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Dinosaur King Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (HD)

Max, Rex and Zoe are informed that dinosaurs are being hunted by the Alpha Gang. Dr. Z, the leader of Alpha Gang, wishes to become Dinosaur King.

Season 1

Download-Field Of Screams  [187 MB]
An Altirhinus has been activated in Ole, Brazil where the Ole Festival's Soccer Cup is occurring, the Alpha Gang compete to get the Altirhinus. Ursula uses Spiny to fight but Altirhinus defeats him. Later, Zander summons Tank but the plan failed. Max, Rex and Zoe arrive and summon Ace who gets defeated. Later, Max and Zoe summon Chomp and Paris to fight but, the Alpha Gang use their cheating methods in a game of dinosaur soccer and win the Altirhinus when Ed summons Terry. 

The Alpha Gang infiltrate the Museum of Natural History to obtain the Amber Dinomond. D-Team find out about this and rush to the rescue. They summon Ace and Paris to battle to save the museum from Ursula, Zander and Ed who unleash Terry, Spiny and Tank. But an activation of the Seismosaurus helps fend off the Alpha Gang. The Alpha Gang get away with the artifact, but Dr. Z discovers that he needs more artifacts to lift Zeta Point into the skies. 

The D-Team finds a promising new dinosaur card listed on an online trading site, but the seller is only accepting golf goods in exchange. Fortunately, Max's father is a golf enthusiast and so caught up in the ongoing championships that he probably won't miss a driver or two. It seems there may be more than a chance connection, however, between the dinosaur card and the golf championships, when a larger-than-life Altirhinus shows up on the 18th hole. 
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