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Samurai Jack Hindi Episodes Cartoon Network India [HD]

 When the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku sends the young samurai Jack into a dystopian future, he must find a portal back to his own time to undo Aku's destruction and defeat him.

Season 3

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Aku summons the three immortal servants of Set to destroy Jack while he travels through Egypt. To destroy them, Jack must assemble a golden scarab using clues from his time as a young boy.

Episode XXXII-Jack and the Traveling Creatures
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Recognized as a mighty warrior, Jack is guided to a mysterious portal capable of returning him to the past. However, he learns that only one man can use the portal: the man who defeats its unbeatable legendary Guardian. The Guardian defeats Jack but spares him, prophesying that Jack is not yet ready.

Episode XXXIII-Jack and the Annoying Creature
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While continuing on his mission, Jack is followed by an overly friendly creature who accidentally thwarts his every move. To make matters worse, he's attacked by robotic bounty hunters.
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