Codename: Kids Next Door HINDI Episodes

Codename: Kids Next Door follows the adventures of five eager yet-bumbling ten year-olds as they join forces to fend off adult enemies including: Grandma Stuffum, Nightbrace, Stickybeard, Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink, the Common Cold, Rupert Puttkin, the Evil Turnips, and of course, The Delightful Children From Down The Lane.

Season 1

The Kids Next Door try to stop their enemies' birthday party; Kenny and Chimpy are hired to do chores; Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb extend adult swim time.

The team is left vulnerable when the hamsters go on vacation.

The Kids Next Door learn that the villainous Ice Cream Men have been hoarding their precious supply of soft serve. AND With Numbuh One away, the Treehouse becomes an easy target for raiding adults.

Stickybeard sniffs out the Kids Next Door's candy depository and attack their Treehouse to steal it. The KND meet Lasso Lass, the last active member of another era's version of the KND: The Cowboy Kids Club!

The KND battle a monster turnip; Numbuh Two challenges Rupert Puttkin to a mini golf match.

Numbuh Four accompanies his father to work; the team travels to the Arctic to stop a scientist.

Gigantic lice infect Treehouse headquarters; Numbuh One has a secret girlfriend.

A fly finds it's way into Treehouse headquarters; the team suspects teenagers of adult training.

A children's cable network is interested in the KND; Numbah One believes summer camp brainwashes children.

Operatives are neutralized by Mega Mom and Destructo Dad. Numbuh Two's little brother does anything to hang out with his brother.

In 'Operation P.I.A.N.O.', a hamster is sent to replace Number Four for disobeying orders and smashing a piano; in 'Operation Z.O.O.', the Kids Next Door are captured by a children's zoo to be their kid exhibit.

The Kids Next Door try to quietly defend their treehouse from attack while Number One takes a nap; Number Three accidentally takes a mysterious stranger with her to visit Rainbow Monkey Island.

The Delightful Children From Down the Lane ask Father for his help in destroying the Kids Next Door, forcing the kids into a showdown with their most dangerous enemy.
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