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Dexter's Laboratory Hindi Episodes [Complete Series]

Sleep tight, America! Your fate lies safely in the hands of Dexter, a child genius who whips up dazzling, world-saving inventions in his secret laboratory. Big sister Dee Dee frequently wrecks his experiments, but his bigger nemesis is Mandark, his brilliant rival at Huber Elementary School. Mom and Dad, of course, have no idea what their little angel is up to.

When Dexter becomes a victim of one of his inventions, Dee Dee goes back in time by one hour to warn Dexter's past self about the invention's consequences, but the past Dexter proves hard to convince until he sees two Dee Dees.Monkey must defend the city from a giant lava monster, Magmanamus (Brad Garrett), who is wrecking it as the noise created by its residents is not allowing him to sleep.When his mother falls ill, Dexter creates a Mom-Droid to do her chores. However, Dee Dee gets hold of the robot's remote control and wreaks havoc, forcing Dexter to create another Mom-Droid to counter Dee Dee and her Mom-Droid.

Dexter is forced to play dodgeball by his P. E. teacher (Michael Pataki), but after constantly losing, he builds a robotic exoskeleton to protect himself.Intergalactic wrestling champion Rasslor ("Macho Man" Randy Savage) challenges all of the Earth's superheroes, including Monkey, with the very future of the Earth at stake.In need of an assistant to operate his latest invention for the science fair, Dexter performs a brain transplant on Dee Dee to make her smart enough to fulfill the role. Unfortunately, Dee Dee, with her new brain, proves to be more intelligent than Dexter, much to his chagrin.

Episode 03-Dexter's Rival/Simion/Old Man Dexter

Download-Dexter's Rival/Simion/Old Man Dexter
A new student named Mandark Astronomonov enrolls at Dexter's school and quickly turns out to be better than Dexter academically. He even forces Dexter to shut down his lab so that his lab (which is much bigger than Dexter's lab) can gain more power. A hurt Dexter then teams up with Dee Dee to take revenge on Mandark.Monkey encounters an intelligent anthropomorphic chimpanzee named Simion (Maurice LaMarche), who plans to take revenge on humans for turning him into his current state.Rerun of the third What a Cartoon! pilot.

Episode 04-Double Trouble/Barbequor/Dexter's Laboratory
Download-Double Trouble/Barbequor/Dexter's Laboratory
Dee Dee and her friends, Lee Lee and Mee Mee, enter Dexter's lab and create havoc, forcing Dexter to clone himself to stop them. However, this fails as the girls too clone themselves multiple times, causing more mayhem.Rerun of the first What a Cartoon! pilot.

Episode 05-Jurassic Pooch/Orgon Grindor/Dimwit Dexter

Download-Jurassic Pooch/Orgon Grindor/Dimwit Dexter
Dexter uses his dog's heart and brain to make up for missing dinosaur DNA taken from a granite sample. His newly cloned dinosaur acts like a dog, and Dee Dee treats it like a large pet.While on a date with Agent Honeydew, Monkey gets hypnotized by the music of an alien named Organ Grindor (Jim Cummings), who then commands him to steal the gold at Fort Knox.This episode was originally known as "Dumb Like Dee Dee" and is the fourth What a Cartoon! pilot.

Episode 06-Dee Dee's Room/Huntor/The Big Sister

Download-Dee Dee's Room/Huntor/The Big Sister
After finding out that his critical invention has been stolen by Dee Dee, Dexter ventures into her room to find it.Monkey encounters an alien hunter named Huntor (Ed Gilbert) and must fight him before Agent Honeydew and Commander Chief are killed.Rerun of the second What a Cartoon! pilot.

Episode 07-Star Spangled Sidekicks/TV Super Pals/Game Over

Download-Star Spangled Sidekicks/TV Super Pals/Game Over
Dexter and Dee Dee enter tryouts to become Major Glory's next sidekick. When Dee Dee wins, Dexter realizes that fancy costumes are not the only criterion to become a superhero.With only one television in their apartment, Major Glory, Krunk and Valhallen cannot decide what to watch: Major Glory's televised capture of the Disgruntled Postman, TV Puppet Pals or the monster truck pull.Dexter and Dee Dee's father buys a video game for them to play, but the game sucks Dexter inside when he plugs in the cartridge, and it is up to Dee Dee to get him out.

Episode 08-Babysitter Blues/Valhallen's Room/Dream Machine

Download-Babysitter Blues/Valhallen's Room/Dream Machine
Dexter has a crush on his teenage babysitter Lisa (Kath Soucie). When he finds out that she has a boyfriend, he sabotages their relationship and accelerates his age by ten years to win her heart, only to get knocked out by her boyfriend, who thinks that Lisa dumped him for the "teenage" Dexter, when he comes over.Valhallen loses his magic ax and starts turning into a nerd, forcing Major Glory and Krunk to enter his room to find it.
When Dexter's nightmares become frequent and problematic, he invents a machine which will allow him to have only good dreams, as long as Dee Dee can operate it properly while she is awake. Things turn bad when Dee Dee falls asleep.

Episode 09-Dollhouse Drama/Krunk's Date/The Big Cheese

Download-Dollhouse Drama/Krunk's Date/The Big Cheese
Suspicious that Dee Dee has not entered his lab even once on a particular day, Dexter shrinks himself and enters her room to spy on her to see what is she doing. He soon becomes an unwilling character in Dee Dee's doll story, but believes the story to be real, due to the shrinking's side effect that makes him confuse reality and fantasy.While the Justice Friends are fighting Comrade Red and his gang (the communist equivalent of the Justice Friends), Krunk falls in love with his equivalent in their gang, She-Thing (Kath Soucie).Dexter invents a device that will allow him to learn for the next day's French test while he is asleep, but it malfunctions, causing it to repeat only a single phrase: Omelette du fromage (which is an incorrect and meaningless translation of cheese omelette) throughout the night. As a result, he wakes up in the morning speaking nothing else but Omelette du fromage. Strangely, this makes him a celebrity overnight, although when he tries to enter his lab later, he is unable to say the password, causing his lab to self-destruct as a security measure.

Episode 10-Way of the Dee Dee/Say Uncle Sam/Tribe Called Girl

Download-Way of the Dee Dee/Say Uncle Sam/Tribe Called Girl
Dee Dee teaches Dexter how to live life her way instead of being lonely and purely focused on science, but regrets her decision after he becomes more carefree than her.Major Glory forces Krunk and Valhallen to tidy up their apartment for his Uncle Sam, who is coming over for a visit to Glory.To learn more about girls, Dexter camouflages himself and enters Dee Dee's room, where she is having a sleepover with her friends Lee Lee and Mee Mee. However, he gets caught by the girls, who then force him to take part in their activities.

Episode 11-Spacecase/Ratman/Dexter's Debt
Spacecase/Ratman/Dexter's Debt
To prevent himself from being taken away by aliens for experimentation, Dexter sends Dee Dee with them under the pretext that they are taking her to Candyland; however, he quickly regrets his decision after realizing how much he cares for her.While trying to fix their apartment's plumbing, Krunk and Valhallen go down to the basement, where they meet Ratman (Maurice LaMarche), a diminutive vigilante raised by rats (a parody of Batman).Dexter's lab is threatened with repossession unless he can repay his debt of a record of $200,000,000 to NASA, as they are monitoring his lab. When Dee Dee wins the same amount in a lottery, he decides to steal her money out of desperation, but Dee Dee realizes the whole ordeal and agrees to help Dexter pay NASA back if he shares his lab with her in return.

Episode 12-Dexter's Rival/Mandarker

Download-Dexter's Rival/Mandarker
Rerun of the first segment of episode 3.Major Glory, Krunk and Valhallen try to rid their apartment of a bee, but they end up being thrown out of the apartment by the bee.Following the destruction of his lab by Dexter and Dee Dee (from "Dexter's Rival"), Mandark turns to magic to beat Dexter at the science fair.

Episode 13-Inflata Dee Dee/Can't Nap/Monstory
Download-Inflata Dee Dee/Can't Nap/Monstory
Dee Dee inflates Dexter's hydro-plasmatic suit and constantly floats in the air, prompting Dexter to try and bring her down.After fellow Justice Friend White Tiger helps Valhallen stop a super-villain, the latter invites him to spend the night in his apartment, forgetting that Major Glory is allergic to cats.Not interested in hearing Dee Dee's long-winded story, Dexter gives her a silencing formula to keep her quiet. To his horror, he finds out that the formula he gave her turned her into a giant monster, who is still bent on telling her story. When he realizes that nothing can make her quiet, he decides to become a giant monster himself. Dexter's giant monster form looks like Godzilla and Dee Dee's giant monster form looks like an alien type giant monster.

Season 2

Episode 14-Beard to Be Feared/Quackor the Fowl/Ant Pants

Download-Beard to Be Feared/Quackor the Fowl/Ant Pants
After watching an Action Hank movie on television, Dexter grows a beard like him to try to be cool, but is soon mistaken by the police for Action Hank himself.Mandark decides to bring his lab duck Quackor for show and tell to counter Dexter and his lab monkey. Despite the fact that neither creature displays anything remarkable at school, Quackor is actually a supervillain going by the name of Quackor the Fowl, a fact not known to Mandark, similar to how Dexter is unaware that his lab monkey is a superhero.When Dexter catches Dee Dee killing some ants, he shrinks themselves to ant-size to take her inside an ant colony so that she can learn how organized the ants are. However, he eventually learns that though the ants are indeed organized, they are very nasty in behavior.

Episode 15-Mom and Jerry/Chubby Cheese/That Crazy Robot

Download-Mom and Jerry/Chubby Cheese/That Crazy Robot
Dexter accidentally switches his brain with that of a mouse's and must avoid his mother when she decides to exterminate him.While out for dinner at the Chubby Cheese pizza restaurant, Dexter tries to slow down the "Whack the Weasel" machine to win a stuffed Monkey doll before Dee Dee does. When he gets captured by security for tampering with the machine, he falls into the hands of a mad scientist who seeks to use him as his assistant.One of Dexter's robots becomes Dee Dee's servant when she removes a wrench that froze him up and tries to destroy anyone who is mean to Dee Dee, including her friends, her mother and Dexter himself.

Episode 16-D & DD/Hamhocks and Armlocks

Download-D & DD/Hamhocks and Armlocks
When Dexter's friends become completely tired of Dexter's complicated traps he sets up as Game Master (as well as his cheating) while playing a RPG game, they put Dee Dee as Game Master in his place. She completely changes the style of play, which annoys Dexter but impresses his friends.Dexter's father is challenged to an arm wrestling match by a man named Earl at a truck stop. Stunned at the strength of Earl and his determination to beat his father, Dexter attaches a robotic arm to his father to enable him to win.

Episode 17-Hunger Strikes/The Koos Is Loose/Morning Stretch
Download-Hunger Strikes/The Koos Is Loose/Morning Stretch
After being denied dessert by his parents for not eating his vegetables, Dexter uses radiation therapy so that he can like them, but it causes a severe side effect that turns him into an Incredible Hulk-like character if he goes too long without them.Dee Dee's imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop (Dom DeLuise) suddenly comes to life and starts annoying Dexter.After staying up late at his lab, Dexter oversleeps and wakes up one minute before the school bus arrives. With no time to do his morning chores and homework, he pulls out a secret prototype device, which will convert his last 30 seconds into 30 minutes. unaware that the school has been closed due to a snowdown.

Episode 18-Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster/Backfire/Book 'Em

Download-Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster/Backfire/Book 'Em
Dexter's mother asks him to read a story to Dee Dee, who is sick. However, Dee Dee becomes bored of Dexter's story and invents her own story, Dee Dee Locks and the Loch Ness Monster, which is a spoof of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.Dexter tries to supe up the family car with anti-matter in an attempt to shorten road trips with his family due to Dee Dee's annoying nature, but ends up accidentally fusing Dee Dee with the car, causing mayhem.When Dee Dee causes Dexter to take a book from the library without checking it out by mistake, they sneak into the library at night to put it back without getting caught, but when Dee Dee's antics cause Dexter to scream at her to keep quiet, they get caught anyway.

Episode 19-Sister's Got a Brand New Bag/Shoo, Shoe Gnomes/Lab of the Lost

Download-Sister's Got a Brand New Bag/Shoo, Shoe Gnomes/Lab of the Lost
Dee Dee's new dance moves annoy Dexter to no end.Dexter calls upon the "shoe gnomes" to repair his shoes, but cannot rid himself of them afterwards. He has to seek Dee Dee's help whose knowledge of the gnomes is vital to getting rid of them.Following a mishap in his lab, Dexter ends up in the old, long-abandoned part of the lab, and discovers his early inventions, which are unhappy to see him as he had neglected them.

Episode 20-Labels/Game Show/Fantastic Boyage

Download-Labels/Game Show/Fantastic Boyage
Dee Dee starts to take anything that belongs to Dexter, claiming that it "doesn't have his name on it", forcing him to invent a label-making gun to make sure his things do have a name on him.Dexter and Dee Dee compete against each other on a game show.Dexter tries to inject himself into an ill Dee Dee to find a cure to the common cold, but accidentally ends up inside his dog, subsequently believing that Dee Dee is infected with a dog virus. When the veterinarian comes in, he finds Dexter, believing that Dexter is the new virus and shows him to the medical community.

Episode 21-Filet of Soul/Golden Diskette
Filet of Soul/Golden Diskette [77 MB]

Dexter and Dee Dee refuse to flush their dead goldfish into the toilet, and are later haunted by its spirit.Dee Dee wins a golden diskette, earning her a free trip to the laboratory of Professor Hawk (Tom Kenny). Her behavior there frees Hawk from his robotic body, and it leaves Hawk impressed with her spirit.

Episode 22-Snowdown/Figure Not Included/Mock 5

Download-Snowdown/Figure Not Included/Mock 5 [74 MB]
When Dexter becomes the constant victim of Dee Dee's snowballs, their father teaches him to be the snowball terror that he used to be in his youth. However, it is later revealed that Dee Dee learned her snowball skills from her mother, who was a bigger snowball terror than her husband.Dexter makes his own Major Glory action figures so that he can join the neighborhood's Major Glory gang, but gets into serious trouble when the rest of the gang find out that none of his action figures are original.Dexter participates in the "Annual Soapbox Derby down Volcano Mountain".

Episode 23-Ewww That's Growth/Nuclear Confusion/Germ Warfare

Download-Ewww That's Growth/Nuclear Confusion/Germ Warfare
Ewww That's Growth: Tired of his small stature after he cannot get on a rollercoaster, Dexter makes himself taller.Nuclear Confusion: Dee Dee hides the power core to Dexter's nuclear lamp, and he must decipher her clues within 40 minutes after which it would explode, destroying the earth with it.Germ Warfare: A very sick Dee Dee gets her germs all over Dexter's lab. 

Episode 24-A Hard Day's Day/Road Rash/Ocean Commotion

Download-A Hard Day's Day/Road Rash/Ocean Commotion
A Hard Day's Day: Dexter needs to find a way to move the moon, which is blocking Saturn and its "science waves" (which is what makes it a "good day for science"). Unfortunately he brings the moon to the earth, destroying his lab.Road Rash: Dexter's parents get him a bike for exercise, but he's unable to catch Dee Dee on her inline skates. This episode parodies the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons, with Dexter trying similar techniques as Wile E. Coyote in capturing Dee Dee, and at one point Dee Dee imitating the Roadrunner with the trademark "Meep-meep!"Ocean Commotion: Dexter's family goes to the beach, where Dexter tries to communicate with whales, and Dee Dee (dressed as a mermaid) is captured by manic pirates. 

Episode 25-The Bus Boy/Things That Go Bonk in the Night/Ol' McDexter

Download-The Bus Boy/Things That Go Bonk in the Night/Ol' McDexter
The Bus Boy: A couple of girls knock Dexter's pencil into the deep, dark back of the bus, which legend says no one returns from.The Justice Friends: Things That Go Bonk in the Night: After a Puppet Pals marathon, Krunk dreams the Puppet Pals are attacking puppet versions of Major Glory and Valhallen.Ol' McDexter: Dexter becomes disappointed when he ends up at an Amish farm instead of the high-tech farm for summer camp. His subsequent attempts to modernize the Amish family do not fall down well with them. 

Episode 26-Sassy Come Home/Photo Finish

Download-Sassy Come Home/Photo Finish
Sassy Come Home: Dexter hunts for Sasquatch, who befriends Dee Dee because of her similarly huge feet.Photo Finish: Dee Dee photographs Dexter's lab, and Dexter has to get the film back before his mother sees the pictures of his lab. 

Episode 27-Star Check Unconventional/Dexter Is Dirty/Ice Cream Scream

Download-Star Check Unconventional/Dexter Is Dirty/Ice Cream Scream
Star Check Unconventional: Dexter and his friends try to escape a Darbie doll convention where they arrived because they were not paying attention to were they were going, while dressed as "Star Check" characters, a parody of Star Trek.Dexter Is Dirty: Tired of bathing, Dexter laminates himself to keep himself clean.Ice Cream Scream: Dexter cannot get the ice cream truck to stop for him following an incident where he paid for his ice-cream in pennies to the driver. 

Episode 28-Decode of Honor/World's Greatest Mom/Ultrajerk 2000

Download-Decode of Honor/World's Greatest Mom/Ultrajerk 2000
Decode of Honor: Dexter and Dee Dee's secret decoder rings hold the keys to joining the Action Hanks and Pony Puff fan clubs, but the clues do not seem right.World's Greatest Mom: Dexter accidentally gives his mother super powers, when she is hit with a ray of energy. She does not even notice she has superpowers, but she acts like a superhero.Ultrajerk 2000: Dexter designs a new robot Ultramark 2000 to help him with his laboratory. Unfortunately, it ends up controlling his lab, so Dexter must find a way to destroy it. 

Episode 29-Techno Turtle/Surprise!/Got Your Goat

Download-Techno Turtle/Surprise!/Got Your Goat
Techno Turtle: Dexter rebuilds an injured turtle Dee Dee befriends.Surprise!: In order to see his birthday presents, Dexter turns himself invisible.Got Your Goat: Dexter and Dee Dee go to South America to catch the legendary chupacabra, which is actually one of Dexter's experiments. He tries to remember what he created it for. 

Episode 30-Dee Dee Be Deep/911/Down in the Dumps

Download-Dee Dee Be Deep/911/Down in the Dumps
Dee Dee Be Deep: Dee Dee's voice becomes a booming baritone after Dexter attempts to "improve" her singing.911: When an Action Hank episode is interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System, Dexter travels around the world to solve the problem. Dee Dee uses her imagination to figure out the ending of the episode, which turns out to be right.Down in the Dumps: Dee Dee's favorite teddy bear gets sent to the dump. Dexter and Dee Dee travel to the dump to get it back. 

Episode 31-Unfortunate Cookie/The Muffin King

Download-Unfortunate Cookie/The Muffin King
Unfortunate Cookie: Dexter and Dee Dee are stuck together by a Chinese finger trap and must travel to Chinatown to free themselves. This proves difficult, due to their constant bickering.The Muffin King: Dexter and Dee Dee have to keep their father away from their mother's freshly baked muffins while she is out shopping. 

Episode 32-Picture Day/Now That's a Stretch/Dexter Detention

Download-Picture Day/Now That's a Stretch/Dexter Detention
Picture Day: Dexter transforms his face so his school picture will look nice, by molding a handsome face out of wax.Now That's a Stretch: Dexter makes himself stretchy using a machine to turn himself into bubble gum.Dexter Detention: Dexter gets sent to detention after someone caused him to shout the answer to the first question of the test in annoyance. When Dexter tries to escape the detention room, he ends up in the State Prison. 

Episode 33-Don't Be a Baby/Peltra/G.I.R.L. Squad

Download-Don't Be a Baby/Peltra/G.I.R.L. Squad
Don't Be a Baby: Dexter tries to make himself and Dee Dee older in order to see an R-rated movie, but, due to an accidental mishap by Dee Dee, makes everybody (except for Dexter and Dee Dee) babies instead.Dial M for Monkey: Peltra: Peltra wants to turn Monkey into a fur coat.G.I.R.L. Squad: After a crime prevention talk at school, Dee Dee and her friends become crime fighters. However, they unintentionally end up being neighborhood criminals. 

Episode 34-Sports a Poppin'/Koosalagoopagoop/Project Dee Dee

Download-Sports a Poppin'/Koosalagoopagoop/Project Dee Dee
Sports a Poppin: Dexter's father wants to teach Dexter some sports, but it soon turns out that Dexter is not athletic, forcing his father to give up.Koosalagoopagoop: Dee Dee enters the land of her imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop after he lies to her that he is the king of his land.Project Dee Dee: When Dexter learns that Dee Dee is trying to make a science project alone he wants to help her, but she does not want his help. She ends up getting Dexter's help, but she propels the entire school into space. 

Episode 35-Topped Off/Dee Dee's Tail/No Power Trip

Download-Topped Off/Dee Dee's Tail/No Power Trip
Topped Off: Dexter and Dee Dee try coffee after seeing how it energizes their parents and become addicted to it.Dee Dee's Tail: Dee Dee complains that she wants to be a Pony Puff Princess, so Dexter turns her into a horse. Dexter and Dee Dee's friends try to take advantage of her, and it is up to Pony Puff Princess to rescue her.No Power Trip: Dexter uses too much electric power, causing his laboratory to shut down until he can recharge it. However, Dee Dee wisely tells Dexter he must take a moment to enjoy the outdoors. 

Episode 36-Sister Mom/The Laughing

Download-Sister Mom/The Laughing
Sister Mom: Dexter is afraid to bring his mother to see his principal, so he disguises Dee Dee as her.The Laughing: Dexter is bitten by a clown's dentures, causing him to turn into a clown every night like a werewolf. Now Dee Dee must use the power of mime to stop him and get him back to normal. 

Episode 37-Dexter's Lab: A Story/Coupon for Craziness/Better Off Wet

Download-Dexter's Lab: A Story/Coupon for Craziness/Better Off Wet
Dexter's Lab: A Story: Dexter adopts a Labrador Retriever and gives him a way to speak human language.Coupon for Craziness: Dexter gets accidentally switched with an average hyperactive child who has scientist parents; neither couple notices.Better Off Wet: Dexter tries to avoid being pushed into the family's new swimming pool by his father. 

Episode 38-Critical Gas/Let's Save the World You Jerk!/Average Joe

Download-Critical Gas/Let's Save the World You Jerk!/Average Joe
Critical Gas: Dexter assumes that he only has thirty minutes to live after eating an extra-large burrito, however it just turns out to be a huge fart.Let's Save the World You Jerk!: Dexter has to team up with Mandark to prevent asteroids from destroying Earth. They fail due to their arguing, and the asteroids destroy the Earth anyway. Dexter and Mandark continue to fight.Average Joe: An intelligence test brands Dexter as "average" and the computers that graded it never makes mistakes. He shuts down his lab and lives a normal life.

Episode 39-Rushmore Rumble/A Boy and His Bug/You Vegetabelieve It!

Download-Rushmore Rumble/A Boy and His Bug/You Vegetabelieve It!
Rushmore Rumble: Dexter and Mandark bring the Abraham Lincoln and George Washington faces on Mount Rushmore to life and make them fight each other.A Boy and His Bug: When Dexter neglects his pet bug, which he created to devour the things metal that Dee Dee destroys, it begins eating his lab.You Vegetabelieve It!: Dexter's growth formula causes the plants in the garden to grow to enormous size. 

Episode 40-Aye Aye Eyes/Dee Dee and the Man
Download-Aye Aye Eyes/Dee Dee and the Man
Aye Aye Eyes: A little girl with big eyes falls in love with Dexter and follows him everywhere after he returns a toy she dropped.Dee Dee and the Man: Dexter "fires" Dee Dee, only to realize that the chaos she causes has been helping him concentrate. 

Episode 41-Old Flame/Don't Be a Hero/My Favorite Martian
Download-Old Flame/Don't Be a Hero/My Favorite Martian
Old Flame: Dexter brings the caveman who first discovered fire back from the past.Don't Be a Hero: Dexter tries to turn himself into a superhero, but discovers that hero work is not all it is cracked up to be. He gives up after every power he tries backfires.My Favorite Martian: Dexter travels to Mars to find intelligent life, unaware that Dee Dee has stowed away in his space capsule. After Dee Dee gets covered in red dirt, Dexter thinks she is a real life Martian. 

Episode 42-Paper Route Bout/The Old Switcharooms/Trick or Treehouse
Download-Paper Route Bout/The Old Switcharooms/Trick or Treehouse
Paper Route Bout: Dee Dee's newspaper route is threatened by a team of rogue bicyclists (dressed as ninjas) who cause trouble.The Old Switcharooms: Dexter's father makes him and Dee Dee switch each other's rooms as a punishment for running into him (causing his bowling trophy to break). Dexter believes that Dee Dee is destroying his lab and decides to get revenge by destroying her room. After seeing that Dee Dee did nothing but sleep on his bed, Dexter is punished for destroying her room and breaking his father's bowling trophy again and goes to the Doghouse and the family dog goes to Dexter's Lab but the dog ends up destroying his lab.Trick or Treehouse: Dee Dee builds a treehouse and will not let Dexter inside to spite him for all the times he kicked her out of his lab; however, everyone but Dexter is allowed in. 

Episode 43-Accent You Hate/Catch of the Day/Quiet Riot
Download-Accent You Hate/Catch of the Day/Quiet Riot
Accent You Hate: A school bully picks on Dexter and his friends because of the way they talk.Catch of the Day: Dexter's father tries to get himself and Dexter to his fishing spot before the sun comes up and anybody else gets there. If someone gets there first, they have to try again the next day.Quiet Riot: Dexter tries to get some sleep, which is complicated by Dee Dee's counterproductive attempts to make sure he has peace and quiet.

Episode 44-Dad Is Disturbed/Framed/That's Using Your Head
Download-Dad Is Disturbed/Framed/That's Using Your Head
Dad Is Disturbed: Dexter's father tries to watch a golf tournament. But he is constantly distracted by his family. Barney Rubble and Betty Rubble from The Flintstones make an appearance.Framed: When Dexter's glasses break, he creates a new trend: cracked glasses.That's Using Your Head: Dexter thinks a crazy homeless person wearing a metal hat really can communicate with aliens, so he takes the man to his lab to improve the reception of his hat. 

Episode 45-DiM/Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song/Repairanoid
Download-DiM/Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song/Repairanoid
DiM: Dexter deals with the annoyances of the hardware superstore to get a light bulb. The episode is notable for containing almost no dialog except for the final punch line.Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song...: Dexter takes piano lessons from "Professor Williams" and gradually Dexter discovers he has more musical aptitude than he thought after Professor Williams discovers his lab. Guest starring Paul Williams as Professor Williams.Repairanoid: Dexter enlists the aid of an electrical repairman to improve the electrics in the lab. But the overall electric bill turns out to be very high.

Episode 46-Sdrawkcab/The Continuum of Cartoon Fools/Sun, Surf, and Science
Download-Sdrawkcab/The Continuum of Cartoon Fools/Sun, Surf, and Science
Sdrawkcab: Dexter invents a belt that makes its wearer do everything backwards, but Dee Dee gets her hands on the directional switch.The Continuum of Cartoon Fools: Dexter tries to figure out how Dee Dee keeps getting into his lab every time he sends Dee Dee out of one entrance and seals it. Finally, Dee Dee reveals that she entered through the secret book-case entrance, so Dexter seals that too, but later realizes that he can no longer enter his lab.Sun, Surf, and Science: Mandark enters a surfing contest to win Dee Dee's heart from another surfer. 

Episode 47-Big Bots/Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind/Misplaced in Space
Download-Big Bots/Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind/Misplaced in Space
Big Bots: Dexter and Dee Dee, using their giant robots, try to save an island's population from being destroyed by a volcano.Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind: Dexter's parents and sister Dee Dee have their minds taken over by an alien life form that escaped Dexter's lab. In the end of episode, Dexter's parents and sister Dee Dee are poorly. NOTE: When Dexter is running away from controlled family. Please look carefully.Misplaced in Space: A transporter malfunction sends Dexter to an alien prison and Dee Dee goes on a mission to save Dexter.

Episode 48-Dee Dee's Rival/Pslightly Psycho/Game for a Game
Download-Dee Dee's Rival/Pslightly Psycho/Game for a Game
Dee Dee's Rival: Mandark's sister, Olga Astronomonov (a.k.a. Lalavava), tries to upstage Dee Dee at Dance School. However, they call off their rivalry when they learn how much they resemble Dexter and Mandark.Pslightly Psycho: It is Mother's Day, but Dexter's mother cannot find her trademark gloves and her family teases her by doing a very poor job trying to clean the house.Game for a Game: Dee Dee claims she can beat Dexter in any game, but fails to realize that Dexter can think up very confusing games. In the end, Dexter's Lab is destroyed which he's turned into a sandwich. 

Episode 49-Blackfoot and Slim/Trapped with a Vengeance/The Parrot Trap
Download-Blackfoot and Slim/Trapped with a Vengeance/The Parrot Trap
Blackfoot and Slim: A nature documentary team observes "Blackfoot" (Dexter) and "Slim" (Dee Dee) in their "natural habitat".Trapped with a Vengeance: The school janitor plans revenge on Dexter for making him stay late every night until Dexter leaves.The Parrot Trap: Dexter has to keep his robot parrot from telling his parents about his lab. 

Episode 50-Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!/Pain in the Mouth/Dexter Vs. Santa's Claw
Download-Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!/Pain in the Mouth/Dexter Vs. Santa's Claw
Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!: Written and narrated by a six-and-a-half-year-old boy who sent a tape containing the episode's audio to Cartoon Network, the story follows Dexter and Mandark's robot "brother" Computress teaming up with Dexter to make Mandark's head shrink.The Justice Friends: Pain in the Mouth: Krunk gets a tortilla chip stuck in his tooth, and Major Glory decides to fix it by pulling the tooth out himself.Dexter Vs. Santa's Claws: Dexter tries to prove to Dee Dee that "Santa" is really just their father in disguise but is actually wrong.

Episode 51-Dyno-Might/LABretto
Dyno-Might: Blue Falcon asks Dexter to fix Dynomutt, but Dexter instead builds a new Dynomutt that does everything wrong.LABretto: In this musical episode, Dexter's life is shown in opera form

Episode 52-Last But Not Beast
Download-Last But Not Beast
During a trip to Japan as part of a student exchange program, Dexter accidentally releases a monster with an axe-like head from a volcano (parody of Godzilla or, Gamera), forcing Dexter to enlist the aid of his entire family in order to defeat it. This episode, a spoof of anime, Voltron, the Super Sentai/Power Rangers genre and kaiju films, is the series' first full episode-length story, and also features the casts of The Justice Friends and Dial M for Monkey in battle against the monster. During the battle, Dexter finally reveals to his parents the secret of his lab, but he erases it from their memories after defeating the monster. Dexter also finds out that his lab monkey is a superhero, but Monkey erases this from Dexter's memory at the end of the episode. The title is a play on the phrase, "last but not least," indicating this was intended to be the series finale, until the series returned in 2001 for a third season. 

                                                                   Season 3

Episode 53-Streaky Clean/A Dad Cartoon/Sole Brother
Download-Streaky Clean/A Dad Cartoon/Sole Brother
Streaky Clean: Dexter creates a satellite to clean stains off of his clothes, but it goes horribly wrong when another satellite hits the satellite that Dexter created and the satellite becomes damaged, causing the fabric beneath each stain to be eliminated as well.A Dad Cartoon: Dad decides to give the car a retouch, but keeps breaking things and saying he will fix it later. After having enough, he pushes the car over a cliff, and below it are other crushed cars, meaning this was not the first time.Sole Brother: Dexter accidentally becomes Dee Dee's foot when the two fuse together. Now they have to wait 24 hours to reverse the fusion.

Episode 54-Mind Over Chatter/A Quackor Cartoon/Momdark
Download-Mind Over Chatter/A Quackor Cartoon/Momdark
Mind Over Chatter: Dexter accidentally gives himself telepathy that he cannot shut off when trying to overhear his father's thoughts to figure out what he got for his birthday, causing everyone to read his own mind.A Quackor Cartoon: Quackor returns to battle Monkey in Dexter's Lab until Quackor lays an egg; then the two fall in love.Momdark: Mandark disguises himself as Dexter's mom to get into Dexter's Lab. Unfortunately he has to deal with Dexter, Dad, and Dee Dee's requests. 

Episode 55-Copping an Aptitude/A Failed Lab Experiment/The Grand-Daddy of All Inventions
Download-Copping an Aptitude/A Failed Lab Experiment/The Grand-Daddy of All Inventions
Copping an Aptitude: Dexter's school and parents decide to send him to college. He ignores his fellow students, who prefers to "party now, study later", until his mind finally snaps from the workload.A Failed Lab Experiment: When Dexter's new device, made to help him see through solid objects, fails to work as expected, he ends up seeing through people's clothes.The Grand-Daddy of All Inventions: During a trip to his grandfather's house, Dexter learns that the outwardly boring old man has a lab just like his own.

Episode 56-Poppa Wheely/A Mom Cartoon/The Mock Side of the Moon
Download-Poppa Wheely/A Mom Cartoon/The Mock Side of the Moon
Poppa Wheely: It is Career Day, and because Dexter is ashamed of his father, he creates a better father.A Mom Cartoon: Dexter's mom fights another woman at the supermarket for some new latex gloves.The Mock Side of the Moon: Dexter travels to the moon and finds that aliens are planning an invasion. 

Episode 57-If Memory Serves/A Mandark Cartoon/Tele Trauma
Download-If Memory Serves/A Mandark Cartoon/Tele Trauma
If Memory Serves: To keep himself from forgetting anything important, Dexter uses a device to copy his memories.A Mandark Cartoon: Mandark plans another scheme to get rid of Dexter. Everything in this cartoon is to the tune of Mandark's trademark laugh.Tele Trauma: Since his studying is interrupting his favorite TV shows, Dexter creates a helmet to absorb the shows directly.

Episode 58-A Boy Named Sue/Lab on the Run
Download-A Boy Named Sue/Lab on the Run
A Boy Named Sue: Mandark's origin is revealed.Lab on the Run: Two robots escape from Dexter's lab in order to have a better life, because if a robot makes even the tiniest mistake, Dexter turns them into cubes of steel. 

Episode 59-Dos Boot/A Dee Dee Cartoon/Would You Like That in the Can
Download-Dos Boot/A Dee Dee Cartoon/Would You Like That in the Can
Dos Boot: Mandark gets inside Dexter's computer system, so Dexter must follow him inside.A Dee Dee Cartoon: Dee Dee goes and plays in her own "lab" after being kicked out of Dexter's.Would You Like That in the Can: Dexter and his friend Douglas Mordecai must enter the girls bathroom to retrieve Dexter's lunchbox.

Episode 60-That Magic Moment/A Silent Cartoon/Opposites Attract
Download-That Magic Moment/A Silent Cartoon/Opposites Attract
That Magic Moment: Dexter's magician uncle pays a visit.A Silent Cartoon: Dexter is trying to paint his lab blue, but Dee Dee wants to make it pink. (Spoof of Pink Panther cartoon The Pink Phink).Opposites Attract: Dexter creates a magnetic field to keep Dee Dee away from him. 

Episode 61-Comic Relief/A Third Dad Cartoon/RoboDexo 3000
Download-Comic Relief/A Third Dad Cartoon/RoboDexo 3000
Comic Relief: Dexter creates a device to make a lifelike superhero comic, with his sister villain "Deestructa".A Third Dad Cartoon: Dexter's father plays golf with his kids. (Spoof of Nickelodeon's Sports Cartoon shorts of the 1980s).RoboDexo 3000: Dexter creates the ultimate robot to replace his previous model.

Episode 62-Glove at First Sight/A Mom & Dad Cartoon/Smells Like Victory
Download-Glove at First Sight/A Mom & Dad Cartoon/Smells Like Victory
Glove at First Sight: Dexter's parents remember their first date and dance.A Mom & Dad Cartoon: Dexter and Dee Dee listen in on their parents' conversation, they are playing Scrabble, but the way they talk makes it sound like Dad was cheating on Mom.Smells Like Victory: The U.S. army invades Dexter's lab under the mistaken impression that aliens are using it as a base.

Episode 63-Oh, Brother?/Another Dad Cartoon/Bar Exam
Download-Oh, Brother?/Another Dad Cartoon/Bar Exam
Oh, Brother?: Dexter turns his sister into a boy, but is disappointed when "he" is not as cool as Dexter would like.Another Dad Cartoon: With everyone out of the house, Dexter's father decides to spend the time dancing.Bar Exam: Dexter must pass a physical exam if he wants to pass P.E. and move up a few grades. 

Episode 64-Jeepers, Creepers, Where is Peepers?/Go, Dexter Family, Go!
Download-Jeepers, Creepers, Where is Peepers?/Go, Dexter Family, Go!
Jeepers, Creepers, Where is Peepers?: Dee Dee and Koos must save Peepers to keep the land of Kooz from disappearing.Go, Dexter Family, Go!: Dexter's family must rescue him from aliens. 

Episode 65-Scare Tactics/My Dad vs. Your Dad
Download-Scare Tactics/My Dad vs. Your Dad
Scare Tactics: After watching a horror film, Dexter and his father become easily frightened.My Dad vs. Your Dad: Dexter and Mandark's fathers become embroiled in a conflict after trying defuse one between their sons.

                                                              Season 4

Episode 66-Beau Tie/Remember Me/Overlabbing
Download-Beau Tie/Remember Me/Overlabbing
Beau Tie: Dee Dee has a new boyfriend who likes science and Einstein. Unfortunately, when Dexter tries to get the boyfriend, named Beau, to see his stuff, Beau ends up running away from the both of them in fear.Remember Me: When Dexter gets amnesia, Dee Dee decides to play tricks on him by creating a whole new identity for him.Overlabbing: Dexter and Mandark drill underground to expand their labs, but end up running into each other's work. So they agree to share the lab, inducing chaos.

Episode 67-Sis-Tem Error/Bad Cable Manners/Dexter's Library
Download-Sis-Tem Error/Bad Cable Manners/Dexter's Library
Sis-Tem Error: Dee Dee accidentally shuts down Dexter's lab.Bad Cable Manners: Dexter pirates cable for his father.Dexter's Library: Dexter becomes the stern administrator of his local library.

Episode 68-The Scrying Game/Monstrosi-Dee Dee/Dad Man Walking
Download-The Scrying Game/Monstrosi-Dee Dee/Dad Man Walking
The Scrying Game: Dee Dee learns a new game that can predict the future.Monstrosi-Dee Dee: A monster is roaming Dexter's lab, but he does not realize that it is actually Dee Dee, under the effects of one of his experiments.Dad Man Walking: Dexter's father sleepwalks into his son's lab. 

Episode 69-Dexter's Little Dilemma/Faux Chapeau/D2
Download-Dexter's Little Dilemma/Faux Chapeau/D2
Dexter's Little Dilemma: Dexter shrinks his parents and puts them into a model of their house for observation.Faux Chapeau: Dexter's newest invention looks like a hat, so Dee Dee takes it and wears it around town.D2: Dexter and Dee Dee realize that they make a good team. They decide to do stuff together, but that only makes things worse.

Episode 70-Head Band/Stuffed Animal House/Used Ink
Download-Head Band/Stuffed Animal House/Used Ink
Head Band: Dee Dee gets a song stuck in her head which is actually a virus. Dexter and Mom soon catch it too.Stuffed Animal House: Dee Dee's stuffed animals come to life and roam the house when Dee Dee uses a formula that brings inanimate objects to life.Used Ink: Dexter creates a new type of ink that lets him command people to do whatever he wants. However, when Mandark gets his hands on it, Dexter becomes the one being commanded.

Episode 71-School Girl Crushed/Chess Mom/Father Knows Least
Download-School Girl Crushed/Chess Mom/Father Knows Least
School Girl Crushed: Dexter and Mandark are both outperformed by a new girl at school, so they team up to get rid of her.Chess Mom: Dexter's mother attempts to support him during a chess tournament but does nothing but embarrass him.Father Knows Least: Dexter's father is left to watch the kids while his wife visits her sister. 

Episode 72-Dexter the Barbarian/Tuber Time/Sore Eyes
Download-Dexter the Barbarian/Tuber Time/Sore Eyes
Dexter the Barbarian: Dexter tries to emulate the barbarian hero of his favorite comic book.Tuber Time: Dexter studies the potato. When he is fascinated by its power to light up a light bulb, tries to use it as an energy source.Sore Eyes: Dexter tries to improve his eyesight by giving himself laser eye surgery, but goes too far in doing so.

Episode 73-Babe Sitter/Mountain Mandark/2Geniuses 2Gether 4Ever
Download-Babe Sitter/Mountain Mandark/2Geniuses 2Gether 4Ever
Babe Sitter: Dee Dee is hired by Mandark's parents to babysit him.Mountain Mandark: Mandark gets in touch with nature.2Geniuses 2Gether 4Ever: Dexter decides to work with Mandark, but finds himself doing all the work. 

Episode 74-Height Unseen/Bygone Errors/Folly Calls
Download-Height Unseen/Bygone Errors/Folly Calls
Height Unseen: Again tired of being short, but mindful of his past failures, Dexter decides to make everyone shorter than himself.Bygone Errors: An elder Dexter talks about the glory days, and his sister is still there to inject her opinions, telling him what really happened.Folly Calls: When Dee Dee accidentally chops off her pigtail, Dexter gives her some hair growth potion. 

Episode 75-Voice Over/Blonde Leading the Blonde/Comic Stripper
Download-Voice Over/Blonde Leading the Blonde/Comic Stripper
Voice Over: When Dexter's computer gets laryngitis, Dexter must find a replacement voice.Blonde Leading the Blonde: Dexter refuses to admit that blondes have more fun, so Dee Dee secretly dyes his hair blond to prove it to him.Comic Stripper: Dexter finds out that all of Mandark's plans are taken from a comic book.

Episode 76-Tee Party/Dexter's Wacky Races
Download-Tee Party/Dexter's Wacky Races
Tee Party: Dexter and his father enter a golf tournament, but Dexter's father proves inept at the sport.Dexter's Wacky Races: Dexter, Monkey, the Justice Friends, Dee Dee, her imaginary friend Koosalagoopagoop, Mandark, his parents, and Dexter's parents participate in a cross-country race. 

Episode 77-Chicken Scratch/The Lab of Tomorrow/Garage Sale
Download-Chicken Scratch/The Lab of Tomorrow/Garage Sale
Chicken Scratch: Dexter catches the chicken pox, and Dee Dee tells him a ridiculous tale that if he keeps scratching them, he will turn into an evil chicken. His nonstop scratching eventually does just that.The Lab of Tomorrow: Monkey narrates a documentary of the future of laboratories and sciences.Garage Sale: Dexter creates a device that turns people into hideous blobs. His parents then sell it at a garage sale, where it ends up in Mandark's hands.

Episode 78-They Got Chops/Poetic Injustice/Comedy of Feathers
Download-They Got Chops/Poetic Injustice/Comedy of Feathers
They Got Chops: When Dee Dee's Judo skills prove too much for Dexter, Dexter learns how to fight back from the same dojo she went to.Poetic Injustice: Dexter falls in love with a new girl at his school, but cannot win her heart.Comedy of Feathers: Dexter is forced to take Dee Dee to the zoo; she ends up trying to save an ostrich, with disastrous results
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