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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Hindi Episodes [HD]

Season 2

Optimus is weakened when Micronus suddenly strips him of the power of the Primes. Despite the rest of the Autobots' worry, Optimus insists that he can continue to be of service. A Decepticon shows up in the Arctic Circle, with Optimus, Drift, Windblade, and Sideswipe heading after him while Bumblebee, Strongarm, Fixit, and Grimlock stay behind and are soon ambushed by an ancient Decepticon named Overload, who holds a grudge against Optimus for defeating him several years ago. The Autobots thus have to cope with a global Decepticon threat and a weakened Optimus.

Bumblebee continues to chase after Overload with Grimlock and Strongarm not too far behind, while Optimus and his group continue to pursue Polarclaw and battle against the elements in the Arctic.

Episode 29-Metal Meltdown
Download-Metal Meltdown [135 MB]
While the team tries to apprehend a new Decepticon named Saberhorn, Strongarm and Grimlock try to recreate the teamwork she and Sideswipe had. Meanwhile, Steeljaw, who survived the disaster with Megatronus, discovers another group of escaped prisoners led by two new Decepticons.

Episode 30-Suspended
Download-Suspended [159 MB]
After making a mistake in the field, Strongarm removes herself from active duty just as the team contends with the Decepticon arsonists Crazybolt and Slicedice.

Episode 31-Cover Me
Download-Cover Me [159 MB]
Windblade's concern for Optimus' well-being may spell doom for the entire Away Team when they run up against a sly hunter of a Decepticon named RAZORPAW.

Episode 32-Brainpower
Download-Brainpower [159 MB]
Grimlock forgets how to fight when, in an effort to become smarter, he downloads a huge amount of data into his brain and overwrites his combat instincts.

Episode 33-Misdirection
Download-Misdirection [159 MB]
More hints about Decepticon Island are revealed when Steeljaw invades the Scrapyard with a clever plan, and Bumblebee, Grimlock and Strongarm confront SCORPONOK, one of the Island's leaders.

Episode 34-Bumblebee's Night Off
Download-Bumblebee's Night Off [159 MB]
After being coaxed into going to a concert given by his favorite band, Bumblebee hopes for a quiet evening away from the Scrapyard, but finds action and danger when BISK attacks the arena.

Episode 35- Impounded
Download- Impounded [159 MB]
Grimlock's quest for an effective disguise goes into overdrive when QUILLFIRE returns and Bumblebee and Strongarm find themselves stuck in an impound lot.

Episode 36-Portals
Download-Portals [173 MB]
Fixit's attempt to carry out groundbridge repairs goes wrong when he, to his dismay, accidentally summons Soundwave and Laserbeak to the scrapyard. Meanwhile, Bumblebee is banished and trapped within the Shadowzone.

Episode 37-Graduation Exercises
Download-Graduation Exercises [124 MB]
Slipstream and Jetstorm accidentally expose Drift to danger when attempting to prove that they can work effectively without their teacher, as the Away Team battles Stockade and his troops.

Episode 38-Decepticon Island, Part 1
Download-Decepticon Island, Part 1 [183 MB]
As the two Autobot teams are reunited, Ratchet returns with the Minicon Undertone as they find the Decepticons' headquarters and that Steeljaw is leading a Decepticon guerilla army.

Episode 39-Decepticon Island, Part 2
Download-Decepticon Island, Part 2 [190 MB]
As the severely outnumbered Autobots fight to bring Steeljaw's army down, tensions rise between Bumblebee and Optimus, which could jeopardize the mission and put the world at risk.

                             Season 3

Episode 40-History Lessons
Download-History Lessons [159 MB]
A visit to an old Autobot base, reveals a new enemy with plans of his own.

Episode 41-Strongarm's Big Score
Download-Strongarm's Big Score [159 MB]
An attempt to impress Fixit turns dangerous when Strongarm encounters another member of the Scavengers.

Episode 42-Pretzel Logic
Download-Pretzel Logic [159 MB]
As the Bee Team continues their relic hunt, Grimlock encounters a surprising new ally.

Episode 43-Mighty Big Trouble
Download-Mighty Big Trouble [159 MB]
The Scavengers come across the long discarded Dark Star Saber, which Starscream is more than happy to put to his own use.

Episode 44-Mini-Con Madness
Download-Mini-Con Madness [159 MB]
Optimus Prime returns and leads the Bee Team to rescue Bumblebee, Fixit, Slipstream, and Jetstorm from Starscream and his bounty hunters. The team split up and end up teaming up with the Mini-Con Weaponizers. Unfortunately the Scavengers get in the way of the group"s rescue efforts. Meanwhile, Fixit and Drift's students try to escape and Starscream reveals his revenge plans to Bumblebee.

Episode 45-Worthy
Download-Worthy [159 MB]
The Autobots battle to stop Starscream from Power Surge linking with all seven of the Mini-Con Weaponizers and gaining ultimate power.
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