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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Hindi Episodes [2017]

The adventures of would-be scientist Flint Lockwood during his high school years when he hoped to become a serious scientist and eventually not have his inventions blow up in his face. For now, though, he often isn't so lucky with the projects that he works on. Joining Flint on his adventures is new classmate and best friend Sam Sparks, the school's wannabe ace reporter.

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When Steve wins the Swallow Falls lottery, townspeople line up claiming that they are Steve's best friend, causing Flint to question Steve's true affections. Flint and Sam babysit so they can buy a new board game, but when Brent hires them as his babysitter, they have to decide whether the humiliation is worth the reward.

S1E15E16-Monkey Me, Monkey You/Best Invention Ever!
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When Flint accidentally combines himself with Steve, he must learn to live with the monkey inside him.
After hearing Flint brag about sleep-inventing the best invention ever, the Mayor sees it as a money-making opportunity.
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