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New Looney Tunes (Wabbit) Hindi Episodes HD

In this series, the Looney Tunes leaves the sitcom world and return to their slapstick-comedy roots. Each episode of Wabbit contains four shorts, starring Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes as the main character.
Other characters, such as Wile E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam, show up to annoy him. Some characters are given new traits: Wile E. Coyote for example is Bugs' smart-aleck neighbor while the Tasmanian Devil (renamed "Theodore Tasmanian") is employed as an accountant, though he represses his true self.
Added in are new characters who come to befriend Bugs like Squeaks the Squirrel and a child-like version of Bigfoot.
Likewise, Bugs faces new villains, but not without the help of his friends.

After pillaging a monastery, Yosemite Sam attempts to outwit an enlightened Bugs Bunny to receive the treasure of a lifetime. / When Squeaks finds himself up against a small group of ninjas, Bugs has to come to the rescue.

Bugs and Squeaks stumble across a potion called Grow Fastums in the woods. Squeaks ignores Bugs' warnings and takes the potion as his own, wreaking havoc throughout the forest. / A robotic rule enforcer has been placed in the local park and is spoiling everyone's fun. Bugs takes it upon himself to enforce some rules of his own.

Bugs attempts the path less traveled, and finds himself in yet another standoff between the Hazmats and Bigfoot. / The Grim Rabbit takes a vacation only to discover Bugs is there, too. Despite his wife's ultimatum of "No Smiting," the Grim Rabbit is set on trying to mix business with pleasure.

When an entitled little girl named Pampreen takes all of Bugs’ carrots for her prize pony, Puddin, Bugs and Squeaks go on a mission to get them back. / Bugs is running late to catch his flight, but first he must get past a toll tree in dire need of an attitude adjustment.

In this all-musical episode, Bugs and a Snowman fight over who should get the carrot. / Bugs and Wile get skunked. Who has the better way to recover from such a smelly situation? It's nature versus science — may the best man win!

A Ghost visits Bugs and battles him for his bedsheet. / Bugs allows his house to get so dirty a giant dust bunny forms. When Bugs decides the house isn’t big enough for the two of them, a battle ensues.

Episode 20-Computer Bugs/Oil's Well That Ends Well
Computer Bugs/Oil's Well That Ends Well
Bugs ventures into his computer to deal with a pesky virus after it crashes his video game.Ivana's plans to steal oil in the desert are thwarted by Bugs who believes he has burrowed his way to the Burning Hare festival.

Bugs heads into town to buy Squeaks a lottery ticket only to once again encounter the Grim Rabbit.A seemingly unstoppable robot from the future is sent to destroy Bugs.

Bugs and the other forest animals try to liberate the lake from the hard nosed Squint Eatswood who claims only beavers are allowed in.Chaos ensues when Squeaks accidentally finds himself in Wile E. Coyote's home laboratory.

Bugs meets survivalist Tad Tucker who is making a video about wilderness survival.On Halloween night, Bugs encounters a mischievous imp.

Bugs competes with Leslie P. Lilylegs in a game of golf.Bugs gets a job at Happy Hartle's Hamburger Hut after Happy Hartle fires all of his other employees.

Episode 29-Bugs on Ice/Bug Scouts
Download -Bugs on Ice/Bug Scouts [138 MB]
Bugs must outperform a boastful ice skater named Viktor after he drives all the animals away from their frozen lake.Bugs helps a group of scouts outsmart Eagle Scout, their bullying leader.

Episode 30-For Whom The Bug Trolls/To Beach his Own
Download-For Whom The Bug Trolls/To Beach his Own [120 MB]
Two trolls try to capture Bugs to serve to their boss for dinner.Competitive Slugsworthy the First disturbs Bugs and Squeaks' fun day at the beach.

Episode 31-Five Star Bugs/Yoga To Be Kidding Me
Download-Five Star Bugs/Yoga To Be Kidding Me [114 MB]
Bugs interferes when Vice President Leslie P. Lilylegs is charged with protecting a hotel's fancy new fountain.Bugs is conned into joining Ivana's yoga class.

Episode 32-Rabbits of The Lost Ark/Appropriate Technology
Download-Rabbits of The Lost Ark/Appropriate Technology [140 MB]
Yosemite Sam and Bugs explore the booby trap laden Temple of King Nutininkommen in search of an ancient medallion.Wile E. Coyote shows Bugs his new fully automated home but his primal instincts begin to emerge when the power goes out.

Episode 43-Amusment Pork/Now You See Me Now You Still See Me
Download-Amusment Pork/Now You See Me Now You Still See Me [146 MB]
Bugs and Porky ride a wild new roller coaster together.Bugs convinces Dr. Clovenhoof to become a superhero after testing his new invisibility ray.

Episode 44-Tis is Seasoning/Winter Blundered
Download-Tis is Seasoning/Winter Blundered [140 MB]
On the last shopping day before Christmas, Bugs races against Yosemite Sam to obtain a special gift for Squeaks.Bugs tries to retrieve Squeaks' letter to Santa after it's pilfered by the Barbarian.
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