Godzilla The Series Hindi/Urdu Episodes

After helping take down Godzilla, biologist Dr. Nick Tatopoulos stumbles upon his hatchling, who bonds with the scientist as a parental figure. Recruiting his own environmentally-directed research outfit HEAT (Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team) Nick sets out to study not only this new generation, but also to investigate the increasing reports of monsters of all types and other environmental anomalies menacing the Earth. Each exciting episode is a pulse-pounding monster-hunt driven by Nick s team accompanied by their 300-foot giant reptile as they travel the globe defending humankind against mutant threats.

Season 1

H.E.A.T. investigates the tropical island of Santa Marta in the wake of a devastating volcanic eruption.

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  1. Please immediately upload this animated series all episodes hindi dubbed

  2. Hello plz dub those season 1 and season 2 episodes and upload all episodes ........waiting for it........


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