Pokémon Advance Battle HINDI Episodes (Disney XD) (Season 8)

A shadow hovers over Ash, May, and friends as they continue their journey through the Hoenn region, and it’s not just that of Mt. Chimney—both Team Magma and Team Aqua put plans into action with our heroes caught in the middle! When not foiling evil schemes, Ash and May chase their personal goals, with Ash battling for three more Gym Badges and May winning her first three Contest Ribbons. The group also gains new Pokémon like Torkoal and Bulbasaur, but could they be too much to handle?

Season 8

On their way to MossDeep Island, Ash and friends encounter a Spoink, which they had encountered before. As in their previous encounter, Spoink loses the pearl on its head again, and this time the pearl winds up in the water and gets lost. Ash and friends then stop by an island, where they meet a scientist, who tells them that one of his Clamperl can help Spoink, since Clamperls use the same pearls Spoink do. However, things don't go right when Team Rocket meddles; will Ash and friends be able to find Spoink a pearl? 

Ash and friends agree to help a treasure hunter look for buried treasure. Things get complicated when Team Rocket locks Ash and friends in the cave. 

There is a conflict on two islands: apparently, when Clamperl travels to one island, it evolves into Gorebyss, but on the other island it becomes Huntail. 

Ash has a double battle with a trainer from the Muscle Island. 

During a battle between Team Aqua and Team Magma, the legendary Kyogre is possessed by the Red Orb and Pikachu gets possessed by the Blue Orb.

Lance and his shiny red Gyarados return to solve the war between Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Team Rocket sneak into a rocket in MossDeep City and kidnap Tate, Max, and Corphish. 

Ash duels Tate and Liza at the MossDeep Gym, choosing Pikachu and Swellow against Lunatone and Solrock. At first, Tate and Liza argue with each other at the start of the battle, but regain their focus after Team Rocket shows up. Ash manages to defeat them and obtain his seventh badge. 

Ash meets Drake, a member of the Hoenn Elite 4, who invites him to come back to his ship for a Pokémon battle...an offer that Ash can't refuse! 

A scientist attempts to revive the extinct Pokémon Armaldo. 

May meets her new rival Harley, and gets into a huge conflict with him. 

Ash, May, Max, Brock and Team Rocket try to trap a gigantic Claydol. 

A trainer's Mawile falls in love with Brock's Lombre while Ash's Corphish falls in love with the same Mawile and gets jealous about Lombre. Later, Lombre finds a water stone and evolves into Ludicolo. 

A scientist and his Trapinch attempt to prove his theories of an existing lake that evolves Trapinch into Vibrava. 

A village is convinced an Absol is causing all sorts of disasters, so Ash and a child go to prove Absol is innocent. 

A wild Snorunt steals Ash's badge case, so Ash attempts to capture the ice Pokémon. Ash manages to capture the cheeky Snorunt and regain his badges. 

Episode 17-Max ne sunli Ralts ki Awaz
Download-Max ne sunli Ralts ki Awaz [88 MB]
Max and Snorunt do their best to rescue Ralts and reunite it with its evolutions. 

Episode 18-Ash ka Aathvan aur Aakhri Badge!

Download-Ash ka Aathvan aur Aakhri Badge! [88 MB]
Ash battles Juan of Sootopolis City with Ash hoping to earn his final badge to qualify for the Hoenn League. 

Episode 19-Pakad ke Catch Jeetunga Aathvan Badge!
Download-Pakad ke Catch Jeetunga Aathvan Badge!
 [88 MB]
Continuing from the previous episode, Ash's Gym Battle against Juan continues with Ash facing his toughest challenge yet as he faces off against Juan's Milotic, who quickly proves to be an overwhelmingly powerful opponent. Can Ash pull off a last-minute victory or will Juan end Ash's Hoenn campaign? Spoiler: he does. 

Episode 20-Lionne ki Kahani!
Download-Lionne ki Kahani!
 [88 MB]
A Linoone appears to have lost its trust in its trainer. Ash and friends must help his trainer regain the trusts with the Linoone. They eventually succeed. 

Episode 21-Kon,Kya,Kab,Kaha,Wynaut?
 [88 MB]
While aboard Team Rocket's Magikarp submarine, Max accidentally hits a switch, causing everyone to wash up on an island inhabited by Wynaut. 

Episode 22-Golmaal
Download-Golmaal [88 MB]
A group of Donphan attempt to impress a shiny female Donphan. 

Episode 23-May ka Aakhri Contest!
Download-May ka Aakhri Contest! [88 MB]
The final Hoenn Pokémon Contest is underway, but May is distracted when one of her opponents sees May as a romantic rival. 

Episode 24-May ki Aakhri Ribbon!
Download-May ki Aakhri Ribbon! [88 MB]
May's final Hoenn Contest continues: Skitty battles Houndoom, while Jessie amazes the judges with Meowth's Transform. By the end of the contest, May has won her final ribbon, giving her a place in the Grand Festival. 

Episode 25 – Berry, Berry pe Likha hai Khaane Waale ka Naam!
Several trainers accuse a Munchlax of eating their PokéBlock, so May catches him to prove its innocence. 
While on the way to the Grand Festival, the group meets a Beldum trainer named Morrison. After hearing that Morrison also intends to enter the Hoenn League, a new rivalry between Ash and Morrison is born. 
Brodie is back, and this time he's after the Grand Festival's Ribbon Cup. With the help of Officer Jenny and Contesta, Ash and the others are determined to find the trophy and return it before the festival begins. 
The gang finally arrives in Slateport City for the Grand Festival. 
May, Drew and Harley face off in the second round.
May battles against Drew in a Pokémon battle. Also. Ash's Snorunt finally handles Ice Beam when it evolves into Glalie. 

Team Rocket crashes a plane with Ash and co. on board on an island, which is home to a castaway and his Wailmer. 

Ash and friends finally arrive in Evergrand City. Ash meets a new rival named Tyson who has a Meowth that, strangely, is wearing clothes. 

The Hoenn League begins: Morrison's Beldum evolves and Tyson's Meowth is given a backstory. 

In the first round, Morrison battles a trainer named Gaven, and Ash battles a trainer named Dominic. The battles end with Morrison and Ash as the victors. 

In the second round, Ash battles a trainer named Clarke. The match ends with Ash victorious, and he moves on to the "Victory Tournament Round 1" (League Round 3). Both his rivals Morrison and Tyson also manage to make it there. Ash then begins his 3rd Round battle against a trainer named Katie. However, Katie manages to defeat more of Ash's Pokémon. Will Ash manage to claim victory? 

Despite Ash running behind Katie initially in the 3rd Round, he manages to turn things around and claims victory over Katie. He then moves on to the "Victory Tournament Round 2" (League Round 4). Morrison and Tyson also make it there. However, it is revealed that Ash and Morrison will face-off each other in the 4th Round. Morrison, having just found a friend in Ash, fails to battle him as the 4th Round begins. This causes him to lose his first Pokémon in a single attack. Will Morrison be able to fight back against Ash? 

Episode 37-Lado ya Haaro
Download-Lado ya Haro [100 MB]
Ash scolds Morrison; Ash moves into the next round.

Episode 38-Kon Jeetega Hoenn League Championship
Download-Kon Jeetega Hoenn League Championship [100 MB]
Ash goes up against his rival Tyson in the quarterfinals of the Hoenn League.

Episode 39-Scheme Team
Download-Scheme Team [100 MB]
Ash returns to Pallet Town, while Brock goes to Pewter City, and May and Max return to Petalburg City. Ash visits Viridian City and discovers the new gym leader is Agatha of the Elite Four! Scott, a man who conveniently happens to be there, tells Ash about the Battle Frontier, causing Ash to enter. 

Episode 40-Ek Naya Adventure, Ek Nayi Shuruwat
Download-Ek Naya Adventure, Ek Nayi Shuruwat [100 MB]
Ash and May prepare for the challenge ahead of them, leaving some of their Pokémon at Professor Oak's lab. Before leaving, a Squirtle chooses May as its trainer. When Team Rocket show up to steal all of Ash's Pokémon, the group must fight against them to stop their plan from succeeding. The episode ends with Ash's Phanpy rejoining Ash's team. 

Episode 41-Cleffa Ka Moon Dance
Download-Cleffa Ka Moon Dance  [100 MB]
Misty and Max try to return a Cleffa to Mount Moon. 

Episode 42-Articulo Ek Prachin Pokémon
Download-Articulo Ek Prachin Pokémon [100 MB]
Ash and co. catch up with Noland, the first Frontier Brain, and discover he has befriended the legendary Pokémon Articuno! 

Episode 43-Mera Pehela Symbol
Download-Mera Pehela Symbol [100 MB]
Charizard returns to duel with Articuno. Ash beats Noland and obtains his first symbol. 

Episode 44-Onix Ki Toli
Download-Onix Ki Toli [100 MB]
Team Rocket tricks a King Onix and other rock Pokemon, which causes trouble for Ash and friends.

Episode 45-Rough aur Tough Jigglypuff
Download-Rough aur Tough Jigglypuff [100 MB]
A man tries to catch a Jigglypuff for his daughter's birthday, but this is the toughest Jigglypuff in the universe. 

Episode 46-Arcanine ki Kahani
Download-Arcanine ki Kahani [100 MB]
May and Drew set their eyes on an Arcanine, although it uses its Extremespeed and Roar techniques to flee. 

Episode 47-Pareshan Psyduck
Download-Pareshan Psyduck [100 MB]
A girl sends out a Machop, a Machoke and a Machamp to retrieve her depressed Psyduck. 

Episode 48-Khana aur Khazana
Download-Khana aur Khazana [100 MB]
A Sneasel and a Mr. Mime have a cook-off to see who is a better chef. 

Episode 49-Bacha Hain Toh Behetar Hain
Download-Bacha Hain Toh Behetar Hain [100 MB]
A trainer's Caterpie, along with Jessie's Dustox and James's Cacnea, grows to enormous size.

Episode 50-Saffron Ka Jhol
Download-Saffron Ka Jhol [100 MB]
It's time for the Saffron City Pokémon Contest and May's hoping to sign up, but Harley, her rival has a series of deceptive and sneaky tricks up his sleeve to make sure May doesn't even get the chance to enter. 

Episode 51-Shandar Squirtel
Download-Shandar Squirtel [100 MB]
The Saffron City Pokémon Contest begins and with May eager to win her first-ever Kanto ribbon, she chooses to enter with her Squirtle, but her enemy Harley is determined to make sure that she doesn't triumph. The episode ends with May beating Harley yet again and getting her first Kanto ribbon. 

Episode 52-Dojo vs Noodles  [Season Finale]
Download-Dojo vs Noodles [100 MB]
Ash and Max go to the Saffron City fighting dojo to see some Fighting-type Pokémon, while May and Brock go to a noodle shop.

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