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Teen Titans Go Season 4 Hindi Dubbed [720p and 1080p]

Superheroes Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy love saving the world, but when they decide to stop fighting crime, things are not as they expected.

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The Titans try to remember how to be superheroes in order to defeat the Brain. AqualadKid Flash and Bumblebee and Batman make cameo appearances to beat the Brain in place of the Teen Titans before their motivation of being superheroes and heroines return in full.

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When Santa tries to take over Halloween, it's up to the Titans, the Halloween Spirit, and a few ghouls, to stop him.

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The other Titans accidentally leave Starfire and Cyborg back at the tower when leaving for the team's annual road trip in a hurry due to them having overslept. Determined to make use of their situation, Cyborg and Starfire arm the tower with state of the art booby traps to protect themselves from intruders while the rest of the team is away, while also attempting to act more like "adults" to prove to Robin that they are mature. But when the traps go to the other Titans, Starfire and Cyborg turn out to be kids.

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Starfire wins a goldfish at the Jump City carnival, (whom she dubs "The Fish") and vows to keep it alive, despite the other Titans pointing out that goldfish have a very short lifespan.

Batman and Commissioner Gordon check in on various happenings around Jump City.

Santa quits Christmas and stops giving children presents on Christmas Day because he can't have the other holidays. So the Titans decide to save Christmas themselves.

When Beast Boy finds out that Starfire never celebrated her birthday on Earth, he decides to share his with her, but eventually realizes it's not such a good idea after all when he starts acting like a brat. Or is it?

It’s Crime Season, and Robin is determined to continue his winning streak of stopping 52 crimes every year.

Robin’s streak of stopping 52 crimes every year is in jeopardy when members of his team are poached by Kid Flash.

The Titans have a hard time deciding who gets to choose which movie they watch on movie night. But when their TV is broken, they get the TV from the basement, but more trouble ensues.

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