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Johnny Bravo Hindi Episodes (1997)

Johnny Bravo is a muscular guy, who sports a pompadour hairstyle. He thinks that he's God's gift to women, and hence, chases them, so that they fall in love with him.

                                                                Season 1

In an effort to impress Suzy's beautiful teacher, Johnny goes along with a gag that he is "Bravo-Man", his superhero alter-ego. Johnny will have to prove that he is a superhero when a burglar robs the city bank.Flying high above the jungle on a plane, Johnny gets a stewardess angry by his constant flirting with her. As a result, the stewardess boots Johnny off the airplane mid-flight. When Johnny comes down, he soon meets Jungle Boy.When Johnny has reason to believe that his mother, Bunny Bravo, is out in the jungle lost, he goes on a quest to find her, only to awaken Chronos the Bear, a very large and hungry grizzly bear.

"The Sensitive Male". Johnny gets a lesson on how to behave around women via a "Schoolhouse Rock"-type singer. / "Bravo-Dooby-Doo" The Scooby-Doo gang helps Johnny solve a mystery: the disappearance of his aunt.

"Date With An Antelope". Johnny learns a lesson about cyberspace dating when the girl he woos over the Internet turns out to be an antelope. / "Did You See a Bull Run By Here?". Johnny is in Pamplona for the running of the bulls. He finds himself in a bull fight against an honorable bovine with a heart of gold. / "Cookie Crisis" When Little Suzy tries to sell Johnny cookies for her girl scout troop, Johnny refuses and a "Dr. Seuss" type chase ensues until he finally buys.

"I Used to be Funny". Johnny gets embroiled in a battle between two clowns fighting over who's funnier. And, Johnny hates clowns. / "My Fair Dork". Johnny turns Henry Higgins when he's got to turn a school geek into the picture of studliness: himself. / "Twas the Night". 'Twas the night before Christmas, and what do you know? Johnny takes Santa out with a powerful blow. And with Santa out cold, what can we say? Johnny Bravo's the dude with the sack and the sleigh.

"Blarney Buddies". When Johnny mistakes a leprechaun for the Blarney Stone, all kinds of trouble erupts as Johnny tries to kiss him. / "Over the Hump". Johnny accidentally joins the French Foreign Legion, and must find his way through the Sahara Desert with the help of a reluctant camel named Lawrence. / "Johnny Bravo Meets Farrah Fawcett". Johnny discovers that Farrah Fawcett is attending Little Suzy's birthday party and will do anything to meet (and kiss) his most favorite prime-time angel.

"Hip Hop Flop!". A Hip Hop girl catches Johnny's eye, but the only way she'll look back is if Johnny gets all funky fresh. When the rap group "The Round Pound" comes to Aron City, Johnny gets a crash course on Hip Hop culture from the 300 pound rappers. / "Talk to Me Baby". Johnny sees talk show host Vendela on television and decides that he's the guy for her. Unfortunately for Johnny, Vendela and her guests have a little something to say about that. / "Blanky Hanky Panky" A man who thinks he's a cat has stolen all the yarn in Aron City except for one shred…Johnny Bravo's precious baby blanket.

"Beach Blanket Bravo". Johnny goes to the beach and finds himself in the middle of what seems like a 1960's beach movie. When a girl uses Johnny to make her boyfriend jealous, our hero gets caught up in a "King of the Beach" contest. / "The Day the Earth Didn't Move Around Much". A bizarre set of circumstances leads Johnny to believe that time has frozen for everyone but him! / "The Aisle of Mixed-Up Toys". Johnny visits the discount toy aisle.

"Substitute Teacher". A crook on the run convinces Johnny that he's the substitute Martial Arts teacher. The crook then gives Johnny important tests that include robbing a bank and evading the police. / "A Wolf in Chick's Clothing". When Johnny's new girlfriend turns into a werewolf, Johnny figures he'll stick with her all night until she changes back to normal at sunrise. / "Intensive Care". When Johnny spies a pretty nurse at the hospital, he runs afoul of Alphonse, the Twisted Orderly. Johnny finds a new meaning to the word intensive care.

"Jumbo Johnny". To bulk up, Johnny drinks too much Uber Mass, and grows to monstrous proportions. / "The Perfect Gift". The day before Mother's Day, Johnny realizes he’s forgotten to get his Mama a gift. Little Suzy gives him a few pointers on how to make money. / "Bravo, James Bravo". Johnny finds himself caught in the world of international espionage!

"Going Batty". A beautiful vampire uses an oblivious Johnny to trick her nerdy boyfriend into being jealous. / "Berry the Butler". Mama wins Berry Vanderbolten, a famous pop singer, to be her butler for a day. The problem is Johnny has real chores in mind for the celebrity. / "Red Faced in the White House". Johnny angers all of Washington when he unwittingly takes the daughter of the President out on a date.

"The Man Who Cried Clown". Johnny wakes to find himself in the 'Zone Where Normal Things Don't Happen Very Much' - and there's a clown on the wing of his plane. / "Johnny Real Good'. Johnny's got to baby-sit an all powerful toddler. / "Talky Tabitha". Little Suzy invites Johnny to a tea party. Johnny refuses, but changes his mind after he gets to know Suzy's "special" doll: Talky Tabitha.

"Johnny Meets Adam West". TV's "Batman" Adam West tries to help Johnny find his missing Mama. / "Johnny Meets Donny Osmond". Donny's Johnny's nanny for a day! / "Under the Big Flop". Johnny and Little Suzy stumble upon an evil circus queen named Vivian Vixen, who is using a mind-controlling device on Jungle Boy.

"Johnny Bravo". At the Aron City Zoo, Johnny's trying to pick up chicks. Hoping to impress a sexy zookeeper who warns him that a 900 pound gorilla is on the loose, Johnny tells her he's a superhero and tries to catch the gorilla. / "Jungle Boy". Deep in the jungle of Africa, Jungle Boy has captured the hearts of all the animals. When King Raymond, an ape, can't get any attention - he poses as Jungle Boy. / "Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women". A whale tosses Johnny onto the Island of Beautiful Women. Calling him "Midget Boy," the indigenous Amazon women don't appreciate Johnny's charms. When they drop him into a volcano in a "virgin sacrifice," an eruption thrusts him onto the Island of Beautiful Men.

                              Season 2

"Bikini Space Planet" - Johnny is kidnapped by beautiful space aliens who mistake him for the perfect Earth specimen. "Moby Jerk" - Thinking he's on an expensive cruise, Johnny takes part in a high-seas hunt for the legendary "Moby Jerk" – an insult-comic mermaid. "A Gel for Johnny" - Johnny's life takes a turn for the nightmarish when the town's supply of Mr. Kevin's Triple-Strength Hair Tonic runs dry.

"Johnny Get Your Tutu" - When a career test tells him he was born to be a ballerina, Johnny becomes a classical dance sensation. "Johnny’s Inferno" - Johnny mistakenly summons a demon, who tries to enlist him in his rampage of evil. "Forest Chump" - Johnny and his geeky friends Carl get swept downstream in a rowboat and are found by a remote tribe of forest-dwellers.

"Karma Crisis" - Ripping up a chain letter results in a run of bad luck for Johnny. Guest star: Dionne Warwick. "A Star is Bruised" - Johnny is invited to join his martial arts hero Squint Ringo on the set of his TV show. "The Prince and the Pinhead" - Johnny trades places with his exact double and finds he likes the royal life.

"Johnny and the Beanstalk" - Johnny trades the family cow for some magic hair tonic, and a fairy tale begins. "A Boy and His Bird" - Thinking it's a puppy, Johnny adopts an emu. "Ape is Enough" - Johnny visits the South Seas, and a "King Kong"-type giant ape falls in love with him.

"Claws!" - Johnny buys a lobster to cook for Mama, but the lobster has other ideas. "Cover Boy Johnny" - Johnny becomes a male model. "To Helga and Back" - Johnny orders a mail-order companion. When she turns out to be less-than beautiful, Johnny does everything he can to drive her away. The only thing that eventually works is being himself.

"Endless Bummer" - Johnny sets up shop as a lifeguard to attract the ladies. "Jailbird Johnny" - After being falsely convicted of a crime, Johnny is accidentally put into a women's prison. He soon becomes very popular. Against his wishes, Suzy and Mama clear his name and free him from jail. "Bravo 13" - On the way to a theme park, Johnny is mistakenly launched into space with a chimp. Carl must help him get back to Earth.

"Doommates" - Johnny moves out and rents a trailer with Carl. This doesn't go so well. "Johnny's Telethon" - Johnny stages a telethon to keep his favorite beef jerky store in business. Suzy, Mama, Carl and Pops perform. "Johnny's Guardian Angel" - Johnny's Guardian Angel shows him what life would be like if he'd never been born.

"I, Fly" - Snooping around Carl's science project results in Johnny trading bodies with a common housefly. "Schnook of the North" - After being separated from Mama in a department store, Johnny is sent to live with a foster family in the Arctic. "Charm School Johnny" - Pops bets Carl he can turn Johnny into a gentleman within a week.

"Panic in Jerky Town!" - Johnny wins a trip to Jerky Town and stumbles on its dark secret. "Alien Confidential" - An alien arrives bearing the secret of universal peace, and unfortunately meets Johnny. "Mama's New Boyfriend" - Johnny's life is turned upside-down when Mama falls for a Latin playboy.

"The Man with the Golden Gut" - Johnny orders an ab machine and his resulting muscles make him a tourist attraction. "Welcome Back, Bravo" - A bureaucratic error results in Johnny's having to pass the 4th grade all over again. "Aunt Katie's Farm" - Johnny takes Suzy to a taping of her favorite kiddie TV show and ends up part of the cast.

"Brave New Johnny" - Johnny becomes frozen in hair gel and wakes up in the 25th century. "Witless" - After getting on the wrong bus, Johnny ends up in farm country, where he fails to fit in with the simple, plain people who live there. "Carl Be Not Proud" - When he mistakenly thinks Carl has only 24 hours to live, Johnny tries to be the best friend Carl always fantasized he was.

"El Bravo Magnifico" - Johnny's mistaken for a martial arts expert and agrees to help a south-of-the-border town in its fight against a brutal bandit. "Johnny-O and Juliet" - Johnny tries to end the blood feud between his mother and the neighbor lady so he can date the lady's tuba-playing daughter. "Clan of the Cave Boob" - To keep Johnny interested in his archeological dig, Carl weaves a colorful story about "Bravopithecus" in a flashback to Johnny's caveman days.

"Johnny Goes to Camp" - Johnny gets on the wrong bus and ends up at computer camp with Carl as his counselor. "A League of His Own" - Johnny poses as a girl who's "large for her age" to help out Suzy's softball team. "Buffoon Lagoon" - Johnny is shipwrecked with a pretty girl who won't take yes for an answer.

"Galaxy Boy Johnny" - Johnny bumps into a starship captain in the park and mistakenly gets beamed aboard his ship. There, Johnny wages war against the alien captain, Kharlok, who bears a suspicious resemblance to Carl. "Damien's Day Out" - When a baby is left on Johnny's doorstep, Johnny decides to raise him as his own. Everything's going well until the adorable tyke turns out to be the spawn of Satan. "Noir Johnny" - Johnny becomes a detective and takes on the case of Suzy's missing dolly, meeting up with a cast of characters straight out of the film noir handbook.

"Hail to the Chump" - When the entire town comes down with food poisoning at an annual picnic, Johnny is handed the reins of mayoral power and goes mad with power. "A Fool For Sister Sara" - When a batch of cheap cologne causes Johnny to forget his identity, he ends up in a mission led by the kindly Sister Sara. In an effort to impress her, Johnny tries to be "nice," with disastrous results. "Days of Blunder" - Carl cajoles Johnny into entering an auto race in a souped-up dragster, which Carl secretly controls using a joystick. When the joystick short-circuits, Johnny has to try to win the race for real.

"Look Who's Drooling" - Johnny guzzles Carl's latest "fountain of youth" potion and gets turned into a tiny baby, which bothers him, but makes Mama very happy. "Law and Disorder" - Johnny takes a job as a mall security guard and has a wonderful time abusing his powers. Within minutes, he becomes a hostage in a bungled store robbery, forcing Mama has to use her SWAT know-how to save her beloved son. "Tooth Or Consequences" - Johnny poses as the Tooth Fairy after feeling guilty for telling Suzy that there's no such thing. Realizing it's Johnny immediately, Suzy still can't pass up the opportunity to have the "Fairy" prove his identity by granting her three wishes.

"Pop Art Johnny" - Johnny becomes the art world's newest sensation with his series of shrimp sauce "butt prints" and turns into a pretentious artiste. "Dude Ranch Doofus" - Mama takes Johnny to a dude ranch, where he tries to win the heart of a pretty cowgirl by breaking in her vicious horse, Diablo. "A Cake Too Far" - When Mama's sciatica kicks in, Johnny has to take her place in a cake bake-off, but loses her recipe at the last minute and has to improvise.

"The Unsinkable Johnny Bravo" - A middle-aged Suzy shows up at an elderly Johnny's house to return the Squint Ringo Decoder Ring he lost on a sinking cruise ship decades earlier. We flash back to the story of Johnny and the ring in a story uncomfortably reminiscent of "Titanic." "Rashomoron" - A simple picnic by the lake turns into an epistemological foray into the nature of Truth as Johnny, Carl and Suzy each relate their version of how the picnic went awry. "Free Pookey" - In an effort to impress a cute animal-rights activist, Johnny "liberates" the donkey-shaped pinata at Suzy's birthday party, renames him "Pookey" and tries to release him in the wild before Suzy catches up to him.

"Good Knight Johnny" - Johnny wanders into a Renaissance Fair and thinks he's traveled back in time. Seeing an opportunity, he tries to impress the costumed actors with his tenuous grasp of 20th century science and reason in the hopes that they'll make him their king. "Balloon Platoon" - Johnny vows revenge after a pesky street urchin pelts him with a water balloon, and sets about turning Suzy and her rag-tag group of fellow 8-year-olds into a lean, mean, water-balloon hurling machine. "The Clueless Kid" - Johnny's karate teacher Master Hama recklessly claims that the worst of his students could beat the best of his rival's. The rival takes him up on the challenge, choosing Hama's towel boy, Johnny. The disgruntled Hama is forced to train Johnny to defend the honor of his dojo.

"Loch Ness Johnny" - Johnny joins Mama on a trip to Scotland, where he decides to sample the local haggis on a picnic blanket by the banks of the Loch Ness. When Nessie steals his haggis, an angry Johnny chases her all over the countryside to get it back. After all variety of Scottish-themed hijinks, Johnny finally retrieves his lunch, only to realize that haggis is disgusting. "Den Mother Johnny" - When Mama Bravo experiences a violent allergic reaction to a bouquet of stinkweed, it's up to Johnny to take over as den mother for Suzy's Buttercup Girl troop. He has them paint his house, hold a rummage sale to make him some money, then he takes them to a construction site to play. "Quo Doofus" - Johnny trips into a time portal Carl bought at a sci-fi junk sale and is transported back to Ancient Rome. There, while searching for a decent slice of pizza, he meets the Emperor Caesar, is thrown to the lions at the Coliseum, and witnesses the explosion of Mount Vesuvius.

"Yukon Yutz" - A beautiful Canadian Mountie tells Johnny to take a hike, so Johnny obliges by trudging deep into the Canadian wilderness. There, he encounters Slimy Pierre, who's assembling an army of beavers to take over Canada. Figuring that subduing Pierre will score him points with the Mountie chick, Johnny convinces the beavers to abandon Pierre by promising to show them the good life in America. "Prep School Johnny" - In an effort to satisfy their quota for "big stupid dumb guys," an ultra-exclusive prep school accepts Johnny as a student. There, he elicits the enmity of three snooty students, who band together to make Johnny's life miserable. "Send in the Clones" - Johnny sets out for his cable company to complain about his bill, but ends up at a cloning lab where a mad scientist plots to make thousands of Johnnies and rent them out for jobs requiring heavy lifting. Mama, Pops and Carl soon realize that the Johnnies are fake, but are tempted to let it slide because the clones have better people skills than the real Johnny.

"As I Lay Hiccuping" - Johnny eats too quickly and gets a wicked case of the hiccups. He visits a sexy doctor, who tells him that if the hiccups persist, he can come back for her patented hands-on cure. Hot to see the doctor again, Johnny must spend the next 24 hours avoiding the painful hiccup remedies of everyone in town. "Marine Maroon" - Johnny gets sucked out to sea and caught in a tuna net, ending up getting dumped into a tank at an aquarium, which he mistakes for the lost city of Atlantis. Mistaking the beautiful dolphin trainer for the Queen of Atlantis, he decides to marry her so he can get all the free shrimp he can eat, but manages only to get beaten up repeatedly by offended sea life. "Thunder God Johnny" - Johnny pulls Thor's hammer from a stone at a Nordic theme park and becomes a Norse god. Thinking Norse godhood is a license to eat, fight and hit on Viking babes, Johnny's bummed to find out that his prime responsibility is doing battle with Chip the Frost Monster.

                           Season 3

Episode 36-Virtual Johnny / Hunted / Hold That Schmoe
Download-Virtual Johnny / Hunted / Hold That Schmoe
"Virtual Johnny" - Dragged to the toy store by Suzy, Johnny notices the new Biff Proton virtual reality game and opens it up. When he puts on the glasses, he immediately enters the virtual world, where he's Biff Proton and the toy store clerk is his sworn enemy, Lord Morlok (played by Mark Hamill). "Hold That Shmoe" - Johnny tears apart the attic to find a valuable old comic book and accidentally disturbs the ghost of his Uncle Lou, who rented the space from Mama in the 70s. When the grumpy Lou refuses to give Johnny the comic book, Johnny chases him into the afterlife, forcing Mama to go in after him. "Hunted!" - Mama loses Johnny in a poker game to Colonel Beauregard Fatman, who brings Johnny to his private island and releases him into the wild with the intention of hunting him down. Mama parachutes onto the island and saves Johnny in the nick of time, after realizing that there aren't nine Kings in a poker deck.

Episode 37-In the Line Johnny / Luke Perry's Guide to Love / Fugitive Johnny
Download-In the Line Johnny / Luke Perry's Guide to Love / Fugitive Johnny
"Luke Perry's Guide to Love" - Johnny unknowingly saves Luke Perry's life by repelling a gaggle of rabid women besieging the TV actor, who's in town to perform his one-man show, "Oh, Luke!" To repay him, Luke agrees to coach Johnny through one date via a hidden microphone in Johnny's ear. Antics ensue. "In the Line of Johnny" - Johnny injures Master Hama during karate practice and must stand in for him as the Soy Queen's bodyguard at the annual Soy Harvest Parade. Overexcited by his sudden law-enforcement authority, Johnny spends the entire parade thwarting nonexistent attempts on the Soy Queen's safety and leaving havoc in his wake. "Fugitive Johnny" - When a batch of fresh-baked cookies turns up missing at a Police Bake Sale, suspicions turn to Johnny, who must go on the lam to avoid capture while hunting down the mysterious "two-armed man" who was the actual culprit.

Episode 38-Candidate Johnny / Air Bravo / Johnny B. Badd
Download-Candidate Johnny / Air Bravo / Johnny B. Badd
"Candidate Johnny" - Johnny deduces that Assistant Litter Commissioners get chicks and decides to run against Carl for the post, employing all variety of dirty campaign tactics to win. His victory is short-lived, however, when he throws a huge victory parade in his own honor, leaving the streets strewn with garbage and blowing the sanitation budget for the year. "Air Bravo" - Suzy's good friend, pro-basketball star Enormous Ferguson, gets Johnny a job as Towel Boy on his team, the Pawkatuck Ferrets. Johnny's efforts on the job leave all the players injured during the championship game, so Johnny and Suzy have to suit up and play. "Johnny B. Badd" - Suzy, Mama and Carl form a makeshift band to play Suzy's new song "Funky Monkey" and a jealous Johnny tries to horn in on the action as the band's lead vocalist. Everything's okay until Johnny catches on to the fact that the band's manager, Pops, is snipping his microphone wire before every performance.

Episode 39-Scoop Bravo / The Incredible Shrinking Johnny / Backdraft
Download-Scoop Bravo / The Incredible Shrinking Johnny / Backdraft
"Scoop Bravo" - Johnny tries to win the affections of a beautiful newspaper editor, vowing to bring back the Scoop of the Century. Using his keen journalistic eye, Johnny ignores several stories right under his nose and decides to run with the story that pussy cats are really aliens on an evil mission to take over the planet. "The Incredible Shrinking Johnny" - Johnny enters a black magic store and hits obnoxiously on the cashier, who puts a curse on him to make him shrink. Suzy thinks the resulting tiny Johnny is adorable and makes him take part in a dolly tea party. Johnny escapes to Carl's, hoping that geek science can conquer dark witchcraft. "Backdaft" - The town's volunteer fire department needs new recruits, and Johnny signs up, thinking firefighting is his ticket to chickdom. Firemen Pops and Carl try mightily to train Johnny, but end up hoping that he'll opt for early retirement.

"The Johnny Bravo Affair" Johnny falls asleep inside a sarcophagus at the local museum, waking up to see a gorgeous cat burglar stealing the world-famous Hope Zirconium. When he mistakenly swallows the stone, the cat burglar takes him back to her place to get it back by any means necessary. "Biosphere Johnny" Johnny follows a sexy scientist inside a giant glass dome on the edge of town, realizing all too late that he's trapped himself inside a Biosphere with Carl and a bunch of science geeks for an entire year. "Spa Spaz" Johnny checks into the Hot Winds Spa to get pampered and meet chicks. He quickly incurs the wrath of the management when he makes fondue in the sauna, plays "Hippo-Man" in the mudbaths, and complains that he's losing weight due to the small portions at mealtime.

"Dental Hijinks" Mama takes Johnny to a dental college to get his toothache fixed for free, but tells him it's the "Happy Fun Park" so he'll come along quietly. When the dentist straps Johnny down to drill his tooth, Johnny deduces he's a "mad change guy" and spends the rest of the episode running around the "park" trying to escape him. "Little Red Riding Johnny" Johnny needs 57 labels of Krelman's Prune Spread to win a pair of Squint Ringo Tungsten Knuckles, and Suzy happens to be bringing 57 jars of the stuff to her Grandma in the woods. When his attempts to steal Suzy's basket fail repeatedly, Johnny resorts to dressing up as Suzy's grandma in the hopes that she'll just hand it over to him. "Pouch Potato" Johnny's booted off the bus tour of a Wild Australia theme park and lands in the kangaroo habitat, where he's adopted by a mama 'roo. Try as he might to fit in, Johnny's an outcast from the rest of the herd until he successfully defends them against the infamous kangaroo poacher, Boomerang Caine.

"Fool For a Day" It's April Fool's Day, and once again the gullible Johnny is the butt of everyone's jokes, including Suzy's entire homeroom class. Vowing revenge, Johnny retaliates against Suzy's homeroom teacher, the only woman in town who ever liked him. "In Your Dreams" Johnny meets the girl of his dreams - that is, one who likes him back - only to discover that he's dreaming in Carl's Sleep Clinic and can't wake up. His dreams quickly devolve into nightmares, but it's worth it to Johnny if he can meet up with the chick again. "Some Like It Stupid" On the run from gangster Fish Lips Malone, Johnny and Carl disguise themselves as female contestants in the Miss Perky Beauty Pageant. There, Johnny falls in love with a fellow contestant while Carl goes for the tiara.

"Jurassic Dork" Johnny mistakes the Museum of Natural History for a really big hobby shop, and comes home with a dinosaur egg that he thinks is an airplane model kit. (Johnny's dumb.) When it hatches, Johnny has a screeching, acid-spitting dinosaur on his hands. "Mascot Academy" In an effort to meet cheerleaders, Johnny matriculates at mascot college, where he mistakenly injures Kent Stevens, the college's arrogant star pupil. Months later, Johnny's enjoying his career as a professional mascot - playing a rotting fish head for a football team in Argentina - when Kent tracks him down to seek his revenge. "Full Metal Johnny" Thinking he's signing up for Fantasy Dodgeball Camp, Johnny accidentally joins the U.S. Army, and must endure bootcamp under the tutelage of the beautiful but tough-as-nails Sargeant Trixie. Or, rather, bootcamp must endure Johnny.

"Johnny On Ice!" Johnny gets buried by an avalanche while snowboarding, and is chiselled out of the ice by a scientist who concludes he's the missing link. Enjoying the free grub and the attentions of the scientist's pretty assistant, Johnny goes along with the ruse until he realizes they're going to dissect his brain. "Robo-Mama!" Mama sends away for a robot mama to take care of Johnny while she's off at a high stakes bingo tournament. When the real Mama returns, the Robo-Mama refuses to relinquish control, declaring to Johnny that she's his real mama. Johnny, not noticing that one of the mamas is made of tungsten, must decide who's telling the truth. "20,000 Leagues Over My Head" Johnny's sucked underwater by a dangerous riptide and ends up being saved by Captain Debbie Nemo, a sexy marine biologist with her own submarine. Johnny agrees to help her in her quest to clean up the world's oceans, but ends up poisoning the water with his hair gel, using live sponges to bathe, and angering a giant squid.

"I Dream of Johnny" Johnny buys a dusty old bottle at an Arabian Bazaar, and is pleased to find that it houses a sexy genie who's obliged to grant him three wishes. Careless with the wording of his wishes, Johnny ends up being operated on by a monkey scientist, having a wife and kids that look and act like him, and finally ends up in the bottle himself, only to be discovered by Carl. "One Angry Bravo" When a department store tells an overly boisterous Johnny that he'll "see him in court," Johnny excitedly heads over to the local courthouse to give him his Christmas list. There, he mistakenly gets jury duty on a simple traffic case and ties up the deliberation process for eight months, only voting guilty after the judge threatens to remove the Ski Bunny Channel from his hotel room. "Carnival of the Darned" Johnny runs away from home and joins a traveling circus of freaks and misfits. He quickly finds a niche among them when it becomes clear that he can fall on his head from great heights without hurting himself, but his rise to fame only incites the jealousy of The Bearded Man, who plots his demise. Luckily for Johnny, Mama is in the audience to save his life and take him back to his real family.

"The Great Bunny Book Ban" Suzy's favorite children's book, "Harold and the Fuzzy Bunny" is banned by the town's richest citizen, Festus Blowhard, so she gets her fellow students to stage a protest by bribing them with brownies. When this fails, Suzy uses every trick at her disposal to make him listen to the story, and wins the day for freedom of speech. "Enter the Chipmunk" Johnny gets a chipmunk down his shirt at a karate meet and ends up leveling everything in his path, impressing his karate teacher's rival, The Amber Claw, who kidnaps Johnny in the hopes of forcing him to reveal the secret of his technique. Unable to recreate his moves, Johnny is about to be made into black belt soup when his friend the chipmunk makes a fortuitous appearance. "Frankenbravo" Johnny appears at Dr. Frankenstein's castle to get back his kite, and is soon convinced to give up his brain in exchange for the hand of the new "bride" the doctor has been working on. She finds Johnny hideous and runs towards town. Johnny saves her from an angry mob, only to find she makes quite the nagging shrew-wife.

"A Walk on the Stupid Side" Suzy gets Johnny to take part the "Walk Against Baldness," convincing Mama and Carl to join her in pledging a nickel a mile. When Johnny obnoxiously hits on one of the race coordinators, she alters his race map, sending him on a jaunt around the world. Suzy, Mama and Carl must band together to stop Johnny from crossing the finish line before they end up owing the charity billions of dollars. "Lone Star Bravo" One evening, Mama relates the story of their famous ancestor, Lone Star Bravo, whose exact resemblance to Johnny in flashback is both remarkable and convenient. We follow the saga of Johnny's ancestor, a simple backwoods lad who agrees to become sheriff of the town of Moist Rock to impress frontier chicks, then realizes that he must face off against the brutal outlaw Salad Fork Dan. "Toy Boy Johnny" Johnny is accidentally named the CEO of a huge toy conglomerate and has just days to come up with a best-selling Christmas toy in order to keep his cushy job. The "Johnny Doll with Destruct-O Chip" turns out not to be that toy.

"Lodge Brother Johnny" Johnny finds out Pops and Carl are members of the highly- secret "Brotherhood of the Gnu" and agrees to undergo the secret initiation process to join, which includes eating only one potato chip and listening to Brother Ernie's long boring story about buying a couch. Johnny's so happy to be let into the secret organization that he alerts the media. "Chain Gang Johnny" After being arrested in a case of mistaken identity, Johnny and Carl are shackled to each other and sent to a maximum-security prison operated by a sexy but tyrannical lady-warden. Posing as an old married couple, they escape into the surrounding marshland and proceed to get on each other's nerves a lot. "Lumberjack Johnny" Johnny joins a lumberjack contest so he can get the "winner’s kiss" from the Lumberjack Queen. Through sheer dumb luck, Johnny continuously beats his giant, flannel-loving competition, only to find out that the beautiful young woman he thought was the Queen is actually the Princess, and from the looks of her mom, she was probably adopted.

"Lord of the Links" Johnny joins a golf tournament so he can afford a flying car, and Carl agrees to be his caddy and supply him with all sorts of hi-tech golf gear. Everything's going well until Carl is injured and Johnny takes several hundred strokes to complete the final hole. "Bootman" Johnny indirectly causes a meteorite to fall on famed superhero "The Green Swoosh." Johnny figures the guy won’t need his super boots anymore, and he becomes "Bootman," empowered with "green super-energy" which he uses to fight "Manboy," a pubescent supervillain with a permanent case of the "awkward years." "Freudian Dip" After learning that Johnny is suffering from horrible night terrors, Suzy convinces Mama to allow her to psychoanalyze him using a psychology degree she got over the internet. Employing inkblots, hypnotism and handpuppets on her recalcitrant patient, Suzy concludes that Johnny's terrors are caused by a traumatic childhood event, only to find that they're actually caused by Carl's escaped monster.

"Auteur, Auteur!" When Johnny mistakenly receives a $7 million arts grant from the U.S. government, he decides to use the money to write, direct and star in a feel-good movie about sewer mutants, alienating his entire cast and crew in the process. "Runaway Train" Thinking he's getting on the 5:40 commuter train to visit his annoying aunt, Johnny mistakenly boards the Blue Goose 9000, a supersonic train prototype, and triggers the ignition, sending it soaring around the globe. Only the savvy employment of Mama's super-dense bundt cake can save the day. "A Reject Runs Through It" Johnny, Pops and Carl set out on a fly-fishing trip to catch the elusive "potty-mouth salmon." Johnny faces off against one particularly testy specimen, but the two end up bonding when Johnny offers him advice on how to pick up a comely fish lass.

"The Island of Mrs. Morceau" Thinking "bizarre genetic experiments" is code for "hot babes," Johnny travels to a mysterious island run by the nefarious Mrs. Morceau, who's ad he saw on TV. Angry at being turned into a half-man, half-hamster, an angry Johnny vows to track down and destroy Morceau's mutating machine. "The Color of Mustard" Johnny gives up professional badminton after a suffering a mental breakdown over an ugly courtside incident, but is enticed out of retirement by a female challenger when she agrees to date him if he wins. "Third Dork From the Sun" Johnny's kidnapped through his television by an alien civilization in need of contestants for an intergalactic game show. Defeating his opponents in the first two rounds by sheer dumb luck, he must face off against the planet's Supreme Intelligence in a telekinetic showdown called "Suck My Brain Out."

"The Hansel and Gretel Witch Project" Suzy and Carl enlist Johnny to help them make their video documentary on the Hansel and Gretel Witch, who lives in a forest on the outskirts of town. After the three of them are captured by the witch and stuffed full of cake and pie, Carl and Suzy escape. Johnny stays, enjoying the witch's way with a dessert. "I.Q. Johnny" Fired by his boss for wasting his time inventing a smart drink that makes chimps intelligent, a young research scientist sells the potion to Johnny for dollar. Johnny's resulting genius comes in handy when the town's nuclear plant goes into meltdown. But will the drink wear off before he averts nuclear disaster? "Get Stinky" Johnny's childhood nemesis Stinky Brownstein has moved back to town and Johnny's sickened. Blind to the fact that she's now a beautiful woman who's actually interested in him, Johnny thinks of Stinky as the red-headed neighbor girl who used to torment him with practical jokes, and vows his revenge.

                           Season 4

Johnny packs up his things and moves to Hollywood to play the lead in a big-time Hollywood movie starring Don Knotts, Alec Baldwin, Jessica Biel, a nondescript dinosaur, and a hobbit

"Traffic Troubles"Johnny goes to Musical Comedy Traffic School in hopes of meeting some high kicking musical comedy chicks. Instead, he gets a lesson a la Schoolhouse Rock from The Sensitive Male. Guest Stars: Jack Sheldon (Schoolhouse Rock), Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), David Faustino (Married With Children) / "My Funny Looking Friend" Johnny enlists the help of a funny looking friend to help him score with chicks. Song by Mac Davis.

"Win an El Toro Guapo" In order to win an El Toro Guapo truck, Johnny enters a contest where he must keep one hand on a giant sassy bull longer than any other contestant. (Tia Carrere) / "Witch-Ay Woman" Johnny is turned into a woman by a disgruntled fortune teller in order to show him what it truly means to be a woman.

Johnny tries to prove to Mama that he can take care of himself when she leaves him home alone for a week.

"Mini JB" Johnny uses a little baby to help him get dates. / "Back From the Future" A group of sci-fi nerds stumble upon Johnny and think that he is from the distant past. They decide to put him in hiding until they figure out how to return him to his own era. Samm Levine (Freaks And Geeks) Danny Strong (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) Amanda Foreman (Felicity, Alias).

"That’s Entertainment!" Suzy, Mama, and Donny Osmond create an evening of storytelling when the TV is found broken on TV night. Donny Osmond, Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon, Tony Award winner). / "Non, Oui Oui Pour Johnny" Johnny and Mama enlist in a French class after Mama decides that they’re going to vacation in Paris, France.

"Get Shovelized!" Johnny buys the latest trend on the exercise machine market: The Shovelizer! Even though it turns out to be a rusty old shovel, that doesn’t stop Johnny from loving his new workout gadget. / "T is for Trouble" Mr. T shows Johnny the ways of the "T" so that he can confront his childhood tormentor: Little Ricky Simmons! (Mr. T, Richard Simmons). Song by Jimi Jameson (Lead Singer of Survivor).

"Gray Matters" Johnny must face his mortality when he discovers a gray hair on his perfectly blond head. / "Double Vision" While leaving the Make-Up Mega Mart, Johnny mistakenly follows the wrong woman home and thinks that his Mama has gotten an extreme makeover. He doesn’t even miss a beat when he discovers that she has a son, which makes him Johnny’s new brother. Amy Acker (Angel).

"It's a Magical Life" Johnny thinks that a magician has turned him invisible and paints the town red with his new found invisibility. Truth be told, Johnny isn’t really invisible. / "The Hunk At the End of This Cartoon" Johnny is in fear of his own being when he discovers that there’s a new hunk in town ready to take his place.

"The Time of My Life" In a flashback to Johnny's 80's high school days, Johnny tells Little Suzy the story of his first love and how he went from a 98 pound weakling to a super buffed stud. Music by Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure). / "Run Johnny Run" Johnny must run to a date. Basically, he runs a lot.

"Wilderness Protection Program" Johnny helps a poor moose on the lamb from the mob by posing as her elephant husband. Melissa Peterman (Reba). / "A Page Right Out of History" Prehistoric Johnny meets up with Fred, Barney, and an older Pebbles when Fred reluctantly saves Johnny’s life. (Fred, Barney, Pebbles, Wilma, Betty, Mr. Slate, and Dino).

"Some Walk By Night" Moonlighting's Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong put Johnny in their new reality TV series, "Who wants to star in their own pilot for a prime time series as a detective or a detective’s sidekick?" (Allyce Beasley, Curtis Armstrong, Tentative celeb) / "Adam West’s Date-O-Rama" Johnny goes on a reality TV dating show and is hooked up with a super villainess: The Black Widow.

"Johnny Makeover" Johnny’s cartoon is chosen to get a complete makeover from The Cartoon Makeover team: Don Knotts, The Blue Falcon, and “Weird” Al Yankovic. (Don Knotts, Weird Al Yankovic, Gary Owens) / "Back on Shaq" Johnny becomes Shaquille O’Neal’s good luck charm after Shaq finds that great things are thrust upon him when he’s touching Johnny.
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