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Beyblade Metal Fusion Hindi Episodes [1080p,720p]

Hot-blooded blader Ginga is journeying to find stronger opposition but winds up having to bey-battle alone against a hundred members of the "Face Hunters", a gang led by Kyoya.

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Kenta, a young boy after winning a beyblade (metal spinning tops), Sagitarrio runs into a band of bullies called 'The Face Hunters' who bully him to play an unfair match. Kenta unexpexctedly is saved by Ginga, the main protagonist with his beyblade Pegasus and wipes out the beys of The Face Hunters easily. Benkei, who is second in command of the gang challenges Ginga that he is going to regret this and runs away. Later, Ginga and Kenta become friends and Ginga tells Kenta that he is exploring the country to find challenging opponents and improve his bey powers. Next morning, Benkai invites Ginga to The Face Hunters and accepts it readily and is challenged by 100 bladers but he defeats them with equal ease. Soon, Kyoya steps up revealing that he is the Face Hunters leader and would like to have Ginga as an opponent and challenges him to battle. 
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