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Young Justice Hindi Episodes [HD]

The lives of teenage heroes members of a covert operation team-called Young Justice.

Season 1
After helping Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow take down Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, and Icicle Jr; Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy are brought to the Hall of Justice. Speedy is disappointed that they can’t become members of the Justice League and walks out after admitting to the other three sidekicks that the Justice League’s real base is orbiting the planet. While the Justice League are called away by Zatara to help in preventing Wotan from blotting out the sun, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash break into Cadmus (which was on fire at the time) and find that it is being run by Mark Desmond and the Genomorphs in the building’s sub-levels. While there, the sidekicks find a clone of Superman known as Superboy and are captured.
After escaping captivity, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash free Superboy from Cadmus’ control. Desmond arrives and drinks the Blockbuster Formula which transforms him into Blockbuster. When Blockbuster is defeated by Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, the Justice League arrive. Despite disobeying orders, Batman recognizes the young heroes accomplishments and (with some helpful convincing from Superboy) forms them into its own team that works for the Justice League. Later, when they’re summoned to their new base in Mount Justice, Martian Manhunter’s niece, Miss Martian, also joins the group. Meanwhile, Guardian takes over the Cadmus Building in Mark Desmond’s place, but running it much different than the way that Mark Desmond has. As Guardian is discussing his plans with Dubbilex and Dr. Amanda Spence, Cadmus’ Board of Directors called The Light contemplates the sidekicks’ interference in their affairs.
Under the false belief that Red Tornado is testing them, the group faces off against Mister Twister who is attacking Happy Harbor. It turns out that the robot piloting the Mister Twister armor was controlled by Bromwell Stikk from an undisclosed location to test it out for T. O. Morrow who commented to Bromwell that he was lucky it wasn’t him testing the armor.
Despite lacking a clear leader, the Team is assigned its first mission by Batman. They later get caught in the middle of a war between Bane’s gang and the Cult of the Kobra (who are assisted by Cadmus’ operative Sportsmaster) over the production of the drug Venom.
Superboy’s nonexistent relationship with Superman takes its toll on him, as he ignores Black Canary’s training and becomes more angry and irrational. Things get worse when the team faces Professor Ivo’s Amazo, a threat which even taxed the Justice League.
Speedy (now Red Arrow) rescues Dr. Serling Roquette from the League of Shadows who had kidnapped her and forced her to make the FOG program for them. Newcomer heroine Artemis must prove herself to the team while protecting Dr. Roquette from the League of Shadows (a mission brought to them by Red Arrow) as she prepares to make a program to counter the FOG.
Download-Denial [120 MB]
The Team is sent to the Tower of Fate by Red Tornado to find Kent Nelson and prevent the helmet of Doctor Fate from falling into the hands of Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy.
Episode 08-Downtime
Download-Downtime [120 MB]
Aqualad travels home to Atlantis to reevaluate whether he should continue leading the Team or living with Tula below the ocean’s surface.
Download-Bereft [120 MB]
The Team discover that they have forgotten the last six months of their lives, including each other and a final fateful mission in Bialya. The Team turns to Miss Martian to recover their memories, before it is too late for Superboy.
While in Taipei, Aqualad aids Red Arrow in preventing Cheshire from assassinating Lex Luthor (who is assisting in a peace effort between General Singh Manh Li of Northern Rhelasia and Prime Minister Tseng of Southern Rhelasia). Superboy and Miss Martian (adopting the names Conner Kent and Megan Morse, respectively) begin their first day of school
Episode 11-Terrors
Download-Terrors [120 MB]
After the Terror Twins are defeated and sent to Belle Reve, Batman has Superboy and Miss Martian disguise themselves as them in order to infiltrate Belle Reve.
Robin and Artemis find that Mount Justice itself has been attacked by two “relatives” of Red Tornado named Red Inferno and Red Torpedo.
Batman sends the Team (and their replacement “den-mother” Captain Marvel) to India to investigate bizarre reports of armed animals attacking human beings, where they discover that Brain has been conducting experiments with the Venom drug on the fauna.
Episode 14-Revelation
Download-Revelation [120 MB]
When plant monsters attack major cities around the world, Batman assigns the Team a dangerous task: taking out the plant monsters’ masters, the Injustice League (consisting of the Joker, Atomic Skull, Poison Ivy, Ultra-Humanite, Count Vertigo, Black Adam, and Wotan). In the end, it is revealed that the Injustice League is a “fall guy” meant to distract the heroes from discovering who is really behind recent events which turns out to be The Light (consisting of Vandal Savage, Lex Luthor, Ra’s al Ghul, Ocean Master, Brain, Klarion the Witch Boy) and the Bialyan Queen Bee) are finally revealed.
The Team and Zatanna are on the hunt for Red Tornado, determined to find out once and for all whether the robot was the mole.
Episode 16-Failsafe
Download-Failsafe [120 MB]
During an alien invasion, the Team face the ultimate challenge when they are forced to replace the fallen Justice League. However, the Team later learns that the invasion was a mental training simulation containing an unwinnable scenario held by Martian Manhunter, and Miss Martian’s unexpectedly powerful psychic talents caused them all to forget that the experience was a simulation.
Episode 17-Disordered
Download-Disordered [120 MB]
Still traumatized by the training exercise that went wrong, the Team attempt to work through their feelings with Black Canary. Meanwhile, Superboy’s pet Sphere comes to the attention of the people who previously possessed it called the Forever People.
Artemis and Zatanna go to Manhattan for a girls’ night after learning that Superboy and Miss Martian are a couple. While out, they get chased by a dangerous psychopath named Harm.[7] Meanwhile, Wally, Megan, and Conner attend a Halloween party at Megan’s and Conner’s school.
Episode 19-Misplaced
Download-Misplaced [120 MB]
When every adult on the planet disappears because of a spell cast by Klarion the Witch Boy, Wizard, Wotan, Felix Faust, and Blackbriar Thorn, only the Team, Zatanna, and Billy Batson are left to figure out what’s going on.
Kid Flash is disappointed on his birthday when he is tasked by Batman to deliver a heart to a sick girl, while the rest of the Team is sent to join the Justice League and destroy flying fortresses causing nationwide snowstorms. He later realises that the mission was his best birthday gift.
Download-Image [120 MB]
The Team is sent to the borders of Qurac when Queen Bee has convinced President Rumaan Harjavti that Qurac and Bialya used to be one country. A covert operation against Queen Bee’s forces in Qurac results in the Team encountering Garfield Logan and his mother, Marie Logan.
Episode 22-Agendas
Download-Agendas [120 MB]
At the Watchtower, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman meet with the other members of the Justice League to discuss expanding its roster. Superboy returns to Project Cadmus to investigate a rumor by Lex Luthor that the top-secret genetics lab has created another Superman clone.
Red Arrow joins the Team and embarks on a mission with Kid Flash, Aqualad and Artemis to track down Sportsmaster, which results in them battling Cheshire, too. Artemis discovers that Professor Ivo, the Brain and Klarion the Witch Boy all working together doing something to a starfish creature.
Episode 24-Performance
Download-Performance [120 MB]
The Team go undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe, with Agent King Faraday suspecting that Jack Haly’s circus performers are responsible. As the circus moves location, the Team encounter the thief: Parasite. Meanwhile, Robin is distracted as he reflects on his family’s death and the possibility of Haly losing the circus if the thief isn’t caught.
Red Arrow, Icon, Plastic Man, The Atom, and Doctor Fate are welcomed into the Justice League while Icon’s protégé Rocket joins the Team. During the ceremony, the Team receives an alert about Cheshire boarding a plane. After finding the plane crashed, the group is attacked by the Riddler, Cheshire, Mammoth, and Shimmer. After winning the battle, the Team recovers a suitcase containing heavily modified Starro bio-technology.
The Team learn the Justice League is brainwashed after Red Arrow tries to infect them with Starro biotech. After a fierce battle in the Watchtower, they succeed in saving them, and Savage and Klarion (who was pulling the strings on the controlled League members) flee. Robin alerts some of the other heroes to the fact that six Justice League members’ (Batman, Hawkwoman, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman) whereabouts for 16 hours while under Savage’s control cannot be accounted for, leaving Batman asking the question of what they did during that time.
                                          Season 2
Episode 27-Happy New Year
Download-Happy New Year [110 MB]
After the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo attacks the United Nations and reveals the Secretary-General Tseng as a Krolotean in disguise, Adam Strange reports that aliens have stolen Zeta technology from the planet Rann and used it to invade Earth. To make matters worse, Strange also reveals that during the missing 16 hours, the mind-controlled Leaguers attacked Rann’s sector of space, making the entire League wanted criminals there. Robin (Tim Drake)Lagoon Boy, and Blue Beetle stumble upon a massive base occupied by throngs of aliens and liberate human hostages.
Episode 28-Earthlings
Download-Earthlings [110 MB]
Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. Following a battle, Miss Martian incapacitates a Krolotean and uncovers the truth about what the six Justice League members did during their missing 16 hours.
Episode 29-Alienated
Download-Alienated [110 MB]
Members of the Team and the League investigate a Krolotean island, but are discovered and a fight ensues, during which the enemy is revealed to be Aqualad, who left the team in anger after his best friend, Tula, died when they were unable to save her, as well as discovering that Black Manta is his father. Aqualad escapes, and a bomb planted by the enemy seemingly obliterates the island and most of the Kroloteans present. The six Leaguers accused of attacking Rimbor leave Earth to try and resolve the dispute peacefully
Episode 30-Salvage
Download-Salvage [110 MB]
Nightwing, Wally West, Jim Harper, Green Arrow, and Black Canary reach out to Red Arrow, who has fallen into despair over his failed quest to find the original Roy Harper. Superboy, Blue Beetle, Wolf, and Super Sphere track Intergang leader, Bruno Mannheim, and his lieutenant, Whisper A’Daire, to the Hall of Justice, where the criminals reanimate the four Appellaxians into one Appellaxian Golem, which then attacks a nuclear power plant.
Red Arrow returns home where Cheshire – now his estranged wife – is waiting for him. She had returned to a life of crime due to his obsession with finding the original Roy Harper, and has acquired a lead to the location of the original Roy.
Episode 31-Beneath
Download-Beneath [110 MB]
Blue Beetle tries to intercept his friend, Tye, before he boards a bus, but the boy is abducted before Jaime can reach him.
Meanwhile, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian and Bumblebee are en route to Bialya. The girls arrive in Bialya and learn that Psimon is active again. They discover a shipment of runaways who are being transported by plane which is guarded by Psimon, Icicle Jr.MammothShimmer, and Devastation. Alpha Team rescue the abducted teens, but Queen Bee is content, since a second shipment, which includes Tye, has already been acquired.
Episode 32-Bloodlines
Download-Bloodlines [110 MB]
A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current Flash (Barry Allen). The boy, Bart Allen/Impulse, soon gatecrashes the Garricks’ wedding anniversary party and reveals his identity. The party is interrupted when they all learn that a villain called Neutron is on a rampage, and the Flash, Kid Flash, and Impulse head off to stop him. The Flashes defeat Neutron, and Impulse secretly administers a cure to Neutron’s uncontrollable power. Through a nonlinear narrative, it is discovered that before Impulse embarks on his voyage to the present day, he bids farewell to Neutron, fully aware that the time travel is going to be a one-way trip. After he departs (and the events of the episode take place), Neutron reverts to normal, but is horrified to discover that the post-apocalyptic future around him remains unchanged.
Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire travel to a League of Shadows base in Tibet where they finally find the original Roy Harper.
Episode 33-Depths
Download-Depths [110 MB]
At Nightwing‘s request, Artemis rejoins the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of Carol Ferris‘s communications satellites, which Black Manta has sent Aqualad and his men to destroy. The Team soon find themselves up against Aqualad, who fails to destroy the rocket, but kills Artemis with his water sword. The rocket explodes anyway, and the heroes are unable to save their fallen friend.
Nightwing and Wally meet in secret with Aqualad and Artemis (whose death was faked). Aqualad’s defection from the Team and “killing” of Artemis was part of a ruse to ensure that the pair could go undercover to learn more about the Light and their Partner. Artemis is given an amulet that will disguise her looks to everyone except Nightwing, Aqualad and Wally, after which she and Aqualad leave together
Episode 34-Satisfaction
Download-Satisfaction [110 MB]
After recuperating in the hospital, Roy Harper seeks vengeance against Lex Luthor, who ruined his life the day when he was taken down during a stakeout on LexCorp. In exchange for his life, Luthor gives Roy a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. Green Arrow and Red Arrow arrive too late to avert the battle, and are informed by a satisfied Roy that he wants to go by the name Arsenal from now on. Elsewhere, Rocket hosts a bridal shower which is interrupted by Captain Cold.
Episode 35-Darkest
Download-Darkest [110 MB]
AqualadTigress (a disguised Artemis), Icicle Jr., and the Terror Twins are sent by Black Manta to capture Blue Beetle for the Partner, but they are thwarted due to Impulse‘s interference. However, Kaldur’s tracking device (stolen by Impulse during the fight) remotely deactivates all security at the Cave, and Aqualad’s team launches another attack.
Episode 36-Before the Dawn
Download-Before the Dawn [110 MB]
Nightwing leads the Team on a mission to rescue its members from The Light‘s Partner: an alien race known as the ReachAqualad (now affiliated with the Light) learns that teenagers have been abducted in order to test a human’s ability to develop meta-human powers. Miss Martian destroys Aqualad’s mind after meeting him in battle and learns that he isn’t really a traitor, and learns about Artemis/Tigress. She feels terrible, unable to help Kaldur.
Episode 37-Cornered
Download-Cornered [110 MB]
Despero, on the advice of his majordomo, L-Ron, sets his sights on Earth’s champions. He attacks the Hall of Justice while the members of the Team who used to live at the Cave are at the Hall to remove their belongings. Mal becomes the new Guardian to help in the battle.
Episode 38-True Colors
Download-True Colors [110 MB]
Bumblebee and the Atom try to remove the Scarab from Jaime’s (Blue Beetle’s) back but find that its defenses are too strong. Afterwards, Robin, Blue Beetle, Impulse, and Arsenal are sent undercover to investigate LexCorp’s new partnership with the Reach, crop additives being tested in Smallville. However, Arsenal blows their cover and they end up fighting Black Beetle. They then meet Green Beetle, and take him back to the Justice League.
Episode 39-The Fix
Download-The Fix [110 MB]
Tigress intervenes before Psimon can enter Kaldur’s mind and discover their secret; she drugs him, but he discovers her true identity before passing out. She persuades Black Manta that she ought to kidnap Miss Martian in order to force her to fix the damage she has done, and Manta sends Deathstroke to accompany her. Elsewhere, Jaime convinces Green Beetle to modify his Scarab, and is ecstatic when he finds that the Scarab’s voice has been silenced.
Episode 40-Runaways
Download-Runaways [110 MB]
Four of the super-powered former Reach abductees (consisting of Virgil HawkinsTye LongshadowAsami “Sam” Koizumi, and Eduardo “Ed” Dorado Jr.) escape from the League’s Taos base after being put through endless metagene training exercises. Nightwing sends Blue Beetle to track them down, and Jaime reveals his secret identity to them in order to get them on his side.
Episode 41-War
Download-War [110 MB]
At the Justice League’s trial on Rimbor, Vandal Savage manipulates Mongul into taking action against the Reach.
The Justice League and Nightwing learn that something is fast approaching the Earth. As Green Beetle informs them that it is a weaponized, moon-sized satellite known as the War World which is captained by the former dictator Mongul, the Reach make contact with Mongul to persuade him to turn around – only for him to state that he is there because of them.
Episode 42-Complications
Download-Complications [110 MB]
Nightwing arrives on the War World to inquire about the Team’s disappearance, but Blue Beetle covers his tracks by insisting that a boom tube opened which sucked in everyone except for himself. Meanwhile, Artemis, M’gann and Aqualad (who has been cured but is playing possum) are stalling for time to try to figure out how to save M’gann’s life. Cheshire and Sports Master try to kill Aqualad and Black Manta, to avenge Artemis, but at the end, M’gann shows then the truth and they escape.
Episode 43-The Hunt
Download-The Hunt [110 MB]
Black Beetle laments the setbacks that the Reach have suffered, such as the loss of most of their fleet, while on another part of the War World, Arsenal continues to flee from the Reach’s forces.
Lex Luthor encourages the runaways to rescue the Team from the Reach, and provides them with a Father Box which transports them to the War World.
Episode 44-Intervention
Download-Intervention [110 MB]
With the help of Green Beetle, Black Beetle is able to defeat Mongul and imprison him again. They discover that the War World key has been stolen, while in Bludhaven, the Team return to base and realize that they need to turn their attention to saving Blue Beetle.
Episode 45-Summit
Download-Summit [110 MB]
The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. As the tensions between the two groups begin to come to the fore, Ra’s al Ghul notices the glamor charm on Tigress’s neck and exposes her as Artemis, leading Deathstroke to execute both her and Kaldur. However, a hologram of Aqualad then plays which reveals to the Reach the extent of the Light’s manipulations, leaving their alliance in pieces. Aqualad and Artemis then return to the team to celebrate.
Episode 46-Endgame
Download-Endgame [110 MB]
The council of Rimbor has finally made its decision and declares the Justice League to be guilty, but Superboy and Miss Martian provide new evidence which sways their decision. Meanwhile, around the Earth, twenty Reach devices begin to damage the Earth’s magnetic field, causing various types of natural disasters. They succeed in destroying them, but the surprise of a twenty-first machine in the Arctic, leads to the terrible sacrifice of Kid Flash. Note: Bart Allen/Impulse takes on Wally’s role as Kid Flash and Artemis becomes Tigress full time.


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