo, The Gangreen Gang, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess and Bubbles participate to win a mysterious tiara that is actually cursed by Him. Bubbles succeeds in using her high-frequency singing voice to shatter the tiara when it possesses Princess.

Episode 12-The Wrinklegruff Gals
Download-The Wrinklegruff Gals [67 MB]
The girls go to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten on the first day of school, but find out it's closed due to an earlier accident caused by Bubbles, so they get sent to an elementary school. Unfortunately, the big kids keep calling the girls babies due to their short height, so they ask the Professor to make a potion that ages them. And even worse, they consume too much of it and turn into old grannies.

Episode 13-Arachno Romance

Download-Arachno Romance [75 MB]
The girls try to split up the Professor and his girlfriend, who has a thing about spiders. But after the break-up and when Buttercup shows the Professor's ex-girlfriend the Professor's song he made for her, the ex-girlfriend transforms into a giant spider and goes on a rampage throughout Townsville.

Blossom unleashes evil spirits from an ancient, mystical chest with her spring cleaning, and when she says a sentence with the word "hopeless", a fairy-like being named Hope tells her that only a strange foreign sentence—which is "τα λέμε" ("ta léme", which means "See you!" in Greek)—can put the spirits back in the chest.

Episode 15-Blue Ribbon Blues

Blossom tries to impress a famous scientist at the school science fair. Meanwhile, Bubbles and Buttercup try to find a "ghost horse". Then, after Blossom reveals her latest creation, the scientist reveals that he's actually a centaur named Janitaur, and he uses the invention to turn everybody in the classroom—including the girls—into half-animals.

Episode 16-Frenemy
Download-Frenemy [75 MB]
The girls' befriend a new classmate named Jemmica. She seems cool, but is actually a wanted thief taking advantage of the girls' abilities to steal a priceless artifact of great power. The "best-friends-forever (BFF) necklaces" she gave them actually give her control over them.

Episode 17-Once Upon a Townsville

Download-Once Upon a Townsville [75 MB]
From a storybook universe, Princess Bluebell tries to meet her Prince Charming but keeps ending up putting her life in danger; especially when she ends up in the modern-day era of Townsville.

Episode 18-Man Up 2: Still Maning

Download-Man Up 2: Still Maning [75 MB]
Man-Boy returns, stealing all of Townsville's water to fuel his lawn. A distracted Buttercup misses the fight and has to rescue her sisters alone and toughen up more if she wants to beat Man Boy again.

Episode 19-Viral Spiral

Download-Viral Spiral [75 MB]
The Amoeba Boys—with the help from a mysterious cybernetic villain named Silico—hack themselves into the Internet and try to take it down, so it's up to Bubbles to upload her sisters into the Internet to stop them.

Episode 20-Bubbles of the Opera

Download-Bubbles of the Opera [75 MB]
After a series of mishaps that end up ruining her appearance (a botched picture day photo and botched haircut both courtesy of a dim-witted lunchlady, an allergic reaction to recalled makeup and a collision with a ceiling fan), Bubbles turns against her sisters and joins forces with Mojo Jojo; thus calling herself "Dark Bubbles".

Episode 21-Sister Sitter

Download-Sister Sitter [75 MB]
Blossom and Bubbles come down with a case of spotted piglet fever, so the Professor gives them a combination of an antidote and a song. He then leaves Buttercup in charge of them, but her prevention from giving them the antidote/song combination causes Blossom and Bubbles to transform into giant warthogs. Eventually, Buttercup finally gives them the antidote/song combination, causing them to revert back to normal.

Episode 22-Odd Bubbles Out

Download-Odd Bubbles Out [75 MB]
Donny (from "Horn, Sweet Horn") stays with the girls for a week as part of a student exchange program, but at school, he starts hanging out with a girl named Chelsea, much to Bubbles' jealousy. But after Bubbles bends Donny's spoon in front of him and he runs out of the house, the girls find out that Chelsea lives in a volcano, which is actually Mojo Jojo's lair. They go there and see that Chelsea is actually a robot, engaging each other into a fight, and also see that Donny's magic is being drained for Mojo's death ray.

Episode 23-Presidential Punchout

Download-Presidential Punchout [75 MB]
When Princess Morbucks enters the Student Body President race, a determined Blossom sinks to her level to secure a win-win for herself.

Episode 24-Cheep Thrills

Download-Cheep Thrills [75 MB]
Bubbles takes home a new pet, despite her sisters' warnings.

Episode 25-Fashion Forward

Download-Fashion Forward [75 MB]
When the Fashionistas launch a new line of brainwashing clothing that Blossom falls under the control of, it's up to the Professor to stop the fashion trend before it's too late.

Episode 26-In the Garden of Good and Eddie

Download-In the Garden of Good and Eddie [75 MB]
When the girls try a quick-fix on their neglected vegetable garden, they are left with a giant, mooching and clumsy tomato worm they must care for.

Episode 27-Road Trippin'

Download-Road Trippin' [75 MB]
Bubbles realizes that she and the Professor do not have a lot in common. To correct this, she takes him on a father-daughter day road trip across the city. However, Bubbles soon becomes suspicious that the Professor intends to dump her. Meanwhile, Blossom and Buttercup deal with Schedulebot and Buttercup buries him alive.

Episode 28-The Big Sleep

Download-The Big Sleep [75 MB]
The Professor's new pillow invention comes alive and starts hunting The Professor and Girls. Despite their fright, the Girls' have to stop this creepy monster-like invention before it escapes into the city.

Episode 29-The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff

Download-The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff [75 MB]
When Blossom can't join her favorite school club, she imagines what her superhero life would be like if she joined other clubs.

Episode 30-Halt and Catch Silico

Download-Halt and Catch Silico [75 MB]
When a series of negative articles about the Powerpuff Girls are posted on the Internet, the girls track them back to Silico.

Episode 31-Secret Swapper of Doom

Download-Secret Swapper of Doom [75 MB]
The girls get a paper fortune teller (which, unknown to them, is another of Him's plots) and start predicting their futures. Unfortunately, they find out that all of the professor's will exploited, so they must put a stop to it.

Episode 32-Rainy Day

Download-Rainy Day [75 MB]
Against the Professor's orders, Bubbles and Buttercup fight the rainy day blues by playing in the lab and accidentally turn Blossom into various "past versions" of herself through the Professor's time machine.

Episode 33-The Squashening

Download-The Squashening [75 MB]
A living butternut squash gourd captures the girls on Halloween, and they must tell him a scary story in order to break free.

Episode 34-Electric Buttercup

Download-Electric Buttercup [75 MB]
Buttercup makes a deal to get a sweet new guitar, but has to later get her sisters back after the dealer turned out to be Him in disguise.

Episode 35-Professor Proofed

Download-Professor Proofed [75 MB]
After the Professor's latest experiment goes awry, the girls become overprotective of their father.

Episode 36-Poorbucks

Download-Poorbucks [75 MB]
When Princess Morbucks suddenly goes bankrupt, she stays with the girls as Blossom tries to get her to reform.

Episode 37-Snow Month

Download-Snow Month [75 MB]
When a snow day come to Townsville, Blossom uses her ice breath to make it last a little longer, so she can think about a note from her crush, but it works a little too well.

Episode 38-Somewhere Over the Swingset

Download-Somewhere Over the Swingset [75 MB]
The Powerpuff Girls are forbidden to ride the world's tallest swing set by the Professor because he thinks it's too dangerous for them, but after they disobeyed him they end up in an alternate dimension where they find Allegro.

Episode 39-People Pleaser

Download-People Pleaser [75 MB]
Blossom neglects her promise to Bubbles when she takes on too many things leaving Buttercup and Bubbles to fend for themselves.
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